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Rosy Business 3 to start filming next year?

| Saturday, May 19, 2012 | |
Mingpao Weekly #2271: Rosy Business 3 to start filming next year? It all lies with Sheren Tang and Lee Tim Shing.

Scans from Mingpao Weekly #2271
Sheren Tang and Wayne Lai won their TV King and Queen awards consecutively thanks to the dramas Rosy Business and No Regrets. These dramas had once fuelled a wave of drama-watching here and swept major awards in award ceremonies. TVB has the intention of preparing to film Rosy Business 3 (RB 3). However, once Sheren has finished filming Beauty at War, her contract with TVB will come to an end. Ricky Wong has also made known his intention to ask her to join his new company CTI. Sheren places great emphasis on money and good scripts, so it is not known what her next move will be. On top of that, golden producer Lee Tim Shing is said to be retiring at the end of this year, so in order for RB 3 to materialise, it has to overcome these 2 "hurdles" first. 

Be it Rosy Business and No Regrets, Chai Gau and 4th Wife, or Lau Sing and Gau Gu Leong, the audience still love them all the same, hence TVB has the intention of filming the 3rd sequel. Although the golden duo of Cheung Wah Biu and Lee Tim Shing will not be getting together anymore, but Wah Biu's protege, Yip Kwong Yam, has recently returned to TVB. He is now working with Tim Gor on Detective Columbo. According to the back-stage crew, Yip Kwong Yam, who had worked for other companies before, has "tight" writing as well, so his skills are definitely not beneath Wah Biu's. He has also pointed out on Weibo a few days back that RB 3 is in the works and will work hard to give RB 3 a new facade. He mused about how RB 3 would be like if it got to be filmed in Shanghai, resulting in a flurry of comments, with most comments saying that the drama cannot do without both Sheren and Wayne.

Wayne said, "I believe that Tim Gor will be able to take it, filming one drama per year. If we really get to film this, I, of course, want to film this with Sheren. The audience love both the first and second installments because they like to see the chemistry we have with each other."

Sheren revealed, "There is not only one TV company talking to me. However, I still have a contract with TVB now and am still filming Beauty at War. I won't have one's cake and eat it too. I will only think about it after I have finished filming."

Tim Gor said, "All things are still in the planning stage. I am retiring by the end of this year, and will be 65 by then! (However, both the company and artistes want you to stay on?) Regarding this, I'll have to talk to the company in June or July. However, my health cannot take it. It's all right if I produce one drama per year. If that is the case, RB 3 will only be able to film after the middle of next year; because if the plan really goes through, we must go back to the Mainland and film, and the time taken to prepare will also take longer."

Health comes first
Ricky Wong has already poached away many talented artistes to form CTI. According to an insider, CTI wants to poach away the first-line siu sangs and fa dans (lead actors and actresses). These people include Sheren and Jessica Hsuan, who are their top targets. However, these two people are known not to be just looking out for money, but also for scripts of high quality. Ricky Wong has not only promised to have the scripts on-hand before commencing production, but also promised to limit working hours to around twelve hours, ensuring that they will not not feel tired and have ample rest.

To this, Sheren said, "Actresses have to ensure that they give their best face throughout, especially when we are now filming under HD conditions. We have to act, and still have to create our characters. If we keep knocking-off at 6 am daily, working when our bodies are tired and still have to work to keep our emotions in-check to act out depressing scenes, these will harm our bodies greatly and cause many problems. When I was filming Rosy Business, my emotions were all over the place. My hands shook and my body starting ringing off alarm bells; When I filmed No Regrets, I told Tim Gor not to give me too many scenes that were as heavy as 4th Wife's, because I really have no ability to film those. The most important thing is health comes first. If you are not in a fit condition, you won't be able to do even the best-written character justice. Their (Ricky Wong's) conditions are really not bad. I am not Wayne, who won't even bat an eyelid to them. I have heard of their offer and I think only about myself when I consider their offer. In actual fact, more than one company have approached me, but I treat work as love. If I go out with you, I won't go out with another. I'm currently working with TVB right now, so I won't have my cake and eat it too. I will only consider their offer once I am done with my work here, so this is not too complicated.

But the Rosy Business' series is one of her representative works, so won't a third installment be just as attractive? Sheren laughed, "Filming with Wayne has its merits. I usually give 100% when I act, but with him as my partner, it's all right for me to give 50%. On top of that, Tim Gor is really good to me. He knows where my strengths lie and also empathise with the artistes. The previous night we filmed till 4, 5 am, so Wayne had more outdoor scenes. Let's just leave it all to Heavens. No matter what, health still comes first. If RB 3 is a modern comedy, the chances of me taking on this show will increase dramatically. A fan put my face and Wayne's face on an idol drama's poster, which I find it very funny. We can film a middle-age idol drama. I used to belong to the idol group. This can also fulfill Wayne's wish of being an idol with talent.  

Wayne hopes for the third installment
Wayne said, "I'm afraid that the audience will vomit if we film a middle-age idol drama! I have no problems with filming the third installment. Tim Gor is a person who knows how to balance, so with him at helm, no matter how heavy it will be, things will be all right, so Sheren does not need to worry! Tim Gor has always said that nobody likes watching emotionless people. It will only be nice to watch if there is some emotions to it."

Besides, 12th May was also the date where Wayne and Pierre Ngo were supposed to be filming an important scene for Detective Columbo. However, only Wayne was there. It turned out that Pierre got injured in a tricycle accident the previous night and had to take leave for one week. Pierre said, "The tricycle did not brake when I tried to, so the whole thing crashed into the wall. Initially I was afraid of fracturing my bones, but thank goodness I only sustained a few minor injuries. Luckily I did not hit the pillar, if not I would have been flung off and the consequences would have been disastrous. Wayne, who was sitting in the rear of the car, did not sustain any injuries.


- Credits to Mingpao Weekly  

Comments: Well, well... We No Regrets' fans have had our share of numerous false alarms. Let me just make it clear here. THERE IS NO GUARANTEE THAT ROSY BUSINESS 3 WILL BE FILMING NEXT YEAR. They are just THINKING about producing it. It all really depends. 

Besides, Sheren Tang is not even confirmed to be in here, so I guess it'll not be the Rosy Business series without both Sheren and Wayne right? =/ If this really goes ahead, I'll want the original cast to reunite, if not, don't go on with it please? My heart can't take it hurhurhur. ;_;


  1. Haha, dreamlucky I agree with you ^^ Hope they won't disappoint us again. I can't wait to see Sheren and Wayne collaborate again. As long as they are in the same drama, I don't mind whether it's RB 3 or not. But I really hope that RB 3 will materialise. =) =) =)

  2. I do hope to see Rosy 3, we need some really good series again. By the way i saw this clip that link to No regret and wanted to share. This is on Wayne birthday singing No regret with Leo Ku.

  3. I am a great fans of RB and No Regrets! Fall in love with RB bcos of Wayne's portrayal as Chai Kau. The first time I watched this, it was him that attracted me to carry on with this series. The rest is history.
    Yes, all fans of Sheren & Wayne want to see their collaboration again bcos their great chemistry. However, we want something better, greatter and memorable where everyone will be proud off; the artistes and the backend creators too would want something they are proud off.
    Never mind if we have to wait a little (but dont make us wait too long la, hehe), as long as there is Wayne & Sheren again, it is worth waiting.
    Fans of No Regrets, Sheren and Wayne, let's support the installation of RB3! Go For it!

  4. I was watching the last episode of No Regrets last night and u know what? I cried...even though I watched this many times and already knew the storyline well enough.

    So, can u imagine the great lasting impression this drama has on all viewers especially the die hard fans. So missing them...let's have RB3, Tim Gor, plzzzzzz!

  5. @Sherayne I'm not even sure if Rosy Business 3 will happen or not. >.< I want the original cast to be back if that is the case, but I think it's still best to leave it at No Regrets. ;P

  6. @wewah Thank you for posting this up, wewah! ;D

  7. @sammnie I got my hopes too high up when they first announced it in August 2011. My heart was utterly hurt when they announced that it won't be happening anymore a month later. This time round, I'm trying not to get too hopeful lest I get disappointed again. ;(

  8. hey! thanks for translating this! this article's pretty old and RB 3 is already confirmed to film this year. how's your heart? :P

  9. @Huy Tran Haha this article was translated last year so the news is not exactly up to date. I know for sure that I will watch RB 3, but just with no expectations. I'll be treating it like an entirely new drama. ;X


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