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Wayne Lai, Sheren Tang and Lee Tim Shing to film RB 3?

| Thursday, August 23, 2012 | |
Wayne and Sheren collaborate for Rosy Business 3 in order to fight the looming TV battle
The free Hong Kong TV licences will be given out next year. With a TV war looming ahead, in order to secure its position as the head, TVB has lured people like Wong Jing and Eric Tsang back to help with the promise of good money. They have also asked seven-time movie queen Deanie Ip and Andy Lau to come back to film dramas. TVB has been so eager to retain whatever talents it has. It is said that they managed to persuade golden producer Lee Tim Shing to stay on even though his contract with TVB ends at the end of the year. Tim Gor has promised to produce a drama for TVB. He and Wayne Lai have also managed to persuade Sheren Tang into collaborating for Rosy Business 3 (RB 3). Wayne hopes to be able to become a 3-time TV King, thereby creating history in the process.  

Rosy Business (RB) has been re-broadcasted in the wee hours of the morning on TVB recently, reminding people of many classic scenes which involved Chai Gau and 4th Wife engaging in a battle of wits to save the clan. Many working adults stayed up late to watch the drama. Earlier on, RB's producer announced that he would be retiring by the end of this year, with Detective Columbo being his last work for TVB. With Cheung Wah Biu moving over to Next TV to write scripts, the probability of filming RB 3 was close to nil.

Lau Sing and Gau Gu Leong share a deep relationship in No Regrets. Both Wayne and Sheren will reunite for the 3rd installment.
However, nothing is certain in this world. With City Telecom, NOW and the various cable networks being given the chance to receive free TV licences from the government, as the head of the TV industry, TVB is in for a tough fight. In order to fight a good battle, TVB has already asked Wong Jing and Eric Tsang to return and participate in the production of the new dramas. They have also created sequels of dramas which were met with critical acclaim. After Truimph in the Skies 2, Tim Gor's RB series naturally became one of the sequels being planned. In order to make Tim Gor stay on, TVB took a huge step forward and allowed him to only film one drama per year. Tim Gor agreed and is now preparing to film RB 3. Filming is expected to start in March next year.

4th Wife and Chai Gau share an ambiguous relationship in RB. Wayne then went on to win 2 TV King awards in a row for his roles in the RB series. 
Pierre Ngo (right) and Evergreen Mak won the Most Improved Actor award and the Best Supporting Actor based on their roles in the RB series.
Lee Tim Shing: It won't be a modern-day drama
In the telephone interview yesterday, Tim Gor said that he was already thinking about the story outline. He said, "It won't be a modern-day drama, but I have not thought about what era the drama should be in. However, it will be different from the first and second installments. There will be new characters as well as filming techniques." Tim Gor denied being given a high salary in order to make him stay on and was asked if he was helping TVB in the upcoming battle with the other TV stations. He said, "No, the company had already increased my salary before that! Things are just at status quo. I will be 65 years old by the end of the year, so I will naturally worry about my health and mental strength. Touch wood, but you really don't expect me to work till I drop dead right?" Tim Gor hopes that Wayne, Sheren, Pierre and the rest of the original cast members will be able to participate in the drama. He will also add in a few new faces. He explained, "We must think out of the box and cannot always use the same few people." As for Cheung Wah Biu not being able to return to participate in the script-writing, Tim Gor is not worried about the script quality declining. "He decided not to come back, so I have no choice." When asked if Cheung would be able to offer his views or write behind-the-scenes, Tim Gor said, "Of course he won't. TVB won't allow that." Cheung admitted that when he returned to Hong Kong from Taiwan, he had thought of participating in RB 3's production, but was not able to due to other circumstances. He said yesterday, "I won't be disappointed. I am also eager to see the new script-writer's work. The audience can do without me, but can't do without Wayne and Sheren."

Sheren said yesterday that she was interested in filming RB 3, but must see whether or not her schedule allows it. 
Tim Gor (left) and Wayne were having dinner together the night before. Wayne said that he hoped to be able to win his 3rd TV King and create a miracle. 
Wayne (right) and Pierre have been working together for Detective Columbo. They are expected to meet each other again in RB 3.
Wayne: I hope to be able to win again
Wayne, who has won 2 TV King awards based on the RB series, expressed his anticipation for RB 3. In the telephone interview yesterday, he said, "It is really our loss if Tim Gor retires. Now that he is producing one drama per year, we will definitely give our best. I am also hoping to win the TV King award again based on this and create a miracle. This is my mission."

On the other hand, Sheren was at Causeway Bay the night before, attending Jacqueline Law's new book event. She expressed her interest in participating in RB 3. She said, "Of course I am interested! Tim Gor is really a good producer and Wayne is also my good on-screen partner. This alone is already a very good combination. If my schedule allows and the script is good, of course I will be interested. Everybody has also been waiting for the third installment for such a long time."

Besides, Wayne lavishly spent a five-figure sum on a treat to Natalie Tong, Sire Ma, Pierre Ngo, Producer Lee and the rest of the crew of Detective Columbo at a restaurant in Tsim Sha Tsui the previous night. He said that filming for that drama was tough. "Besides climbing up mountains and going down into waters, I have to keep changing my outfits and style, so I'd like to film a more artistic and romantic drama the next time." Wayne joked and said that he hoped to be able to work with younger female partners. "I think Samantha Ko is not bad, or maybe perhaps this year's Miss Hong Kong. I think both Carat Cheung and Christy Chan look good on-screen."

- Credits to Apple Daily


Comments: Since there is now official confirmation that RB 3 is going to happen, I guess we all can rejoice! However, do remember, Sheren is NOT CONFIRMED to be in this YET. She has just only expressed her interest in participating for RB 3. Please do not get your hopes all high up yet. I really wish to see her in it though! There are now many rumours regarding RB 3, so I think it is best to just leave things at status quo until TVB really starts filming this. Sheren is CONFIRMED to be NOT taking part in RB 3. They have replaced her with Myolie Wu. ;X

Anyway, I'm not sure if I will want to continue providing updates for the upcoming RB 3. Running a website like this really takes a lot of work and university life is really very hectic. Studies still do come first for me. If anybody is interested in working together with me to provide RB fans with news and updates, I do welcome you with open arms to join me. =D If not, I don't think I'll be opening up a site like this anymore, because I really have no time to do it alone. ;(


  1. Hello, Dreamlucky!
    TQVM for all your hard work so far. We really have enjoyed ourselves reading the news and views at this site. And not forgetting those who have contributed in whatever manners in support of this awesome drama and our beloved Wayne & Sheren!

    Of course, we hope this great work will continue just like the 3rd installation of RB3 despite many challenges ahead...

    If I recall correctly, Wayne did expressed that he was satisfied with winning the TV King title for 2 consecutive years & to win the 3rd one is very very rare...and he dare not think of winning anymore. But this time, if he determine to work for it...i believe he has a mission to accomplish and to win is not for himself. Very likely, he wants to do it for his fans like u and me.

    To win for the 1st time, is a glory. The 2nd time is a miracle? Nope but is a definite assurance & winning the 3rd time is an expression of gratitude & appreciation to all that have supported him so far!

    Dreamlucky, we hope to see a continuation of carry on.

  2. apparently this is just a rumour... :(

    anyway, thanks dreamlucky for your efforts! as a banana, this website has been a good source for me to follow all the news about the drama and their artistes. i'd feel very sad (not to mention lost) should you decide not to continue updating, but i'd respect and understand your decision... :)

  3. @sammnie Thank you for your support! I don't think I'll set up a drama blog like this however. I think RB 3 won't be happening anymore. Sheren Tang isn't even confirmed in it. ;(

  4. @stargal Thank you stargal. I have also read this news and heard that they're intending to replace Sheren with Myolie. I don't even know what to believe now. Ah tabloids... >.<


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