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Full theme song + MV

| Saturday, October 2, 2010 | |
Full theme song here, but not the lyrics. I've found the the full lyrics as well! =D I don't have the time to figure out all the words, and my Cantonese is not pro enough to figure out all the correct lyrics, though I generally understand the song. xD I can get my mum or dad to listen to it, but I think they'll slap me for wasting my time here when I'm supposed to be doing my revision. I'll just have to for somebody in the Hong Kong forum to post it. =P Don't worry, I'll translate the lyrics in English when I get the full lyrics! xD Found, and translation done, but I did not really do a literal translation! PLEASE CREDIT DREAMLUCKY IF YOU TAKE THE TRANSLATIONS! THANKS FOR COOPERATING! ^^

Click HERE to listen to the full theme song.

古巨基 - 義海豪情 (電視劇 "巾幗梟雄之義海豪情" 主題曲)

編曲:Johnny Yim

未懼身上被子彈留痕 維護妳我卻甘於捨身
站在風浪下對抗黑暗 而為妳 是毫無疑問

烈火熊熊升起 圍牆徐徐倒地
蝴蝶長埋土地 情愫長留於天地
亂世中煙火 摧毀不了傳奇

漫天的炮火混亂地湧起 處身危城可不理
為只要捍衛 驚恐的妳 就是未怕死

*未懼身上被子彈留痕 維護妳我卻甘於捨身
 就讓天下在見證足印 誰為愛活過而無憾*

漫天的炮火混亂地湧起 染污無瑕的手臂
在這裡抱著 驚恐的妳 就是未怕死

遇著苦難亦堅守同行 情義不會淡 即使地陷
就讓天下在見證足印 誰為愛活過而無憾

Leo Ku - Righteous Sea of Heroic Love (No Regrets' theme song)
Composer: Tang Chi Wai / Yip Kai Chung
Lyrics composer: Eva Chan
Melody composer: Johnny Yim
Producer: Tang Chi Wai

I do fear of having bullet scars on my body, but for you, I’m willing to risk my life
Standing under the waves and battling the darkness, but for you, there’s no question

The flames rise steadily, the walls crumble
I smell the blood of night
The butterflies may have died, but feelings stay on forever
In such chaotic times, nothing can destroy our miracle

Chaos reign, and I can ignore the danger I put myself in
Because in order to protect you, I’m not afraid of death

*I do fear of having bullet scars on my body, but for you, I’m willing to risk my life
Let heaven witness who, for the sake of love, lived with no regrets*

Chaos reign, and this scars my flawless arm
But as I hug you, I’m not afraid of death

We soldier on as we face with difficulties, love never dies, even when the earth sinks
Let heaven witness who, for the sake of love, lived with no regrets

- Credits to hin仔 of Coolman Music Forum - 只有酷音樂
- Credits to 黎耀祥吧

Comments: Actually, the theme song is really good and epic! It sounds really grand, and it has this olden day feel to it. I especially like the middle parts - Leo really put in a lot of feelings into sing those parts. ^^ He really did a great job in singing this! I totally didn't expect him to pull it off! ^^ I totally am in love with the lyrics! I can see Lau Sing's devotion to Gau Mui here. Aww... <3 GO NO REGRETS! =D



  1. Great song! And thanks a lot for the translation ^^!

  2. @Mai Tran You're welcomed!! I'm glad that I have been of help! ;)


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