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Thoughts on Episode 6

| Tuesday, October 26, 2010 | |
Episode 6 was all right. Dong Nei and Fei Fan are really starting to annoy me lol. How can she believe that jerk so easily, and how can he be such a jerk? =/ I wish they would hurry up and get on with it, so that I can see my Lau Sing and Gau Mui together! <3 Anyway, I liked the way the scene between Long Hei, Dai Fong and Siu Hong was shot. It really made me feel as if I'm watching a movie itself. Great job to all the back-stage crew members! Up till this episode, Siu Hong appears weak, but I totally didn't expect him to command so much power the last time. I wonder what really happened that made him lose his power in the gang. I guess I have to watch to find out more. All I can say is, I REALLY LOVE the way the flashback is done. Siu Hong is cool! =D

Gau Mui is really scary. She's totally acting in her own drama, and everybody around her are just her "actors" (whether they know it or not). This is really called "自编自导自演" (Self-scripted, self-directed, self-acted)! I really couldn't tell until she asked Lau Sing what he thought of her. How come Lau Sing is so smart as to find out what she really did?! o.O''' After that, she asked Lau Sing, "Do you think I'm a fake or the real one?" I am sure that many people are asking the same question too. Kudos to Sheren Tang for such a deceiving performance. =D By the way, I really want to see more Lau Sing - Gau Mui scenes! Their interaction in this episode was aww... Heehee, I don't know, but I can feel "something". xD The way Lau Sing scolded Gau Mui behind her back and spitted out water was cute; Gau Mui turned back to look, and Lau Sing pretended to be nice to her. xD I WANT MORE LAU SING - GAU MUI SCENES PLEASE!!!!

Anyway, Producer Lee did mention that there are no "golden phrases" in this drama, but actually, I think there are. xD Look at the picture below.

How do you feel about this episode? Do feel free to leave down comments, but remember, no bashing and no comments that may offend other people! ^^



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