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Trailer 2

| Saturday, October 2, 2010 | |
Gosh, I swear I'm going to go crazy soon! The second trailer is up, which is really fast! =D The full theme song is also up! I will post it in the next post! =D

Trailer 2

Comments: I totally love Sheren's "coolness" in here! She is really aloof, and I like it very much. ^^ I won't translate, but here's the gist. Long Hei (Susan Tse) is afraid that what they are about to do will make Guangzhou more chaotic, but I think Gau Mui (Sheren Tang) is behind all these chaos, because she said, "The more chaotic, the better!" I think someone tried to harm Gau Mui, and Lau Sing (Wayne Lai) tries to save her, but at the end of the trailer, Gau Mui and a few people were to kill Lau Sing. I don't know who opened fire though. xD Epic much? I'm totally looking forward to the next trailer! ^^


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