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Drink more water!

| Monday, May 31, 2010 | 0 comments |

This is Ching Ching here, taking a break from outdoor filming. It's summer, and I must remind everybody to drink more water! :)

- Credits to Fala Chen's Weibo


King Kong's Weibo

| Sunday, May 30, 2010 | 0 comments |
King Kong, who plays the main Japanese commander in No Regrets, has posted a picture on his Weibo! Sheren has also left a message for her fans via his Weibo!

Haha, the fearsome Japanese commander is totally at the mercy of Miss Nine! ^^

Hello, fans of Sheren! Your chairperson (Sheren) has asked me to pass this message to you guys:
Dear fans, yours truly is really very busy, and it is crucial that I give my best and concentrate in whatever I do, not like King Kong, who fools around while he works. Hence, I'm not able to personally keep in touch with you guys and has entrusted this big responsibility of passing on my well-wishes to King Kong. Thank you everybody for your support! Yours truly, Chairperson.
All right, end of report!

- Credits to King Kong's Weibo

Comments: I can really tell that they are having fun filming! Sheren really looks very mischievous here! xD And I love her message! King Kong and her seem to get along really, really well! ^^


The 5 beauties of No Regrets

The 5 beauties of No Regrets!

Split personality...

- Credits to Hoffman Cheng's Weibo


I have really grown up...

| Thursday, May 27, 2010 | 0 comments |

Fala gave me a small gift today! Thanks a lot! ^^

I have really grown up... I couldn't ride a bicycle the last time as I could not reach the pedals. During filming today, the pedals felt small to me...

- Credits to Fala Chen's Weibo


Pictures from Pierre


- Credits to Pierre Ngo's Weibo

Comments: Nancy's really pretty! =D

Drawings of Yeung Yeung


These are the drawings that Lau Ching and Yeung Yeung drew while they were about to go into the pig cage (punishment by drowning for committing adultery, though I suspect they were framed).

This is my back view. Guess which drawing was drawn by a professional artist, and which one was drawn by Fala? Haha!

In one week, I've seen 3 of such trucks, which means we have shot 3 days of raining scenes. Hopefully, in the short run, I won't get to see these trucks again! All right, it's time for me to knock off! Good night!


Fala Chen's thoughts...

| Wednesday, May 26, 2010 | 0 comments |

The scene tonight will leave me reflecting and pondering for the next few days. Ever since I received my scripts, for one month, I was afraid I would not be able to portray the humiliation, the fear and yet the strong side of me. Thank goodness I managed to get it right in one take. I chased away all my doubts about my acting. One must have confidence in whatever you do in order to do it well, and this applies especially to the artistes. I must really thank the director and the other departments for their arrangement. Acting requires teamwork.

- Credits to Fala Chen's Weibo

Comments: Go Fala! I know you can do it! Yes, acting really requires teamwork, and I see that evidently in No Regrets! Go, and leave No Regrets! =D


Cheng family and the policemen


It's rare that we have a break for half a day, so I decided to post a photo since it's not everytime that the Cheng family and us policemen have the same scene.


More updates from Weibo

| Monday, May 24, 2010 | 0 comments |

@Fala Chen: @ Raymond Wong Raymond has gotten wet too! He's basking under the warmth of the lamp. He will feel better. :) Hopefully, he won't fall sick that easily!

- Credits to Raymond Wong's Weibo

Updates from Ben Wong!


It's 6 pm, and we have not knocked off yet!

Oh! So cool!

Thanks a lot, Nancy for bringing us desserts!

- Credits to Ben Wong's Weibo


Updates from Fala Chen!


Thank you Kara, for giving me this anti-mosquito ointment. I wasn't bitten by any mosquitoes during outdoor filming today! Haha!

Even though it's summer, it's still pretty cold to be filming a typhoon scene...

This is Raymond, who is also completely drenched! He is basking under the warmth of the lamp. Hopefully he'll will warmer after that. :)

Comments: The artistes have really given their all for the filming of this drama. Of course we should support them! ^^




- Credits to Hoffman Cheng's Weibo

I am very alert!

My idol.

I am very alert!

- Credits to 邵卓尧's Weibo


| Sunday, May 23, 2010 | 0 comments |
A very WOW picture from Ben Wong's Weibo!!!


Ben Wong: Today's really a good show!!!

- Credits to Ben Wong's Weibo

Dog shit for lunch!


Today, I learnt the meaning of filming. If you don't want to do it, don't do it. However, once you start, you have to give your all so that the effect will be more natural and smooth. See what I have for today's lunch? Dog shit.

- Credits to Fala Chen's Weibo

Comments: Fala really looks very cute here! And she has really matured since the first time she stepped into TVB...


Wayne and Sheren's Complex Characters in No Regrets

TVB’s recent series have not received any outstanding ratings nor praise. Highly anticipated by many people, Rosy Business 2 - The Righteous Sea of Heroic Love (巾幗梟雄之義海豪 情) will be the last collaboration between ratings magnet duo, Producer Lee Tim Sing and Script Editor, Cheung Wah Biu.
Recently, Wayne Lai Yiu Cheung and Sheren Tang Shui Man have been busy filming Rosy Business 2. Many scenes will focus on Wayne and Sheren’s one-on-one interaction. Sheren revealed, “In Rosy Business 2, Wayne and my character have an intricate love relationship. In the series, we spend many nights together and there are numerous memorable and moving scenes. If our characters from the first Rosy Business came across as a courageous pair, then this time in Rosy Business 2, there will be more courageous and righteous love demonstrated.” Rosy Business 2 will also delve deeper into romantic arcs, producing another viewership attraction.
Rosy Business was a big winner in 2009; Wayne and Sheren’s characters gave the audience a remarkable, lasting impression. However, the romantic story between Wayne and Sheren’s characters was underdeveloped. Producer Lee took into account the audience’s preferences and have increased focus on Wayne and Sheren’s romance in Rosy Business 2, while featuring the majority of the original cast.

Wayne spoke of his turbulent relationship with Sheren in Rosy Business 2, “Absorbing the experience of our last collaboration, our romance will develop early in the series. Our characters will experience many challenges together. Since the backdrop takes place during World War II, the story will be more three-dimensional. In our mutual scenes thus far, Sheren and I have great chemistry together.”

Sheren added, “In Rosy Business 2, our characters seek each other out each time there are troubling problems to discuss. I do not treat Wayne’s character well. I take advantage of him and also leave him behind. However, each time I call him, he will appear by my side. The script is written quite well. In addition to love , there is also friendship. Through each shared experience, our feelings grow for each other. There are many emotionally moving scenes!”

Both Wayne and Sheren appeared to have visibly lost weight for their roles in Rosy Business 2. Sharing frequent scenes with thin co-stars, Pierre Ngo Ka Nin and Raymond Wong Ho Yin, Wayne felt the need to lose weight. Otherwise, his overweight physique may astound the audience! Sheren also said that Fala Chan and Nancy Wu Ding Yan were both very slender. Aside from the mentally challenging roles, both Wayne and Sheren had to struggle to keep fit. Wayne added, “During the Japanese occupation, many people were very poor. Since my character is not well off, how can I display excess weight? In the first Rosy Business, I was a hungry villager, but I had no time to lose weight for the role. Now, I have already lost seven or eight pounds. For midnight snacks, I usually drink soup or eat fruit and a small amount of cookies.”

Whose Role is More Difficult to Play?

Sheren’s character, “Ninth Sister,” is an opportunist with ties to the mafia and drug trade. She will also be a spy and traitor. Sheren’s character’s values conflict directly with Wayne’s police officer character, who is full of integrity and loyalty. Rosy Business 2 is the last collaboration between Producer Lee Tim Sing and Script Editor, Cheung Wah Biu. TVB management, along with the cast and crew have placed utmost importance upon executing this series well.
Wayne said, “We are really looking forward to releasing this series quickly. Since Rosy Business had good results last time, the cast and crew are trying very hard to do their best. Many behind-the-scenes production staff fought to participate in Rosy Business 2, so the morale is very good. The results should turn out well. As a righteous police officer, there are few changes on the surface. However, the character runs into numerous conflicts and turmoil; there are many scenes delving into the character’s psychology. I do not fully know how to portray this role yet, so there is some pressure. This role is more difficult to play than ‘Chai Kau’ from Rosy Business, which was a relatively simple role. Perhaps it truly is more difficult to portray a good person!”

Among her roles to-date, Sheren said that her “Ninth Sister” character in Rosy Business 2 was extremely difficult to portray. “The complexity of the character, along with her turbulent nature, is highly difficult to portray. The pressure is greater than what I experienced while acting in Rosy Business. I have to follow the script closely this time. If I can convey the nuances of ‘Ninth Sister,’ I am already very happy.

Accidental Knee Injury
As a police officer, “Sing Gor,” Wayne had to film numerous action and chasing scenes. On the day of the media’s visit on set, Wayne twisted his leg while attempting to ride a bicycle. He cried out in pain and clenched his teeth in the immediate re-take. It took two attempts to successfully complete the scene. After he returns home, he will rub his leg with some herbal tonic, as there will be future action scenes to film. For his “Sing Gor” character, Wayne will wear many long suit jackets. Wayne was teased that his look was quite sharp, but we should call Wayne “handsome man” instead due to his successful weight loss.

Source: Ming Pao Weekly #2166

- Credits to

Comments: I'm really looking forward to both their performances. I'm very sure that I won't be disappointed! TV King and TV Queen for the win! <3

Evergreen Mak's updates (12/05 - 23/05)


I'm such a poor thing... I'm beaten until like that! Any idea who did this?

Nope, it's not him.

But my make-up artist!

It's dinner time, and I get the time to go on Weibo. Haha!

And I'm finally home! Good morning!

This is Leung Fei Fan's office.

A seemingly righteous police officer is getting ready to do bad things. *evil laughter*

It hasn't rained...

It's still empty...

Because it hasn't rained, that'w why I'm still working. And that's why the chair's empty. Hahaha!

My disciple - Tong Chun Ming

It has finally rained...

The back view of 2 people.

Trying to act like Ip Man here...

A happy criminal here... Brother Fei Fan has gotten into trouble. Will he be as happy-go-lucky as me? Haha!

It's break time, and I'm really hardworking as I'm reading my script. Of course, when posing for a photo, I must act like I'm hardworking! Haha!

We've just finished outdoor filming. It's not tiring, because I have a friend who treats me coffee! Thanks Brother Ben! It's really good to have a friend! Haha!

Susan is really cute! She hasn't taken off her clips! Haha!

I am taking a photo of Joe Ma blatantly while he is combing his hair.

My buddy in Mysteries of Love - Lam Chi Sin

Happy Chinese New Year! This is a photo that has been distorted by me.

A scene from the olden-day Guangzhou...

And here's my movie queen, Kara Hui!

- Credits to Sally and Evergreen Mak's Weibo

Comments: Evergreen is really a very humorous person! xDD