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Sheren Tang: I am one who honours my contract!

| Thursday, May 20, 2010 | |
Earlier on, the media reported that Sheren Tang has suddenly requested for a raise in salary for filming No Regrets. To this, Sheren replied 3 times, "Crazy!"

No Regrets is being undertaken by the same group of people who came up with Rosy Business. Sheren said, "I am one who honours my contract! During the finale of Rosy Business, we have already agreed to film the sequel. I still rejected the other dramas, have not taken one look at the script and already agreed to film it. For people meant to do big things, how can they suddenly request for a pay rise?"

"These are all fabricated, and it's really ridiculous! I am not very angry, but after seeing these negative reports, it's natural that I feel affected. These are not true, and those people who do not understand me may choose to believe such reports. This really sullies my reputation. The Hong Kong media lies to people. This is such a despicable yet laughable act!"

Career hits another new peak, thanks to 4th Wife
Rosy Business was a hot drama in Hong Kong. Because of 4th Wife, Sheren Tang's career has hit another new peak. However, Sheren's emotional life greatly differs from 4th Wife. But still, she says that she is more inclined towards the feelings between 4th Wife and Chai Gau

Sheren, who has not been in a relationship for a long time, says, "The media reports that I have not been dating for 10 years. This is true, and I'm not angry. Now that I'm working with Wayne Lai again, they are bound to create more gossip about us. However, this time round, I wish they can say that Wayne likes me.

She also added, "Wayne's wife also likes me to work with him. We are all adults, and Wayne is only my on-screen partner." Even Mrs Lai has given her consent for Wayne and Sheren to work together - this further proves that the rumours between Wayne and Sheren are not true.

Sheren Tang acts as 4th Wife in Rosy Business
When asked to talk about her relationships, Sheren said, "What's wrong with being alone? Being alone can also be a blissful thing. Love deserves to be respected. You can't be in a relationship just because you are afraid of loneliness. I am more inclined towards the relationship between 4th Wife and Chai Gau, the feeling of being soul mates.

Sheren hopes that the other party will understand her. "There's no need to say too much and he will still understand." She added, "I have waited for so many years, that's why I have not been in a relationship for so long! Such a person may exist, it's just that I have not met him yet. Since my standard is so high, let's just continue waiting!"

Artistes should become the audience's model
In Rosy Business, 4th Wife has a very strong character. She stands by her principles and love in a steadfast manner. Sheren feels that she shares some similarity with 4th Wife in real life. "Although I do not have the ability to deal with whatever calamities as calmly as 4th Wife, but I can do what I want to do."

"The artistes should become the audience's role model. We should be the ones who stand out and encourage the audience. One should live well and be happy, and not give up your dreams even when you are in your 50s. There's no need to care about how other people look at you. One must really work hard."

Sheren also revealed that she had thought of coming up with a book. In 2005, a book publishing firm contacted her, but she just could not write anything out. Her schedule this year is also packed, so there is no way she can find the time to write. However, she said, "I will surely come up with a book as it is a good thing."

Before the interview ended, Sheren asked the reporters whether they liked Rosy Business and why they liked it. "I wish to do some reflection as different countries have differen cultures, so the way they see things may be different as well." Based on this, we can see how profesionally Sheren Tang treats her work.

Rosy Business synopsis:
Sheren Tang acts as chivalrous Hong Po-kei (4th Wife). Although she is only the 4th wife of Tseung Kiu, the rice baron, she treats Tseung Kiu truthfully and slogs for the Tseung household. Her devotion touches arch-enemy Chai Gau (Wayne Lai), who then begins to fall for her...

In an era where rifts are strife, what ending awaits these 2 people? Starting from the 25th July 2010, Rosy Business will air every Saturday and Sunday on VV Drama (Starhub Channel 855) at 7 pm.

- Credits to Zaobao

Comments: I knew that the paparazzi was up to no good! To be honest, when I first read those news reports, I was really very scared that they would cut down on Sheren's scenes. Thank goodness Sheren personally cleared up the air! Moral of the story is: Don't believe everything you have read unless it comes from the person himself/herself. Go Sheren! ^^



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