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News on blessing ceremony

| Monday, May 10, 2010 | |

On the 8th of May 2010, TVB drama No Regrets held its blessing ceremony. Wayne Lai, Sheren Tang, Kara Hui, Fala Chen, Raymond Wong etc. turned up in their drama outfits. Sheren will play the daughter of a triad boss in No Regrets. She said that she won't be like in Rosy Business, where 4th Wife takes care of Chai Gau. Instead, Wayne will be the one who takes care of her.

As to whether they have any intimate scenes, Sheren said that there will be more intense scenes, but up till now, there's no intimate scenes between them, except for hugging. Intimate scenes must also be portrayed by eye expressions as well as body movements. Sheren said, "It's not necessary that a guy and woman who spends the night outside will have a one-night stand. Loving a person does not mean having him." Wayne revealed that in that overnight scene, they were confiding in each other and he was trying to help Sheren kick her drug addiction. As to whether there will be any kissing scenes between them, Wayne said that it depends whether there is a need for it.

When it was pointed out that Sheren has a very healthy view on such things, Wayne agreed with her. When asked whether he has talked about sex education with his son, Wayne said that he has not, saying that his son has not asked him anything yet. He said that when the time is ripe, he will naturally tell him what he needs to know.

Because of stress, Kara Hui's body weight dropped suddenly to 90 pounds. She mentioned that her body weight is slowly recovering, but because she's attending a prize presentation ceremony in China at the end of the month, and she needs a fit body in order to fit into the dress she has prepared, her weight must not fluctuate too much. Regarding reports that said Producer Lee wanted to add scenes for her as she won the Golden Horse Award for Best Actress, she denied it, saying that she won't fight with other people for scenes, since what may be suitable for her may not suit other people.

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Comments: Hmm, so no intimate scenes between Sheren and Wayne? I'm pretty fine with it, so long as their on-screeen chemistry makes up for it. =D



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