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Evergreen Mak's updates (12/05 - 23/05)

| Sunday, May 23, 2010 | |

I'm such a poor thing... I'm beaten until like that! Any idea who did this?

Nope, it's not him.

But my make-up artist!

It's dinner time, and I get the time to go on Weibo. Haha!

And I'm finally home! Good morning!

This is Leung Fei Fan's office.

A seemingly righteous police officer is getting ready to do bad things. *evil laughter*

It hasn't rained...

It's still empty...

Because it hasn't rained, that'w why I'm still working. And that's why the chair's empty. Hahaha!

My disciple - Tong Chun Ming

It has finally rained...

The back view of 2 people.

Trying to act like Ip Man here...

A happy criminal here... Brother Fei Fan has gotten into trouble. Will he be as happy-go-lucky as me? Haha!

It's break time, and I'm really hardworking as I'm reading my script. Of course, when posing for a photo, I must act like I'm hardworking! Haha!

We've just finished outdoor filming. It's not tiring, because I have a friend who treats me coffee! Thanks Brother Ben! It's really good to have a friend! Haha!

Susan is really cute! She hasn't taken off her clips! Haha!

I am taking a photo of Joe Ma blatantly while he is combing his hair.

My buddy in Mysteries of Love - Lam Chi Sin

Happy Chinese New Year! This is a photo that has been distorted by me.

A scene from the olden-day Guangzhou...

And here's my movie queen, Kara Hui!

- Credits to Sally and Evergreen Mak's Weibo

Comments: Evergreen is really a very humorous person! xDD



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