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Policemen meets female drug dealer

| Friday, May 21, 2010 | |
No Regrets takes its storyline from the Japanese Occupation in Guangzhou. I will be a policeman while Sheren Tang will be a female triad boss who deals with drugs. My role this time round is difficult. Moreover, people have high expectations for this drama, hence I have more stress. However, we are confident that this drama will break Rosy Business's records, because No Regrets is being led by the same cast and the same back-stage crew. This drama will also be Script-writer Cheung Wah Biu's last work for TVB. If we do not do it well, we will disappoint him, so we are giving our all for this drama!

Lau Sing is different from Chai Gau as he is a righteous person.

After working with Kara Hui in Rosy Business, we do have some chemistry today. However, it is inevitable that we will have NGs.

In this drama, I'm always with Pierre Ngo and Raymond Wong to maintain the safety of the town.

Fala is my sister in this drama.

Elena Kong will be my wife in this drama. She sees Fala as a family member, so everybody gets along well.

- Credits to Wayne Lai's TVB blog



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