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Wayne Lai and Sheren Tang communicate with their eyes

| Sunday, May 9, 2010 | |
On the 8th May 2010, Wayne Lai, Sheren Tang, Fala Chen, Kara Hui etc. attended the blessing ceremony for No Regrets. Sheren joked that in the new drama, she and Wayne will have a reversal in roles. There won't be any intimate scenes, but more of intense scenes. Both of them will only need to communicate with their eyes.

Riding on the success of Rosy Business, which was critically-acclaimed, Producer Lee asked the original cast to act in No Regrets. Although it is an indirect sequel, but there are no similarities to Rosy Business. The story will take place in the 1930s of China, during the Japanese Occupation. 4th Wife and Chai Gau will have a reversal in roles - Sheren Tang will evolve from a perfect 4th Wife to a cruel drug dealer while Wayne will evolve from a coolie to a caring policeman. Sheren added on, "Cheng Gau Mui's character is very confusing. She can be nice and downright evil at the same time. She can't be described in just one word. This time round, Wayne's character will take care of me." Wayne mentioned that his character this time round is very challenging. He has hopes for the drama's ratings.

In Rosy Business, nothing came out of 4th Wife's and Chai Gau's feelings for each other. In this sequel, will there be a chance for a reunion? Wayne said that to find out the ending, one must watch the finale. Although this drama places emphasis on both their feelings and emotions, Sheren said that there won't be any intimate scenes. "We don't have any intimate scenes, but more intense scenes. There is no need to use our bodies to portray all these. Using dialogues and eye expressions is enough." When asked whether there would be any kissing scenes, Wayne laughed, "If the script calls for it, then so be it. We can talk about it later."

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