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Blue Cross Insurance

| Monday, June 27, 2011 | 20 comments |
Yay! Sherayne's advertisement for Blue Cross Insurance is finally out!! =D We've been waiting since Chinese New Year for it heehee! ;D It was first shown today at 7.30 am during the advertisement slot in Hong Kong. xD


Sherayne's concert @ Casino Rama (Toronto)

| Tuesday, June 21, 2011 | 11 comments |
Sheren Tang and Wayne Lai's concert were held on the 19th June 2011 (which was yesterday in SG/HK time). Haha, I really envy those fans who were able to go there to see the both of them together! It's such a rare chance hoohoohoo! Anyway, they did sing quite a number of songs, as listed below. And and and, they hugged after singing 《只有情永在》 aww! It's the same song that they sung as Chai Gau and 4th Wife during the 2009 TVB Anniversary Gala celebrations! xD They hugged after that kekeke. Sure to drive fans of Sherayne crazy eh? I will post more pictures and videos when they're available! I have the video of them singing 《只有情永在》 together, but for some weird reason, I'm not able to upload it here now, so I will do so at a later time! It's uploaded now! ^^

I will try to upload all the videos here (subjected to internet speed and availability of space). I have the full list of download links for ALL the videos though, but the people who took the videos have requested not to make it public. I can only send the download links to people who ask it from me. Please email me if you want the links. Remember, please do not share the links with anybody else!! 多谢合作! =)

No Regrets DVD

| Saturday, June 18, 2011 | 22 comments |
I've finally gotten my No Regrets DVDs, thanks to a No Regrets' fan! Thank you very much tbc! =D I'm really very glad that I didn't get mine from Hong Kong. I think because of the GSS, the No Regrets' DVDs were selling so cheaply here that the video shops that I visited had no more stocks left! This is why I'm really so grateful to tbc for helping me get it! ^^

Front cover

Back cover

So here's a notice to all Singaporeans wanting to get the DVDs! It's selling for only $47.90 now. From what I know, TS doesn't have any stocks left. You can try and call up Poh Kim to enquire about it though. I'm not sure about the situation at other shops, but the shop assistants in TS told me that it's been really flying off the shelves here, so hmm...

For overseas fans, this set of DVDs comes in both Mandarin and Cantonese audio, with traditional Chinese and English subtitles. This is the LEGITIMATE copy, so you can be assured of the quality of both the subs and pictures.

Fans of No Regrets should try and own this one! It's really very much cheaper than the one selling in Hong Kong. =P Anybody interested in getting this or finding out more can email me! =D

Sheren's regret

| Monday, June 13, 2011 | 10 comments |
Wow, Sheren Tang has been appearing in our newspapers for quite a number of times already! o.O''' Anyway, here's today's news article in The Straits Times' Life! section about her! I think it's pretty much similar to the Lianhe Zaobao news that I translated earlier on, but just read haha!

Comments: Hmm, actually I prefer Gau Mui much much more than 4th Wife. I felt that there is more depth to Gau Mui's character. What about you guys? Gau Mui ain't totally bad mah, but I don't know why Sheren made it sound as if Cheng Gau Mui is a total baddie. o.O''' Isn't Yu Fei somewhat like that too? =/

Sheren Tang and Wayne Lai will be going to Genting!


Wayne Lai and Terese Mo attended an event together as spokespersons. Both of them, together with Sheren Tang, will be going to Genting in November for a concert. Mo Jeh (Teresa Mo) said that she will consider dancing Latin dance while Wayne joked that when Mo Jeh dance the Latin dance, he will wear tights and dance ballet. Mo Jeh said, "Go away and don't block me! I will laugh so hard till I don't need to dance anymore. If you wear that out I will beat you to death!"

- Credits to iHKTV

UPDATE: Please read the email reply which I have gotten from Genting and the poster. The 'All Stars Gala' will be held on the 10th and 11th November 2011 at 8 pm at Arena of Stars. Tickets will be made available to GWC members on the 1st August 2011 while members of the public can start getting them from 15th August 2011!

HERE'S THE LATEST UPDATE: We wish to inform the ticket launch date is on 5 Sept 2011 for Genting WorldCard member and 19 Sept 2011 for non-members. Meanwhile, VIP tickets are only applicable for members of Gold card and above. The concert is a two (2) days show on 10 & 11 November 2011. Room packages are available but limited to certain price scales only.

The poster released by Genting.

- Credits to Teresa Mo's Weibo


Comments: Hmm, Sheren and Wayne seem to be going everywhere except Singapore zZz... COME TO SINGAPORE JEBAL!! OTL On a side-note, I think Wayne gets along really well with Teresa. I've read that they both have good chemistry with each other as well. Teresa, Wayne and Sheren going there together reminds me of that night when both Someday and No Regrets aired their last episodes together. ^^

U-Weekly #288

Here's the U-Weekly scan on Wayne Lai! ;)

Comments: Please click on the picture to read the words. I took this from my phone, so I do apologise for poor quality in some parts of the photo!

We can to know more about Wayne through this interview, though some parts of the interview seems pretty similar to the articles which I have translated before heehee.

17th Shanghai TV Festival awards ceremony

| Saturday, June 11, 2011 | 0 comments |
The closing ceremony of the 17th Shanghai TV Festival will be tonight, where the new TV King and Queen will be announced. Wayne Lai has been nominated as Best Actor because of this role in No Regrets.

This afternoon, Wayne Lai was a guest in Tengxun's '上海进行时' and shared the touching story of TVB drama, No Regrets. After the interview, he enjoyed his afternoon tea by himself while watching the rain outside the window. When the awards ceremony started at night, Lau Sing met Gau Gu Leong once again, and Wayne took photos with Sheren. He even thanked his friends and supporters for all their support.

- Credits to 腾讯娱乐讯

TVBE clip where both Wayne and Sheren talk about their experiences about being in Mainland China.

Wayne Lai supports Sheren Tang to win TV Queen (for the Shanghai TV Festival)

Sheren Tang giving out the Best Actor award to Zhang Jiayi

- Credits to 檀香粽 (1st video) and 糖水wasabi (2nd and 3rd videos) of 邓萃雯吧 for videos

Wayne Lai giving out the Best Director award to Yang Wenjun, who directed Happy Memories of the Ma's

- Credits to maixy60 of 黎耀祥吧 for video

Wayne's concert @ Atlantic City (22/05/2011)

| Thursday, June 9, 2011 | 0 comments |
Here are some videos of Wayne Lai singing at a concert held at Atlantic City on the 22nd May 2011! The concert really started at 1.15 AM in the morning gosh. o.O''' Why is the concert held at such a weird time?! ._. Anyway, I have posted No Regrets-related videos here! All credits go to echan21, who had the extreme privilege of watching the concert and taking a personal photo with Lau Sing. =D

No Regrets' theme song Righteous Sea of Heroic Love

Rosy Business' theme song Red Butterfly

For more videos and photos, you can click here, where echan21 has very kindly provided all the links to the videos and photos of the concert.

I have no idea why the first video is only 35 seconds. Maybe Wayne only sang the first 35 seconds of it or maybe her camera died or something. o.O''' But anyway, appy watching! ^^ I'm really looking forward to Sherayne's concert in Toronto! Hopefully echan21 will continue to take good photos and videos! =D

Shanghai TV Magazine #1104: We don't meet each other privately!

| Saturday, June 4, 2011 | 6 comments |
Here are the scans from Shanghai TV magazine #1104! I have translated the scans below, so happy reading! =D

From the 6th till the 10th June 2011, this year's Shanghai TV Festival will be a vibrant one. The nominees for the "Magnolia prize" best actors and actresses include Mainland Chinese actors Zhang Jiayi, Wu Xiubo, Wang Luodan, Yang Mi. Sheren Tang and Wayne Lai have also made it in for their roles in TVB's mega-drama No Regrets. They are widely acknowledged as good actors in TVB, so how is Wayne in Sheren's eye? Liang Juan reports.

Sheren Tang feels tired filming strong characters

| Friday, June 3, 2011 | 2 comments |
Sheren Tang and Wayne Lai are known as the golden couple after acting together in Rosy Business and No Regrets, and they are also good friends as well.

After acting so many strong and vicious characters, Sheren Tang feels tired and exclaims that her gentler side has disappeared on the small screen!

From War and Beauty's Yu Fei, Rosy Business' 4th Wife to No Regrets' Cheng Gau Mui, Sheren is well-known for portraying female characters that are strong. She sighs, "It's very tiring. No Regrets' Cheng Gau Mui is a woman who has the sky under her control and she rebels against the men. She is quite a tomboyish and wild character."

With regards to such a vicious character, she actually doesn't really approve of it. "This kind of strong woman who practises 'an eye for an eye' is not a good role model, and we should not learn from her. It is best to use kindness to combat evil. Also, in this world, the women are too strong, so there are lesser gentler women around, which should not be the case."

She said that 4th Wife is a magnanimous character and suits the role of woman better, so she is proudest of this character; Yu Fei may be scheming, but she doesn't scheme for the sake of just scheming, so she feels that her character was meaningful.

"After which, many dramas let women scheme for the sake of scheming. This kind of you-slap-me-once-I-slap-you-twice kind of strong characters do not contribute to society!"

Sheren Tang: I don't wish to film rubbish!

| Thursday, June 2, 2011 | 2 comments |
Remember to vote for No Regrets HERE!!!!

Hong Kong artistes Sheren Tang and Wayne Lai have been nominated for the "My Favourite TVB On-screen Couple" based on the drama No Regrets. Sheren Tang revealed that Wayne Lai is like her spokesperson, which makes her feel amused.

Recently, Sheren Tang has been nominated in many categories for the "Starhub TV Awards". Besides being nominated for "My Favourite TVB Female Artiste", she is also nominated for "My Favourite TVB Female Character" based on her role Cheng Gau Mui, and is nominated together with Wayne Lai for the "My Favourite TVB On-screen Couple" award.

The 2nd Starhub-TVB TV Awards will be held on the 16th July 2011 at Marina Bay Sands. 12 awards will be given out altogether, and out of which, 9 will be awarded based on SMS votes as well as votes from various TV personalities. For more information, please visit

Sheren Tang accepted our interview yesterday and said that she is very happy to be nominated, because that shows that the audiences love her drama, and that she has not wasted her efforts.