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Sheren Tang: I don't wish to film rubbish!

| Thursday, June 2, 2011 | |
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Hong Kong artistes Sheren Tang and Wayne Lai have been nominated for the "My Favourite TVB On-screen Couple" based on the drama No Regrets. Sheren Tang revealed that Wayne Lai is like her spokesperson, which makes her feel amused.

Recently, Sheren Tang has been nominated in many categories for the "Starhub TV Awards". Besides being nominated for "My Favourite TVB Female Artiste", she is also nominated for "My Favourite TVB Female Character" based on her role Cheng Gau Mui, and is nominated together with Wayne Lai for the "My Favourite TVB On-screen Couple" award.

The 2nd Starhub-TVB TV Awards will be held on the 16th July 2011 at Marina Bay Sands. 12 awards will be given out altogether, and out of which, 9 will be awarded based on SMS votes as well as votes from various TV personalities. For more information, please visit

Sheren Tang accepted our interview yesterday and said that she is very happy to be nominated, because that shows that the audiences love her drama, and that she has not wasted her efforts.

Cheng Gau Mui is difficult to act
In 2009, Sheren Tang won the Best Actress award in the 2009 TVB Anniversary Awards for her role as 4th Wife in Rosy Business. Last year, she became the first female artiste to win the Best Actress award back-t0back in the 2010 TVB Anniversary Awards for her role as Cheng Gau Mui (Gau Gu Leong) in No Regrets.

Sheren Tang said that Cheng Gau Mui is her most difficult role to date.

"In the past, I have always wanted to act as the daughter of a triad boss because I thought it was cool. This role (Cheng Gau Mui) has made me become a 'boss'! Bosses have always been acted by males, so if I was born a guy, I could have acted with any restrains. The audience will still be able to accept it if I looked scary, but I am a woman, so I had more worries. Some people may think that I'm over-acting as they are not able to accept females acting in such roles, so it is very difficult to be 'just right'."

More and more Hong Kong artistes have been furthering their careers in Mainland China. Sheren Tang accepted an interview with The Southern Metropolis Daily recently and admitted that the filming conditions in China were better; China has a huge budget, and their places are bigger. This is so much different from Hong Kong, where the TV company is not willing to invest in the artistes' salary as well as the production. She has also criticised TVB for being stingy with the artistes' salary and not cherishing talents.

To this, she humourously evaded the question and said, "We don't have to talk about this. Today, I'm here to praise TVB, haha!" Indeed, in yesterday's e-mail interview that TVB helped to arrange, the reporter can understand her 'predicament'.

On the other hand, Sheren Tang emphasised on the merits of filming in Hong Kong. "The production team in Hong Kong are really good. They are able to film many things even with budget restrains."

She will be filming less Hong Kong dramas. "I will choose my dramas. I will only film if it's good, because I don't spend a lot of money. In the past, I was a workaholic, but my views have since changed. I wish to let the audience watch good dramas, and not rubbish."

Calls Wayne Lai 'Boss Lai'
When talking about Wayne Lai, Sheren Tang couldn't stop laughing.

Sheren Tang has not been in Hong Kong recently, so Wayne Lai ended up being her 'spokesperson', because many reporters will run to him and ask him everything about her.

When asked if she is satisfied with this 'spokesperson', she laughed and said, "Sometimes."

For example, when Wayne Lai attended Forensic Heroes 3's promotion, when asked about Sheren's tirade about TVB, Wayne spoke up for Sheren: She has always been a very responsible person. It is good to voice out your opinions. She is anxious about the production values. It is hard to set up the filming set because it has to match the script. There will also be different designers, so everybody will try to do their best. How can there be a drama with no budget?"

Sheren Tang said that Wayne understands her attitude towards work perfectly.

At another time, she wanted to eat in a restaurant, but was unable to book a place. She would phone 'Boss Lai' to help her. "He has done a lot of things for me. When I need help, he's very nice and will help me settle it quickly."

However, this 'spokesperson' has also "irritated" Sheren at times.

"Last year, when rumours about us were circulating around because we were filming No Regrets, he could jokingly say some things to the reporters, but when it was published in the news, it didn't seemed like a joke at all. The readers could easily misunderstand."

However, no matter what, Sheren Tang still has nothing but praises for her best on-screen partner. "He is very easy-going, and knows that I'm one who strives for perfection. During filming when we have to pick our clothes, he will tell me to pick first while he will try to match my clothes, haha! So when I'm filming with him, I feel really relaxed."

No Regrets, which stars Wayne Lai, Sheren Tang, Raymond Wong and Fala Chen as the leads is currently airing on Starhub VV Drama channel (channel 855) every Mondays to Fridays at 9 pm.

- Credits to Lianhe Zaobao


Comments: Haha, I didn't know that this newspaper article was in Zaobao! I shall go to the library tomorrow and read it!

Anyway, it's really good to know that Sheren still keeps in touch with Wayne and is on good terms with him. BOSS LAI! ^^


  1. woohoo! support the no regrets people all the way! :D haha why zaobao suddenly got so many news regarding sheren lol! too bad my family dun buy zaobao. maybe i shld go library read also! :X

  2. @meemee! Haha, some fans told me that it's done to publicise the Starhub awards ceremony lol! Then they had better give Sheren her award lmao! I want her to come to Singapore!! >.<


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