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17th Shanghai TV Festival awards ceremony

| Saturday, June 11, 2011 | |
The closing ceremony of the 17th Shanghai TV Festival will be tonight, where the new TV King and Queen will be announced. Wayne Lai has been nominated as Best Actor because of this role in No Regrets.

This afternoon, Wayne Lai was a guest in Tengxun's '上海进行时' and shared the touching story of TVB drama, No Regrets. After the interview, he enjoyed his afternoon tea by himself while watching the rain outside the window. When the awards ceremony started at night, Lau Sing met Gau Gu Leong once again, and Wayne took photos with Sheren. He even thanked his friends and supporters for all their support.

- Credits to 腾讯娱乐讯

TVBE clip where both Wayne and Sheren talk about their experiences about being in Mainland China.

Wayne Lai supports Sheren Tang to win TV Queen (for the Shanghai TV Festival)

Sheren Tang giving out the Best Actor award to Zhang Jiayi

- Credits to 檀香粽 (1st video) and 糖水wasabi (2nd and 3rd videos) of 邓萃雯吧 for videos

Wayne Lai giving out the Best Director award to Yang Wenjun, who directed Happy Memories of the Ma's

- Credits to maixy60 of 黎耀祥吧 for video

- Credits to reliable114 of 黎耀祥吧 and 四奶奶幫幫主_ of 邓萃雯吧 for collating the pictures

Comments: Sorry for the late post! I'm really very busy with GSS nowadays and I often don't get home till past 11 pm. Anyway, Wayne and Sheren did not win anything from this awards ceremony, but they were there as special guests.

I will continue to update with videos and photos should I find more. I have not been able to find many pictures of Wayne from Baidu hmm... Can somebody direct me to more photos of him? Once again, congratulations for making it into the list. It's already a very big honour itself! ;D Aja aja hwaiting! =D

I agree with Sheren that the tastebuds of the Mainland Chinese and Hong Kongers differ a lot. Having been to Shanghai, I have eaten mostly very fatty and salty food, which is very unlike the 'clean' taste of dim sum (also partly due to the fact that we Cantonese always drink tea though my dad says that eating dim sum is not very healthy as well). I didn't really like the food that I ate in Shanghai though the xiaolongbaos were good! xP

I will update on Wayne's concert in USA, which was held a few weeks ago, soon! ^^


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