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Sherayne's concert @ Casino Rama (Toronto)

| Tuesday, June 21, 2011 | |
Sheren Tang and Wayne Lai's concert were held on the 19th June 2011 (which was yesterday in SG/HK time). Haha, I really envy those fans who were able to go there to see the both of them together! It's such a rare chance hoohoohoo! Anyway, they did sing quite a number of songs, as listed below. And and and, they hugged after singing 《只有情永在》 aww! It's the same song that they sung as Chai Gau and 4th Wife during the 2009 TVB Anniversary Gala celebrations! xD They hugged after that kekeke. Sure to drive fans of Sherayne crazy eh? I will post more pictures and videos when they're available! I have the video of them singing 《只有情永在》 together, but for some weird reason, I'm not able to upload it here now, so I will do so at a later time! It's uploaded now! ^^

I will try to upload all the videos here (subjected to internet speed and availability of space). I have the full list of download links for ALL the videos though, but the people who took the videos have requested not to make it public. I can only send the download links to people who ask it from me. Please email me if you want the links. Remember, please do not share the links with anybody else!! 多谢合作! =)

1. 义海豪情 - 黎耀祥
2. 小李飞刀 – 黎耀祥
3. 倚天屠龙记 – 黎耀祥
4. 忘尽心中情 – 黎耀祥
5. 只有情永在– 黎耀祥、邓萃雯
6. 忘记他 – 邓萃雯
7. 分分钟需要你 – 邓萃雯
8. 明知故犯– 邓萃雯
9. 问我 – 邓萃雯
10. 双声情歌-黎耀祥
11. 新鸳鸯蝴蝶梦 – 黎耀祥
12. 用心良苦 – 黎耀祥
13. 999朶玫瑰– 黎耀祥
14. 爱拼才会赢 – 黎耀祥
15. 听海 – 邓萃雯
16. 我和春天有个约会 – 邓萃雯
17. 你你你为了爱情 – 邓萃雯
18. 明星 – 邓萃雯
19. 红蝴蝶 – 黎耀祥、邓萃雯
20. 千千阙歌 – 黎耀祥、邓萃雯 (Encore song)

Sheren Tang and Wayne Lai at the airport. Wayne was asked about his views on Bosco Wong's scandal. xP

Sheren and Wayne singing 《只有情永在》 together! They hugged after this AHHH!!! xD

Sheren and Wayne singing Rosy Business' theme song Red Butterfly! Hmm, the tune (I meant the sound of it lmao. I think nobody understands what I'm saying. -.-''') sounds really different!

Both of them singing 《千千阙歌》, which is their encore song. It sounds very nice haha! ^^

Wayne singing 「義海豪情」.

Wayne singing 「小李飛刀」.

Wayne singing 「倚天屠龍記」.

Wayne singing 「忘盡心中情」.

Sheren singing 「忘記他」.

Sheren singing 「分分鐘需要你」.

Sheren singing 「明知故犯」.

Sheren singing 「問我」.

Wayne singing 「雙星情歌」.

Wayne singing 「新鸳鸯蝴蝶夢」.

Wayne singing 「用心良苦」.

Wayne singing 「愛拼才會贏」.

News recap on the concert

- Credits to echan21 for list of songs
- Credits to various sources for pictures
- Credits to 此生只与白鸥盟 of 邓萃雯吧 for 1st video
- Credits to 愿雯与祥 of 祥雯吧 for 2nd video
- Credits to 499wansui for 3rd video
- Credits to 一袭青衣过燕山 of 祥雯吧 for 4th video
- Credits to evachan21 for the rest of the videos

Comments: I really envy the fans who were able to attend the concert and see this golden on-screen couple together! I guess there's no market for them here, which is why I don't think we will ever get to see the both of them attend events together here zZz... >.<


  1. I THOUGHT THEY'RE COMING TO GENTING TOGETHER! i love them! the hug drove me crazy!!!

  2. @Anonymous Yup they will be going to Genting together, but I don't know the exact date, and I don't live in Malaysia at all! ='(

    That hug drove me crazy as well! I will try to post the video soon, but so many people cheered when they hugged!! ^^

  3. Woohoo!! Thanks for this!!! I went crazy watching that hug also.. hahahah...

    If by Nov, I am still so crazy about RB and NR, my husband promised to bring me to their concert.. Kekeke.. So I am faithfully checking this site for details:

    Hope this is useful!

  4. please update us on the genting tickets!!!
    if i can, i'll head down fm singapore too!

    (dreamlucky: thanks for embedding it on ur site. i keep rewatching the clip i think i've pressed it SO many times. i think their hug was so sweet and definitely not rehearsed at all!!)

  5. Concert in Genting will be held on 11 November. It's called Stars Gala. I got this info from Genting Contact Center. Very excited!

  6. to Anon:

    are the tickets on sale yet!?
    is wayne and sheren definitely going? did u ask them!!!

    AHH!!! - Dee

  7. @yate Thanks for the link haha! But so far I haven't seen any information on it! >.< There's still about 4 more months before the concert lol! I'm not sure if they will release tickets that early or not! xD

  8. @Anonymous Definitely! ;) I don't think I will get to go since I have school though! I really want to come to Singapore one day!! >.<

  9. @Anonymous Thanks for the information! ;) So you called Genting personally? I know that to order Genting concert tickets, you can just order them from the tour agencies.

  10. Yeah.. no announcements yet. But with Anon's phonecall info, easier to keep a lookout for the dates! :p

  11. I have gotten Genting's reply! Please read this post HERE to know more information!! =D


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