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Wayne's concert @ Atlantic City (22/05/2011)

| Thursday, June 9, 2011 | |
Here are some videos of Wayne Lai singing at a concert held at Atlantic City on the 22nd May 2011! The concert really started at 1.15 AM in the morning gosh. o.O''' Why is the concert held at such a weird time?! ._. Anyway, I have posted No Regrets-related videos here! All credits go to echan21, who had the extreme privilege of watching the concert and taking a personal photo with Lau Sing. =D

No Regrets' theme song Righteous Sea of Heroic Love

Rosy Business' theme song Red Butterfly

For more videos and photos, you can click here, where echan21 has very kindly provided all the links to the videos and photos of the concert.

I have no idea why the first video is only 35 seconds. Maybe Wayne only sang the first 35 seconds of it or maybe her camera died or something. o.O''' But anyway, appy watching! ^^ I'm really looking forward to Sherayne's concert in Toronto! Hopefully echan21 will continue to take good photos and videos! =D


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