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Sheren's regret

| Monday, June 13, 2011 | |
Wow, Sheren Tang has been appearing in our newspapers for quite a number of times already! o.O''' Anyway, here's today's news article in The Straits Times' Life! section about her! I think it's pretty much similar to the Lianhe Zaobao news that I translated earlier on, but just read haha!

Comments: Hmm, actually I prefer Gau Mui much much more than 4th Wife. I felt that there is more depth to Gau Mui's character. What about you guys? Gau Mui ain't totally bad mah, but I don't know why Sheren made it sound as if Cheng Gau Mui is a total baddie. o.O''' Isn't Yu Fei somewhat like that too? =/


  1. Oh...Gau Mui has always been my favourite character! :)
    On the appearance, she seems evil. But beneath the exterior, she has actually helped a lot of people in No Regrets, even to the extend of getting addicted to opium!
    This is what I admire about Gau Mui the most =)
    Ya,it also puzzles me why Sheren is critical of this role...

  2. Sheren might have got into this role too well that she feels she is living that life and don't enjoy it. What she did in the series is correct, that generation is almost like survival of the fittest. You must be strong. Strong people sacrifices a lot compare to a simple person. As an actress or actor, they need time to go into character but also need time to get out of character. A person can't play the role of not trusting other too much, because it may really change your attitude in life if you are too into it. Life should be more happy. 4th wife is an ideal of how woman should be. Watching a 4th wife character, a men would fall in love with that type of women compared to Gau Mui might end of being a loner if men feels that is threating that a woman is stronger than man. Overall i enjoy both series of Sheren and i do hope to see another series of Sheren and Wayne together. It will definitely be a lot of pressure for the celebrities, and it might not be comparable to the two successful series, but we would like to see them reunion again.

  3. I prefer Gau Mui too. I think a complex figure is harder to act out but then again, the challenge is bringing that character to life. And she did so well. Many times, I almost forgot I was watching a series, but felt as though I was there, watching these people in real life.

    I so hope there will be another series starring these two, and I dun want it to be a light-hearted comedy like Some Day or a romance story like Fly with Me. I rather it be a drama that allows these two veterans to shine. :D

    Am re-watching the show a 3rd time, but this time, skipping to all the parts with Lau Sing and Gau Mui. I love how a shared expression between them conveys thousand words. :D

  4. @Sherayne Mine as well Sherayne! ;) Gau Mui ain't totally bad right? At least she still has a conscience and does what is best for society. 她总是为其他人想,不为自己想! Which is why I think Gau Mui is a very noble character. =D

    Sheren seems to prefer goody-goody characters because she feels that the audience won't 学坏? =X

  5. @wewah Hmm, after reading your comments, I do agree with you on why Sheren probably thought of it this way. But it has nearly been a year since they wrapped up filming for No Regrets. I guess No Regrets has left a very profound impression on everybody, especially the leads, where they bore the brunt of the stress of both leading the drama and getting into their characters which reflect the turbulent nature of that time era.

    Yes, I do wish to see the Rosy Business team collaborate on another drama again, but I'm afraid that it would be difficult. I'm thinking maybe they can attend events together 10 years later to reminisce on the good times they used to share with each other. Like maybe hold a concert together or something haha. Other members of the cast seem to be pretty low-profile lately. >.<

  6. @yate Haha, but Sheren has expressed her wish to film a comedy because such dramas can get quite stressful. If you had read Wayne's interviews, he was still pretty much into character and from what I read, he could not get rid of Lau Sing's shadow and he did mention that he won't be able to film such a drama again. o.O'''

    Sherayne's acting really kept me hooked to this drama. Sometimes I just get so lost by just watching them convey their various eye expressions that I forgot I was actually watching a drama. ^^

    I'm really a very big fan of No Regrets, but so far, it seems that other fans are more hard-core than me. I have only watched this drama 2 times. You guys have watched this drama many more times than me. xD

  7. I plan to rewatch the series for the second time but not now. The series is still strong on me. I actually want to forget the story a little and then rewatch it again for a refreshing feeling. I plan to watch Rosy Business and then No Regrets right after.

  8. Yeah, I am pretty hardcore at this moment. The series is screened on Channel 855 every 9pm and I will watch the 12am repeat. Then I bought the DVD, watched the entire series and now rewatching it :D

    I love the ideas and the ideals conveyed in this series. And some_one's comments 義海豪情看後感, opened my eyes to new observations about the show. :p

    Actually Sheren Tang is almost a perfectionist I think. She mentioned in some interviews that she will give 100% just so that she can act that role well. So even if it's a comedy, she will still be hard on herself! :D I like her partnership with Wayne Lai, and according to her, she can just give 50% of her efforts cos she knows that Wayne Lai can help to carry the role. That I think it's a great partnership. :D

  9. @wewah Haha, that's right! I did watch it a second time, but not immediately after it ended. =) I haven't been watching it for 6 months now, but gosh, every scene is still so deepy entrenched in my mind. A fan just helped me buy the DVD, so I think I have to watch to check that there aren't any problems. ._.

    I've rewatched Rosy Business for about 3 times ever since I knew about it in 2009. First time was to watch for the sake of watching it. I rewatched it after No Regrets ended, and 3rd time was when my dad sat down with us to watch it lmao! xD

    I think I must wait for a few years before I start rewatching something like No Regrets. It took me about 3 years to forget what happened in War and Beauty before I rewatched it with fervour! =)

  10. @yate Yeah, Sheren really strives for 101% in whatever she does. Haha, this kind of people can be quite scary and hard-core at times.

    Wayne and Sheren do complement each other really well, and I think that even though they have only worked with each other 2 times, they exhibit very good teamwork with each other that cannot really be seen in other 'couples'. Which is why they are known as the golden on-screen couple. Most 'couples' are 'together' for the sake of being together, but seeing both Sheren and Wayne really makes you feel and think that they are really a couple.


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