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Blue Cross Insurance

| Monday, June 27, 2011 | |
Yay! Sherayne's advertisement for Blue Cross Insurance is finally out!! =D We've been waiting since Chinese New Year for it heehee! ;D It was first shown today at 7.30 am during the advertisement slot in Hong Kong. xD






家居保:火險 vs 家居保





- Credits to 皮皮号爱雯女 of 邓萃雯吧 for pictures
- Credits to Sherayne Facebook group for Blue Cross parody pictures! <3

I got all my videos from this website here. If you want the files themselves, please email me! =D

Comments: They really look so sweet here eh? They totally look like husband and wife lor!! And haha, I love how they dragged in Fei Fan, Yeung Yeung, Ching Ching and Pai Guat! Brings me back to the good old No Regrets days! xDDD I feel like I'm watching the modern version of the Rosy Business series. =P If only they could really film the modern version... Do click and enlarge on the last 2 pictures if you know how to read Chinese. The parody is really funny! ^^ Love Sherayne lots! <3


  1. HAHAHAHAHA! I think the videos are really funny!! :D Woah, 7.30 am today? O: How do you get your news so fast? Teehee! xD

  2. super duper cute!! If I am a Hong Konger, I will definitely buy all my insurance policies from Blue Cross Insurance!! ROFL

  3. GEESH!!!!!!!!!!!! Just too lovely!!! Have been crazy about it since yesterday morning after someone on Weibo posted them!

  4. they looked so sweet in those ads. how i wish they can make the modern ver of no regrets.

  5. @ma vie est très bien ;D The videos are really cute! <3 And haha, there are many other avid fans out there in Hong Kong/China. They uploaded it once it came out! Hard-core eh? xDD And I got my news fast because I'm a hard-core fan as well, though I can't be compared to people who actually watch this series 10 over times. ._.

  6. @yate Me too yate! They're just too cute together! It's just too bad that I think this will be the only ad they will film together. ='(

  7. @Anna Hello! I have Weibo, but don't use it now, so I didn't know that it was available on Weibo. =P But the videos are really good! They really look so much like husband and wife here hiak hiak hiak! I really wish they 2 will come Singapore together. =D

  8. @shinigami...nani nani??!!! AGREE! After No Regrets ended, I thought that it would be best if they just leave Rosy Business and No Regrets as it is, but after seeing those videos, I really want them to film the modern version of Rosy Business!! =D

  9. @dreamlucky Weibo always has the fastest news, so I love weibo! HOOHOO!!! I really really hope that both of them will be here for the starhub thingy! I wanna feel their chemistry in REAL. GEESH!!! So excited!!!

  10. Gosh, they are driving me crazy again =)
    Love the ads!
    If only they could film a drama together again...perhaps a comedy! =D

  11. @Anna Haha, I'm not really into Chinese news, and I don't really feel comfortable reading Chinese though I was from a Chinese school, so I stick to Twitter heehee. =P

    I hope they will do well for the Starhub awards so that they will come. Let's pray that we will be lucky enough to get tickets.

    I heard that some fans bought tickets for the previous Starhub-TVB award ceremony. Do you know how much it is and where to get it? I may buy it if they're coming and if it's not too expensive. xP

  12. @Sherayne I know right Sherayne!! =D I really want the both of them to collaborate with each other again. =) Perhaps they can have a concert (like the one they had in Toronto) here, but the chances are rather low. =X

  13. @dreamlucky Hey peep!!! Just wanna to let you know that I have contacted starhub and they told me that the ticket sales will start on the 8th and the guest list will be release on the same day as well!!! Wooohooo!!!

  14. @Anna Thanks for the news Anna! I just realised that it's today!! Do tell me if you have more news!! =D I really wish to see them come here!! >.<

  15. Hi, wayne is coming. You may want to visit this website, and try your chance for lucky draw....

  16. @tbc Yay you finally posted a comment haha!! ^^ Yup, I know that Wayne is coming! I've tried going to the website earlier on, but my dad doesn't have enough points!! He only has 750 points altogether! >.< And I don't dare to tell him about this award ceremony because my mum will nag at me. T_T

    Anyway, so far, only Wayne is coming, and I have looked through the list. I'm not a big fan of the rest of the artistes who are coming. $68 is really very expensive for just a glimpse of them. I may not even get to take photos and get their autographs. I'm crossing my fingers, hoping that Sheren will come. If she comes she may change my mind about not going. xP

    So how? Will you be going? xD

  17. lol the girl who edited the screenshots must be a china netizen, coz i see china-slang in the words...

    enjoyed the videos.. very funny and very entertaining..

  18. @Peishan Haha, I can't really tell from the slag words used. ;P But there are more No Regrets' fans from China though. China is such a big market! ^^

    I find the videos very amusing as well! They exhibit so much chemistry in there!

  19. @Dreamlucky
    Do u mean slang? China slang words keep changing.. there are so many dialects in china! i know coz my bf is from china, but we met in singapore. have been here a few years already!

    Yes, I know there are a lot of China fans.. also coz i streamed No regrets from a china software called Funshion.. and lots of ppl use it in singapore. both mandarin and cantonese versions available for no regrets.. anyway some chinese ppl do know cantonese, especially if they r from guangdong. checked out the weibo of "waynesheren". thats where the screenshots came from it seems. very cute fan weibo.

    Yeah I agree they look like a real couple!

  20. @Peishan Yeah, I do know a few Chinese slang words because I did watch a documentary by Melissa Hyak on ChannelNewsAsia about Chinese words and I lurk around Baidu sometimes though I don't really post there though. So the slang words originated from dialects is it?

    Haha, it seems like many people watch Hong Kong dramas from Funshion and PPS. However, truth to be told, Chinese words (especially from those sites) always turn up as "squares" or funny-looking fonts on my laptop, so I never got round using all those. I used to stream No Regrets online on Tudou when No Regrets first aired, but I don't think it can be found on Tudou anymore. Tudou seems to be clamping down on uploads of dramas like YouTube. Sucks. =(

    Yeah, I knew about the "waynesheren" Weibo, but I seldom check Weibo since I'm more comfortable in reading English heehee. I only use Weibo when absolutely necessary. xD


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