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Mingpao Weekly #2226

| Sunday, July 10, 2011 | |

When Wayne Lai and Sheren Tang cooperate with each other, the effect is tremendous!

Wayne admitted that working with Sheren gives him a sense of satisfaction. Their good chemistry is something which he is also aware of, not only the audience. However, in the coming year, this golden on-screen couple will have zero chances of working on a drama together. Wayne's Forensic Heroes 3 has a high chance of being an anniversary drama and he is looking forward to winning his 3rd TV King in a row. However, Sheren joked and said, "If I'm not there, it won't be the same anymore!"

Wayne and Sheren did not have many romantic scenes with each other in the Rosy Business series. After the drama ended its run, the chances of both of them working with each other became even rarer, except for the advertisement which was filmed earlier on. Hong Kong fans are dying to see them collaborate with each other again. The overseas fans are even crazier; A few days ago, both of them went to Toronto for a concert, where they were met with overwhelming responses from the audience, which really surprised the both of them. Wayne said, "Because the concert hall had 5000 people, and there was only 1 stage, so when I looked down at the audience from the stage, I already felt very overwhelmed. On top of that, there was also a live band, so the atmosphere was really good. When I walked down the stage to shake hands, everybody was very receptive to us. We really felt like superstars holding a concert." When he came out with Sheren, the fans couldn't help but to get high as well. "When I came up on stage with Sheren, our appearance together may have stirred up many memories among the audience. The feelings that our characters had for each other also resonated with the audience, so when I appeared on stage with Sheren, it's only natural that everybody thinks of the scenes in No Regrets. The feelings and relationships portrayed in the drama gave me a sense of satisfaction. (Is Sheren your best on-screen partner?) Yes, I couldn't ask for more. From this year till early next year, I don't have a drama in which I can work together with her again. My only hope is that we can collaborate with each other again to earn real money, like in the case of filming the advertisement or singing for a concert together so that people can reminisce on our collaborations."

Sheren joked and said, "Perhaps Tim Gor (Lee Tim Shing) gave us too few romantic scenes in the drama, so the fans really love it when we held our hands and went on stage together. After the performance, we saw comments left by a few fans, who calculated the number of times we held hands together and the number of times we looked at each other. I find that very funny! However, both Wayne and I have put the emphasis on the fans, so there weren't many times where we exchanged glances with each other. This is totally different from shooting a drama where we have to immerse ourselves fully into our characters. In the drama, both our relationships are extremely touching, but once we are back to ourselves, we will forget all these romantic gestures!"

Kevin Cheng is also a good friend
Wayne and Sheren were awarded their second TV King and Queen awards together consecutively, a first in TVB's history. For this year's TV King, Ghetto Justice's Kevin Cheng is a hot favourite; Wayne praised Kevin for being able to change his image while achieving a break-through in his acting skills. However, there were talks that Forensic Heroes 3 (FH 3) may become an anniversary drama. When asked whether he has the confidence to win this 3rd TV King award in a row to break all records, Wayne smiled and said, "All these while, I don't really care about the awards, but I don't mind getting it for one more year, and of course, getting it three times in a row is good! In FH 3, my character is vastly different from the characters in the previous prequels, so I really have confidence in this drama. If the company arranges it to be aired before the anniversary, they will usually have higher expectations of it. However, Kevin Cheng has really done very well this year, so we must see how the audiences' reactions are."

Sheren doesn't have any TVB dramas to film this year, so as to who will become this year's TV Queen or King, it will definitely be a close-watched competition; when asked about how Wayne hopes to break all records to become the only person to win TV King 3 times in a row, Sheren laughed and said, "Wayne has continued to film good dramas this year, so his chances are high!" However, she doesn't admit defeat and said, "However, if I'm not around, it won't be the same anymore! Sometimes, the chemistry generated within a group is very important, haha! So I will also support Kevin Cheng. When I hear about how different artistes have managed break-throughs in their careers, I will also feel happy for them. If there's only one outstanding person every year, the game won't be fun to play anymore! Moreover Kevin is also my good friend. When we were filming Loving You, we attended acting classes together. Learning has no boundaries!"

- Credits to Mingpao Weekly


Comments: Sheren's comment is so cute! But I do agree that even if Wayne wins his 3rd TV King, it won't be the same anymore if Sheren is not the TV Queen. xP And aww, they won't be filming any dramas together from now till the beginning of next year. It means that Sheren won't have any TVB dramas till the beginning of next year. Haiz... =(


  1. haha... sheren is so cute! and to be able to joke like that, they're really a very cute "couple"! ;)

  2. Wil u b able to translate it? I can't read Chinese :(

  3. I can't read chinese so jus wanted to check did they say in the report that there r no more opportunities to act together for the rest of the year or till the end of nxt yr 2012? :( love yr blog!!! Dee

  4. @sue Agree! ;D This shows that they are still in close contact with each other. xP

  5. @Dee Haha, I just got back and will have to eat dinner soon! I promise that I will try to get it translated by tonight though! =D

    Reading Chinese vertically is pretty taxing and tiring for me because I'm not used to reading in that manner and my eyes will stray LMAO, so I will take a longer time than usual. xP

  6. I've translated the article! Happy reading! =D Sheren won't have a TVB drama until next year though. Haiz... =(

  7. Thanks dear! You're the best!!

  8. Thanks for this!! I'm really hoping they will act together in 2012. Call me silly but I kinda think there's a reason why Gau Mui's number in the concentration camp is 2012 and not other random digit no. My fren said that most scriptwriters like to drop hints in their scripts. But he was referring to Star Wars I and II though lol...Hee hee.

    Honestly it's Wayne + Sheren that draw sparks!! One without the other is just not right!!

  9. @yate Haha, that's some interesting conjecture you have!! xDD The reason why I thought Gau Mui's concentration camp number was 2012 was because 2012 is supposed to mark the end of the world; which kind of meant that going into the concentration camp was the end of her life or something like that. xP

    Wayne is not Wayne without Sheren I guess? I mean, to me, when I see Wayne or Sheren, I will immediately think of Sheren or Wayne respectively. They're so successful as an on-screen couple that it's very hard to imagine them not being together heehee, which explains why we have the Sherayne Facebook group lol! ^^


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