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The way I see it: 2nd Starhub-TVB Awards Ceremony

| Monday, July 18, 2011 | |
As someone who watches TVB dramas frequently, I do have my own favourites...

The 2nd Starhub-TVB Awards Ceremony will be held tonight. By then, we will know who will be the winners of the 12 prizes which are up for grabs. There will be TVB drama fanatics who idolise their favourite stars, perhaps you can save some energy to engage in some lively debate.

As someone who watches TVB dramas frequently, I do have my own favourites...

No Regrets should have no competitors
With the exception of The Rippling Blossom which I have not yet watched, I believe that no other dramas come close to beating No Regrets for the My Favourite TVB Drama award.

That is to say, whether be it acting or the prominence of the characters, Wayne Lai will definitely get the My Favourite TVB Male Character award for his role as Lau Sing in No Regrets. As for the My Favourite TVB Female Character award, only Sheren Tang, who played Cheng Gau Mui in the same drama has the right to win this award.

However, these two awards will be given to five people each, so these two characters are guaranteed to have their names on the winners' list, even if Sheren Tang doesn't come.

Wayne Lai and Sheren Tang have huge chemistry with each other
As for My Favourite On-screen Couple -needless to say- It will belong to No Regrets' Wayne Lai and Sheren Tang. Only these two have exhibited chemistry which is very different from the rest of the pairings. However, competition for this award is fierce, because there are also many fans supporting Can't Buy Me Love's Moses Chan and Charmaine Sheh, and Mysteries of Love's Raymond Lam and Tavia Yeung. In terms of voters' support, anyone of them can win.

My Favourite TVB Actor/Actress awards are the big prizes because there's only one winner for each.

In terms of the actor, Wayne Lai has my support for the best acting, while Moses Chan has my vote for being the most friendly actor. In terms of looks, Raymond Lam, Bosco Wong and Ron Ng have their merits, but whether Raymond Lam will be affected because of his scandal (about the leaked photos with Mavis Pan) is everybody's guess. However, because this is an awards ceremony which TVB has the ability to manipulate the results, some people may think that since TVB loves Raymond so much, they may play on people's sympathy and give him the award, which won't come as a surprise... Of course, if TVB is smart, they can also give the award to Moses Chan, who is also very popular. This will then show their credibility.

As for the actress, Charmaine Sheh has shown that her on-screen charisma is way above the younger fadans (actresses). She has confirmed that she will be leaving TVB and yet she was invited to this event, which goes to show how much TVB looks up to her. Her position is still secure, so it won't be a surprise should she win again.

For the My Favourite TVB theme song award, I think Susanna Kwan's Can't Buy Me Love sounds really youthful despite having an older person singing it.

As for My Favourite TVB Variety show award, I believe that Ladies' Night, which is the longest-running beauty variety show here, has many supporters. If the award is given to this Chinese programme it is not surprising. Anyway, TVB doesn't have good variety shows, so I don't have a favourite for this category.

Starhub and TVB have shown their flexibility
TVB has come under fire this year. Besides artistes like Charmaine Sheh, Bowie Lam, Sammul Chan and other good artistes deciding to leave TVB because of better prospects in Mainland China, their dramas and production values have also been criticised for their sub-par quality by the audience as well as the media. As the dominant TV broadcasting company in Hong Kong, it is not possible for them to evade such criticisms.

The Starhub-TVB awards ceremony was meant to be held once in every two years. However, TVB has changed it to become a once-in-a-year event. This shows that TVB is no longer underestimating the threat posed by dramas from other countries and is working to defend its share in the market. This is one aspect which TVB has shown flexibility in.

I have read an interview give by one of TVB's executives, Virginia Lok, before. She admitted that the pay of TVB artistes are not as high as elsewhere. This is rarely seen in our local TV station, thus it left quite a deep impression in my mind.

Mediacorp, being the dominant TV station in station, has come under fire in recent years for bad ratings, lousy scripts as well as sub-par production values. They are facing the same situation as TVB now. But perhaps they should take a leaf from TVB's book and learn to be adapt to changes?

- Credits to Lianhe Zaobao


Comments: Mediacorp and TVB may be facing the same situation lol, but I think no matter how lousy TVB dramas are these days, they won't be as bad as Mediacorp dramas. I haven't watched them in YEARS already!! ._.


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