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Sheren Tang's interview @ 巴巴閉邊個夠我查篤撐

| Friday, July 29, 2011 | |

Eileen Cha had an interview with Sheren Tang this morning! You can click here to listen to it! ;)

i-cable TV interview

Meanwhile, wewah has kindly provided me for another of Sheren's interview. Click here to read more about it! ;D

- Credits to yujing4755452 of 邓萃雯吧 for the radio interview
- Credits to 皮皮号爱雯女 of 邓萃雯吧 for video

Sheren Tang accepted an interview with the radio station about her new Mainland drama, New My Fair Princess. She said, "TVB has already bought the drama. Maybe that's because they know that I did not film any dramas for them this year. I'm very happy that it will be aired."

She has also been nominated for the Most Popular Actress award in the 6th Seoul TV Festival for her role in No Regrets while her on-screen partner, Wayne Lai, has been nominated for the Most Popular Actor award. She hopes that both of them will win prizes together and bring glory to Hong Kong dramas. She even joked and said, "I've been acting such strong characters. I'm afraid that I won't have any boyfriends."

- Credits to


Comments: A must-listen! Sheren talked about her feelings about filming New My Fair Princess (as you guys know it as 新环珠格格) as well as her previous characters, Yu Fei, 4th Wife and Gau Mui. Sheren will not be filming any dramas for the time being as she will be taking a break (bad news for us fans!), but if she is invited to the Seoul International TV Festival, she will turn up because she is proud and glad that No Regrets has managed to get in though it has not been shown in many countries yet.

Sheren mentioned that up till now, no other male leads have as much chemistry with her as Wayne Lai. *^^* She also mentioned about her upcoming concert with Wayne Lai in November in Genting. Songs that they will definitely sing will be Red Butterfly and I Have A Date with Spring. xDD

She has also mentioned that many TV companies have bought the broadcasting rights for No Regrets and the response was really good. May No Regrets touch the hearts of the Koreans and their panel of judges! ;) Hwaiting! ;D

This is really a hilarious interview with Eileen Cha heehee. ^^ Siu Yan jeh is quite a joker lmao! xP


  1. Thanks for uploading the recording of the interview. It is much nicer to hear from the actual person rather than reading a long article. It obviously makes it more entertaining and lively. So thanks for sharing. Greatly appreciated.

  2. @wewah You're welcomed! ;) I miss hearing Sheren's voice haha. And same here, I don't really like reading long articles because my eyes will feel tired! >.<


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