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Rosy Business series cast to reunite

| Friday, August 5, 2011 | |
Lau Sing and Gau Gu Leong were 2 characters which won the hearts of the viewers. Wayne Lai and Sheren Tang may just have the chance to film Rosy Business III.

Wayne Lai and Sheren Tang have Producer Lee Tim Shing to thank for winning their TV King and Queen awards.

Wayne Lai won his TV King award twice based on the series Rosy Business and No Regrets, and this is all due to Cheung Wah Biu developing on his characters. It is said that Cheung Wah Biu will be returning to TVB in October and will be working with Lee Tim Shing on Rosy Business III. When Wayne Lai learnt that the "iron triangle" (made up of Cheung, Lee and himself) will be reunited, he was very happy, and it doesn't seem hard for him to win his 3rd TV King.

Wayne Lai once made a wish on his birthday in May, and that is for Cheung Wah Biu, the golden script-writer who was working in Taiwan, to return to TVB. His wish is now finally granted; Producer Lee Tim Shing personally confirmed that Cheung, who has left TVB for 14 months, will be returning to TVB in October. They will work on the script for Rosy Business III together, with the original cast members reuniting for the third series.

Filming starts in April 2012
Lee Tim Shing said that this new drama will be continued from parts of Rosy Business and No Regrets. He said, "Both Sheren's and Wayne's characters have died, so it's not possible for them to appear again. However, we will incorporate the background of both dramas inside like the 1960s, but the story will be entirely different. I have already discussed this with Wayne Lai, and he can start filming in April next year. (What about Sheren Tang?) She is busy working in the Mainland now, and I'll have to discuss this with her. I really hope that she has the time!" When interviewed, Cheung Wah Biu said that he isn't used to life in Taiwan and his wife has been complaining. He said, "I have not finished all the work on my hands. My wife came to visit me during the summer holidays, but I have always kept in constant contact with Tim Gor and Wayne!"

A must to give the viewers a fresh feeling
Wayne has finally gotten his wish granted. He admitted that he was very happy, "I've heard that Cheung Wah Biu will be coming back, so my wish is fulfilled! (Filming Rosy Business III?) I've heard Tim Gor mentioning it. If we film it, it will be two years after No Regrets, so I believe that the viewers won't get sick of it. (Stress?) I'm not worried, because both Tim Gor and Wah Biu are well prepared, and I feel that they will be able to come up with something new." As for Sheren Tang, she did not reply as of press time.

- Credits to 腾讯娱乐 and Mingpao Weekly for the scan

And here's an excerpt from Nanfang Shengping news regarding Sheren's response to TVB filming both War and Beauty 2 and Rosy Business 3.

Shengping: TVB will be filming War and Beauty 2 and Rosy Business 3. Will you be taking part in the filming?

Sheren Tang: Of course I wish I could film them. There's something very funny. It turns out that many reporters think that I specialise in filming dramas set in the Qing dynasty. Besides My New Fair Princess, I have only participated in Qing dynasty dramas once.
(My thoughts: Heh? I thought Rosy Business is a Qing dynasty drama too?! xD)
(Who do you wish to act with?) Ada Choi! I have not worked with her before. As for Rosy Business 3, I really do not know because Tim Gor has not come and discussed it with me yet. If filming really commences, then it will clash with the filming of War and Beauty 2. Actually, I was scheduled to film a movie, but it's so early that even the story outline has not been out yet. I love both dramas and really hope that I will be able to film the both of them together. I guess it will be very hard for me to reject Rosy Business 3 because I am the "heroine" (female lead). If it is the same series, you will definitely see me and Wayne Lai.

- Credits to Nanfang Shengping news #1164


Comments: 我的天啊! I'm sure that this is really a dream come true for many of us who have been so in love with Rosy Business and No Regrets. And of course, how can we forget the AMAZING sparks of chemistry between Sheren and Wayne?

I had previously thought that having 2 is good enough. They should stop while it is still good. Part 3 will definitely have a lot of expectations to live up to. Honestly, I was really very shocked when I heard about it because I was so certain that there won't be a third sequel, especially when Producer Lee was supposed to retire and when Script-writer Cheung was supposed to have gone to Taiwan. As much as I am a little apprehensive, I don't deny the immense joy I felt and adrenaline rushing through my veins when I heard this news first thing in the morning. It did definitely perk me up. =D

Now that Producer Lee, Script-writer Cheung and Wayne are confirmed in this, I really do hope that Sheren picks up this drama. With the Rosy Business series' cast members reuniting, it will definitely be very odd should she not be in it.

I had a blast of a time watching both Rosy Business and No Regrets, and should this dream team collaborate again, I will be more than happy to support them by opening up another drama blog. ;)

By the way, what do you think the new drama should be called? 巾帼枭雄之_____? How should the story go about and who are the cast members you want to see inside (besides Sherayne lol!)?


  1. you just made my day. THANK YOUUUU. im sure sheren will say yes ! After all, she once said before during Eileen cha'si nterview that she's waiting for "part 3" and that nobody can replace her! HAHA

  2. @tbc Your wish has been fulfilled too heehee! ^^

  3. @Anonymous Haha, you're welcomed! Rosy Business is nothing without Sheren, so there's a high chance of Sheren accepting it since Cheung Wah Biu's script is one of the very few where she will accept without taking a look at it.

    I think nobody will dare to be the female lead for Rosy Business III (unless it's played by another veteran with the same status as Sheren) if Sheren doesn't accept it. The new female lead will be hated on lol! ;P

    Let's cross our fingers and pray that she will accept it. ;)

  4. Omg :o
    Hope it would be as good or even better than rosy business and no regrets ^^

  5. Oh! I read this news yesterday evening and than I cant do anything.

    OMG! I and lots of my friend (RB's fans) are shocked! :)

    No matter this RB3 better than RB and NR or not, the new RB3 one more time sets the record and the 2 main character will become legend!

    Sheren will say YES because of US, of the RB's team production spirit, and her intense passion in RB!

    And of couse, without Sheren, RB never be the same!

    We cross our fingers and wait!

    (From many RB,NR and Sheren fans)

  6. WOW! If this is going to be a reality, then it will create great excitement with Wayne & Sheren again...and of course will create a commotion if they were to win the Best Actor & Best Actress again!!!!

    However, please don't use the same title Rosy Business or No Regrets...they must create something fresh and new. The production team and the cast (Wayne & sheren) are definitely a MUST WATCH & MUST SUPPORT!!!!!!


  7. omfg! i can't say how much this news shocked me, and yet made me squeal like a piggggg!!! argh it's my Os now i can't concentrate. i'm thinking abt rb3 every single moment! XDD

    dreamlucky, i'll hold you responsible k! haha, just jokin', but really thanks loadsa for this news! <3

    long live the RB series, and long live SHERAYNE! :D :D <3 <3

  8. I think Rosy Business 3 has a high chance of being shown as TVB's anniversary drama next year =)
    What do you guys think?
    I hope that our dear Gau Gu Leong will choose to film Rosy Business 3! ^^
    Actually, I prefer RB 3 to WAB 2.
    In fact, RB 3 will be definitely more appealing to the audience. Am I right to say that?
    Looking forward to see the chemistry between Wayne and Sheren again <3
    Hmm... hope that this series will only be released after my O-levels next year. I don't want it to be aired during my Os =X
    By the way, dreamlucky, thank u very much! After reading this news, I'm now in a greater mood to study! Somehow, I feel motivated =D
    May RB 3 create history again =P

  9. @Anonymous It's normal to be shocked. I was like that as well when I first saw it that morning. xD In fact, I was so convinced that there won't be any Rosy Business 3 that I had once suspected that the news was just a hoax. xP

    And totally agree with you here. Without Sheren, it's not Rosy Business anymore. It's the team spirit which saw them through both Rosy Business and No Regrets. 一个都不能缺,一个都不能少。大家都很重要! =)

  10. @Sammnie Yes! It'll definitely be jaw-dropping and an eye-opener should Sherayne win again! =D Oh my, I get so excited just thinking about it. xD

    They won't use the same title, that's for sure, but they will still continue to ride on Rosy Business' name lol!

  11. @meemee! HAHA! I demand you to concentrate! It's an important year this year, so just do your best! ^^

    You're lucky that next year you'll be relatively free heehee! ;D

  12. @yate Heehee, your wish has come true, just like Wayne's. xD Did you keep praying for a third installment as well? ;P

  13. @Sherayne Filming for Rosy Business 3 starts in April, so I'm not sure whether it will be shown in time for anniversary or not. Actually, I don't really want it to be an anniversary drama, but from past records, anniversary dramas don't win the Best Drama awards. =( If RB 3 really turns out to be good, I don't want it to be short-changed like how it was last year when it was evidently better than the-drama-which-shall-not-be-named.

    Actually, to be really very honest, as much as I really love RB and NR, a small part of me wished that there wasn't going to be a sequel. 2 is actually enough. But now that it has been confirmed, I prefer RB 3 to WAB 2 as I feel that the ending of WAB left nothing more to be desired. It was a nice ending which made me feel that the whole show is completed and there is no need to go on with it. I still have the WAB VCDs haha! I'm thinking of re-watching it one day. ;P

    And haha, this year is meemee's Os, and next year it'll be yours. ;P When do Os start and end? I don't know because I've never taken Os before. o.O'''

    My pleasure! I'm glad this made you more motivated to study! ^^

  14. I agree with u dreamlucky! Usually anniversary dramas can't get to win the Best Drama award. It's almost a trend which has been going on in TVB for years...
    By the way, is WAB nice? I didn't watch it before. It seems to be similar as Beyond the Realm of Conscience to me. Personally, I do not like palace-scheming dramas =( But if WAB is worth watching, I will give it a try =)
    Do you think there's a high possibility that Sheren will choose RB 3? From her previous interviews, I heard that she doesn't like to film dramas which involve the characters plotting against each other. Maybe we still have a glimmer of hope! ^^
    So, keep on praying!
    O-levels takes place from Oct to Nov. If RB 3 really airs during this period, I will watch it after my Os as a form of celebration! ^^

  15. Hehe, I haven't been praying but I definitely miss No Regrets. Now pending for Sheren to confirm her interest in the new collaboration! :D

    Actually was telling the husband, Cheng Gau Mui's number in the concentration camp could be a prediction of when there could be a RB3. Her no. was 2012. It's likely to be a coincidence, but then again, there are scriptwriters/directors who like to plant hints in their shows. :D

  16. @Sherayne War and Beauty (WAB) is one of the best and most intelligent dramas that TVB has ever made. It really is considered a classic. In fact, Beyond the Realm of Conscience (BTROC) CANNOT compare to WAB at all. WAB makes all the fighting and plotting in BTROC look amateurish and childish haha. ;P I think you should give WAB a try, but if palace-scheming dramas aren't your type, I don't know if you will like it or not. Have you watched BTROC before?

    I really hope that Sheren films RB 3 since there is a very high possibility that the original RB cast members will be in it as well. Haha, does RB and NR count as dramas with characters plotting against each other? ;P

    I don't see Producer Lee rushing to push this RB 3 to air so quickly after it has finished filming, unlike NR, so maybe it will air in 2013? Don't forget that he still has other dramas waiting to air. ;)

  17. @yate I see. I really hope she gives her reply soon! ;)

    And lol! You and your 2012 theory again. xDD But when NR ended, they already made it clear that there won't be a RB 3. Both Producer Lee and Wayne Lai were still so sure of their answers when the reporters asked them if there would be a sequel. o.O''' And the whole cast was so sad when NR ended, so I don't think they knew of the sequel before that. xD

  18. I think BTROC was a bit "rubbishy" - C.Sheh's character was too perfect for my liking!

  19. It'd be awesome if they brought Evergreen Mak back and gave him a good guy (but NOT a pushover) role.

  20. @yate YES I AGREE! I was totally rolling my eyes while watching her. Actually I kinda liked BTROC when Tavia wasn't so evil yet. I nearly stopped watching it at around episode 23 when the bitching and back-stabbing got too much for me. >.< I really had no recollection as to how I managed to finish it. ._.

    Have you watched War and Beauty before?

  21. @the_nange But Evergreen really did a fantastic job as the villain lol! ;P Of course, it'll be awesome to have him back. Evergreen has all along been a good actor but hasn't really been recognised much. NR has given him much exposure. Producer Lee really has good judgment. If given the chance to be in RB 3, I'm sure Evergreen will give his best as well. ;)

  22. Dreamlucky, you have a point. Maybe I love RB and NR so much that I don't even consider them as "scheming" drama. But they definitely do not have as much back-stabbing scenes as palace-scheming dramas. Palace-scheming dramas aren't totally bad as sometimes you cannot help admiring the wit of certain characters in these dramas. I have watched BTROC before and that was my first time watching such drama. But I don't see any meaning in it. Jealousy was all the drama about and the endless plotting put me off. It's funny that even though Tavia is evil, I don't really hate her that much. Actually, I enjoyed watching her...haha. =D
    Hope that Sheren will film both RB3 and WAB 2 so that I could her in more TVB dramas in the following years.
    May RB 3 air in 2013! 承你归言!(Did I get it right? =.=")

  23. No, didn't watch WAB... Actually I dun like Bowie Lam... I feel like giving him some tight slaps whenever he acts. LOL.. I think I watched the last few EPs and I remember Bowie and Gigi burnt to death.. :D

    I think earliest we can view NR3 would be 2013.. Sigh.. one whole year of waiting...

  24. @Sherayne Haha, BTROC on the whole was quite pointless in my opinion. I don't know why and how I continued with it lol! But I must agree with you here. I watched BTROC before I watched Moonlight Resonance, and I actually got to like and know more about Tavia Yeung from BTROC instead of MR lmao. I was rooting for Tavia as well. I felt that she did very well when she was hovering between the good and evil side.

    Haha it's supposed to be 你贵言, but otherwise you're using the word correctly. ;)

  25. @yate I see. Yup, the last episode was the part when both Gigi and Bowie were burnt to death lol! xD I like seeing Bowie act, but he wasn't the star of War and Beauty in my opinion. He was the male lead, but he felt like a supporting cast member to me since the female cast members were very outstanding. Gigi was a bit lackluster, but the rest of the 3 rocked, especially Sheren. ;P

    Should you watch War and Beauty one day, you'll find yourself rooting for Sheren. She totally kicks everybody's ass in there, and this was also the drama which made her a household name in Asia after such a long hiatus. ;)

    And haiz, up till now, nobody's confirmed except Wayne, Producer Lee and Script-writer Cheung. Still no news from everybody else. =(

  26. ok, off topic here, but is WAB really good? i've put off watching it because i can't really understand classical palace cantonese and i always get frustrated if i can't follow the plot closely. but reading all the discussion here, i'm tempted to watch, just to see sheren kick ass! :D

  27. @sue Hmm, I really like WAB. I think it's all a matter of preference. I like certain ancient dramas like WAB. And haha, I usually watch ancient dramas with the subs on since I don't understand the 'ancient talk' at times. ;P

    Do give WAB a try if you have the time haha. But I can't guarantee that you will like it though since you're not into such dramas. o.O'''

  28. Latest news on Sheren's involvement with Rosy 3 here!

    【南方声屏报1164期】声屏报:《金2》和《巾3》你拍吗?邓萃雯:当然很想拍。(最希望和谁斗戏?)蔡少芬!我还没跟她合作过啊!《巾3》真的不知道,添哥没正式跟我说,可能跟《金2》撞期。都是我很喜欢的戏,最好兼顾。《巾》很难推掉,如果同系列肯定是我和祥仔。 jane03提供

  29. @Anonymous LOL! I have already translated it earlier on! ;P Thanks though! ;)

  30. Thank you so much Dreamlucky!

    It was so long for her reply about RB3 after the confirmation of Tim Gor & Wayne about RB3.

    I wonder why they haven't contacted with her?

    After reading the latest news, that means there's still no confirm, everything is so soon to talk! But if there will be RB3, there will be Sherayne! That's what I have find out about her speech! ^...^

    And nw, we r keep waiting... oh! maybe so long! ~~

  31. @Anonymous You're welcome! =) I think the reason why Tim Gor hasn't approached her is because Sheren has been working in the Mainland and her Mainland China drama has just started airing, so she's busy with all the promotions and stuff.

    Wayne has been staying with TVB, so I guess it's easier for Tim Gor to contact him bah...


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