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Rosy Business 3 gets Sheren Tang!

| Thursday, September 1, 2011 | |

Not only did TVB's mega dramas War and Beauty and Rosy Business get good ratings, they also propelled many of the fa dans and siu sangs to huge popularity! The producers of both dramas, Producer Jonathan Chik and Producer Lee Tim Shing, have both announced filming of the sequels at the same time. As such, the fa dans and siu sangs are fighting neck-to-neck with each other to land a role in their dramas.

Both dramas can't do without Sheren Tang, who is busy with filming Mainland China dramas. Her role as Yu Fei in War and Beauty was very well-received, but she still lost out on the Best Actress award that year, which made her feel angry. She did not think much of the sequel to War and Beauty; on the other hand, she is willing to make time to film the third sequel for Rosy Business, which has made her win the Best Actress award consecutively for 2 years.

These dramas can't do without me! (fictitious dialogue) 
Not possible without Yu Fei  
War and Beauty, a 2004 TVB mega drama production, was re-broadcasted earlier on in the wee hours of the morning. It had an average viewership rating of 7 points (roughly 440 000 viewers), which is very good. TVB has confirmed that there will be a sequel to War and Beauty and Producer Chik will be getting the original cast members back. However, it is not possible for Gigi Lai, who has married a rich tycoon, to return, as she has already left the showbiz. Bowie Lam has also terminated his contract with TVB, so right now, the only people left who can take part in the sequel are Charmaine Sheh, Moses Chan, Maggie Cheung Ho Yee, new additions Ada Choi, Tavia Yeung and Kate Tsui. All eyes are now on Yu Fei (Sheren Tang) as to whether she will reprise her role in the sequel.

In that year, Sheren Tang won widespread acclaim for her role as Yu Fei, so the sequel cannot do without this character. However, it is not easy for Producer Chik to get Sheren Tang back, because the golden script-writer Cheung Wah Biu, who is slated to return to TVB in October, has already begun working on the script for Rosy Business 3 with Producer Lee Tim Shing. Although Rosy Business 3 is slated to only start filming in April 2012 while War and Beauty 2 is due to start filming in the beginning of next year, the production time of both dramas will inevitably clash with each other. The chances of Sheren Tang accepting both dramas at the same time are minimal.

Yu Fei was very well-received in that year, but was only awarded the 'pork' prize (consolation prize), which made Sheren Tang angry.

Rosy Business II made Sheren and Wayne Lai defend their TV Queen and King awards successfully.

Wayne Lai made it big, thanks to Rosy Business. He is pictured filming an advertisement with his wife. 
Reached a consensus with Tim Gor
Last year, Sheren agreed to film New My Fair Princess for 4 million yuan. She has been busy doing promotions for this new drama in Mainland China, which further boosted her popularity. As such, she agreed to film another Mainland Chinese drama, City of Falling Snow, for 50 thousand yuan per episode.

"Both Ah Chik and Tim Gor have contacted Sheren. She said she needed time to decide. Actually, Tim Gor and Sheren have already reached a consensus with each other. Although TVB's pay is really low, but it was the Rosy Business series that made Sheren win the TV Queen award twice consecutively. She has talked to Tim Gor in private, and has promised to help him. As for War and Beauty 2, Sheren might not take it up due to the clash in schedules. She also mentioned that she did not want to be 'made used of' again. We understand, because Sheren minded that she did not get the award that year.", somebody revealed.

- Credits to Next Magazine


Comments: Hmm, I urge all of you not to take this article seriously, because I don't think it's really reliable. I'm just only posting it to update you guys on the developments of both dramas. I don't believe that Sheren is so small-minded as to not take up War and Beauty 2 just because she didn't get the award that time. =P But that being said, I still think that the chance of her taking up Rosy Business 3 is higher. ^^


  1. Thanks for the news! It's really great news haha!  all we have to do now is to wait for her official reply. Sheren, pls make us fans happy!

  2. Both producers are vying over Sheren =P I can't wait to see Sherayne again! This year's TVB dramas are dull without the both of them together, so hopefully Sheren will film RB 3 with Wayne soon. By the way, which era is RB 3
    set in? =D

  3. @meemee! All hopes are dashed now... =(

  4. @Sherayne If I remember what Tim Gor said, RB 3 will be set in the 1960s or 1970s. It won't be set in the modern premises. ;P

    And I think if we want to see Sherayne again, we have to wait, because RB 3 isn't going to happen, for now. =/


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