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Sheren Tang and Wayne Lai can't stop eating in Taiwan

| Wednesday, September 14, 2011 | |
Rosy Business will be shown on the 19th September 2011 at 8 pm on CTV. The main leads, Sheren Tang and Wayne Lai, have specially come to Taiwan to promote this drama. Tang and Lai don't share any kissing or intimate scenes in the drama. Tang, who is not yet married, hopes to have an ordinary love, because even though the love in that drama is minimal, it is also love at its deepest. Although this is the first time Tang and Lai are collaborating, but they are already at ease with each other. Tang laughed and pointed to Lai, saying "I have already noticed you from the beginning!"

Tang's and Lai's popularity cannot be denied, for throngs of fans gathered at the airport to send them off. Lai, who is on his first visit to Taiwan, has nothing but praises for Taiwanese food while Tang kept recommending food for him to try. It seemed as if they were afraid of missing out on anything, as they ate 5 meals continuously in one day. Their appetites are really amazing.

- Credits to United Daily News


Fate has led the original cast members of Rosy Business to reunite and work on No Regrets, which will be shown in Taiwan soon. The main leads, Sheren Tang and Wayne Lai, came to Taiwan together and attended the press conference. Both of them opened bottles of champagne, hoping that the drama will have good ratings in Taiwan.

45-year-old Sheren Tang still has not lost her touch. She was crowned TV Queen because of her role as 4th Wife in Rosy Business; in the following year, she played the gangster's daughter in No Regrets, where she was crowned TV Queen again, becoming the first person in Hong Kong to do so. This has also sealed her image as a strong woman. In reality, Tang revealed that she is not as 'strong' as her characters in dramas, just that she has a more independent mind than the rest. She hopes to be cared for in real life, like her characters in those 2 dramas.

Those two people in the drama met and knew each other, turned against each other and yet fell in love with one another. Their chemistry had gotten praises from many people. When asked whether if there are still plans for Rosy Business 3, Lai replied, "It is very hard to say for now, but I still hope that there will be a chance."

- Credits to Sohu


The first and second day (last day) of their trip to Taiwan to promote No Regrets has just ended. They have already returned back to Hong Kong. I have some pictures here, but I will continue to update when I have more pictures! ;) Looks like our dear Sing Gau were at the church again! xP

Sheren signing stuffs for her fans.

GTV: Hong Kong star Wayne Lai touches down in Taiwan to promote new drama!

TVB J2 news clip.

Fan-made video of Sheren and Wayne filming in Taipei's Jinan church.

CTV: Sheren Tang and Wayne Lai at Shilin Night Market

Fan-made video of Sheren signing stuffs after the press conference.

Video taken during press conference interview with Sheren Tang and Wayne Lai (Part 1).

Video taken during press conference interview with Sheren Tang and Wayne Lai (Part 2).

Video taken during press conference interview with Sheren Tang and Wayne Lai (Part 3).

Video taken during press conference interview with Sheren Tang and Wayne Lai (Part 4).



HD Pictures from Wayne's official website

Collation of news articles
I won't translate these since they're pretty similar in content. Click on the pictures to view them.

Autographed posters from Taiwanese fans
These 2 pictures are totally every Sherayne fans' dream lah! I will never ever get them in my lifetime. ='(

To be continued...

- Credits to the respective sources for pictures
- Credits to 猪吟2010 of Weibo for video on Sheren signing stuffs
- Credits to PeilinBear of 邓萃雯吧 for video of Sheren and Wayne filming at Taipei's Jinan church and the video on Sheren signing things
- Credits to 断心铅笔bunny of 黎耀祥吧 for fan-videos of press conference

Comments: Oh gosh! I can't wait to see the rest of the pictures! I really miss Sherayne so much! They just look so good together lah! I especially love the first picture. Wayne looks so macho heehee, while Sheren looks so feminine! Go Sherayne! Saranghae~! <333

I love the pictures of Sherayne opening up the bottle of champagne as well. They look so at ease and so happy together! Those shots are really very candid, but they look so great! ;D

I was sniggering at the TVB J2 video heehee. I don't know if the Taiwanese fans made this up or not, but in Taiwan, people who cook fried rice together apparently have a very intimate relationship with each other. And guess what? Wayne was cooking fried rice with Sheren! xP

I nearly hyperventilate when I saw the 2 autographed posters! Haiz, will I ever have the chance to get my No Regrets merchandise autographed by Sherayne? =( The Taiwanese fans there are really, really, really (times infinity) very lucky to be able to get so close to them, even when they're filming! Such things will never happen here. And nope, I don't think Sherayne will come here and film dramas or anything. T_T


  1. aawww... they look so sweet together, esp the one where they're holding hands! *hearts*

  2. Woooow! Thank you so so much dreamlucky for updating!

    After waiting for a week and here we have...

    How sweet they are when being together!

    This is, maybe, the most beautuful moment of Sheren in 2011.

    She looks really happy while hand in hand with Wayne!

    Perfect Match!!!!

    Waiting for your next update!

  3. hi, since No regrets ended in present-day, what era do u expect RB3 to be in?

  4. Can't wait to see 'em in Genting !

  5. Awwww! How I wish they would come to Singapore! Then maybe we would have at least a teeny bit of opportunity to get our NR/RB stuff signed!! ):

  6. @sue I couldn't agree more! They look so compatible and sweet with each other! I couldn't concentrate on my work after I saw those pictures. They're very distracting. =X

  7. @Anonymous You're welcome! ;D I do agree that Sheren Tang looks GORGEOUS here! =D Sherayne look very compatible here! ^^

  8. @Peishan Tim Gor did mention that Rosy Business 3 (RB 3) will be set in the 1960s or 70s. I don't think it'll be an entirely modern drama.

    And to be honest, if Cheung Wah Biu doesn't return, there won't be any RB 3. It seems like he won't be returning anytime soon. =(

  9. @babyface You're really lucky! You can get to see them in Genting. I can't go because I don't live there, and I have school on those 2 days. I feel like crying now boohoohoo! ='(

  10. @lalala! Wayne has been in Singapore for quite a few times, but I think I have no 明星缘 lol. I did not manage to meet him when he was here because I was busy with school and I wasn't very willing to spend money on a ticket just to meet him lol. ;P

    As for Sheren, don't talk about her liao lah. I don't think she will ever come. -.-'''


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