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Rosy Business 3 falls through

| Saturday, September 10, 2011 | |

Cheung Wah Biu is not returning. Plans for Rosy Business 3 fall through. Wayne Lai is disappointed. Sheren Tang is thankful.

TVB has been trying to get the golden script-writer Cheung Wah Biu to return to TVB in October. He was supposed to be working with Tim Gor Lee Tim Shing, Wayne Lai, Sheren Tang and the rest of the original cast members on Rosy Business 3. However, we have received news that Cheung's boss, Jimmy Lai, wants him to stay. As such, he has decided not to return to TVB. As the main leads of the dramas, both Sheren Tang and Wayne Lai have very different reactions. Wayne was very disappointed and said, "I was so happy over nothing." Sheren said, "It will be better for Wah Biu to return at a later date, because it was so hard for War and Beauty to have a sequel. Should the filming dates of both dramas clash, it will really be such a pity."

Besides wanting War and Beauty 2 to start filming in February, if Cheung could come back, the initial plan was for the original cast members to take part in Rosy Business 3 and start filming in April, vowing to create a ratings miracle again. However, the main leads of these two classic dramas, Yu Fei and Gau Mui, are both acted by Sheren Tang. Even if we do not look into Sheren's plan to film a movie, just based on the schedules itself, both dramas already clash with each other. As such, Sheren can only choose one out of the two.

Cheung, who was asked to come back by TVB earlier on, was said to be not used to life in Taiwan. He also could not bear to be apart from his wife and family, and was already set on returning to TVB. However, it was known that Next Television's boss, Jimmy Lai, wanted him to stay, so he allowed Cheung to go back to Hong Kong and write his scripts there. Cheung admitted on Wednesday via a long-distance telephone call that everything will remain as status quo. "Initially, I wanted to return to TVB, but they didn't allow me to leave. When I wanted to leave, it wasn't for other reasons, but for the fact that I couldn't get used to life in Taiwan. Now, they are allowing me to return to Hong Kong to write my scripts. It's alright, besides me, there are still many good script-editors in TVB. Wayne, Tim Gor and I do make a good team, and I have been keeping in touch with them. There will be chances for us to work together in the future!" Tim Gor also said that it was alright, but his voice could not mask the disappointment he had. "Wah Biu is not returning, so it will be hard for the original cast to reunite. Moreover, Rosy Business 3 will have a new storyline despite having the same cast. I have to prepare the script for my new drama Stairways to Heaven (《天梯》), which will start filming in April. I will think about Rosy Business 3 at a later date."

Happy over nothing
Wayne was exceptionally ecstatic when he heard that Wah Biu would be returning. This day, when he was filming for The King Maker, he admitted that when he contacted Cheung, he knew about the news. He felt very disappointed. "Haiz, the plan nearly materialised. However, it was said that his boss did not allow him to leave. To me, I was happy over nothing. I have been working with Wah Biu for so many years, and have always been happy working with him. In work, he knows my strengths very well and helps me to develop on them. Everybody did not have to waste time to work on the chemistry between ourselves. I get along very well with him. Even though he has left, we still keep in touch via SMS or telephone calls to find out how he is coping. Everything happens for a reason. I am already satisfied that I had the chance to work with Tim Gor, Wah Biu, the rest, and had so many happy memories with them together. I just hope that we still have the chance to collaborate with each other in the future." When asked if TVB's GM Stephan Chan's return to TVB has increased his chances of winning his third TV King in a row, he said, "There's no relation to this. Stephan is a person whom I admire very much. He is a man with immense talent. However, besides work, I don't really contact him or eat with him. I don't like to entertain people, so I go straight home. I don't belong to any 'camps' as well."

Sheren: Don't make me choose
Wayne was very disappointed after hearing the news, but Sheren looked visibly happier. She said, "I am not disappointed. If Wah Biu returns at a later date, I will be much happier. Both dramas are so good, and I love both characters, so please don't make me choose! It was so hard for the sequel of War and Beauty to materialise. Wah Biu came back at the same time. If both dramas clash and I won't be able to take up one of them, I will be very disappointed and feel that it's such a pity. Hence, I believe that God makes the best arrangement. Good dramas are like good men. They only appear at the right time." However, both Tim Gor and Wayne were very disappointed. To this, she said, "People do the planning, but whether it succeeds or not, it depends on Heavens! (LOL I tried to translate 谋事在人,成事在天!) God will arrange Wah Biu to come back at a better time!." When asked what she would do if both dramas needed her, she said, "I know that TVB wants me to film War and Beauty 2, but I did not hear any news from Tim Gor." There were earlier reports saying that Sheren decided to take up Rosy Business 3 because of the two TV Queen awards she had. "Can they be more creative in coming up with rumours? Although I must look at my schedule and the scripts, but why would I not take up a drama which is such a classic and anticipated by so many people? I give my all when I act, so when I look through the scripts for other dramas, I try not to take up palace-themed dramas set in the Qing dynasty. I do not wish to act the same thing over and over again."

- Credits to Mingpao Weekly


Comments: While I did express my apprehensiveness when Rosy Business 3 was announced, I still felt crushed when the plan for this drama fell through. All the anticipation, all the excitement culminated and suddenly, the avalanche of disappointment just buried me under. I really understand why Tim Gor and Wayne were so disappointed. So are we. We feel your pain, because we feel the same way too. =(

Good for Sheren though. She doesn't face the agony of having to choose anymore. xD


  1. This is so disappointing! :( we've been waiting for so long and yet this happened...

  2. I have nothing to say, but disappointed!

    How it hurt us -RB's Fans!

    Happy over nothing!!!!!!!

  3. It's quite disappointing...but I guess it's better that Sheren doesn't have to choose. Firstly choosing one over the other would be agonizing for both her and people like me, who like both WAB and RB! And this allows her to give her all for both dramas, and that would make both dramas worthwhile for everyone.

    Hope Cheung Wah Biu comes back soon though!

  4. OH MAH GAH! HOW CAN THIS HAPPEN?! I was sooooooo darn looking fwd to this and now they have to shelve it! WHYYYYYYYYYYY?! No more nice TVB dramas to look fwd to anym. DDDDDDDDDDD;

    btw is i really necc for mr cheung to write the drama? no offense, but like what he said, there are other script-writers arnd in tvb lol!

    oh darrrrrrrnnnn.

  5. Do they really have to abandon the plan entirely? Is it possible to postpone the production of RB 3 and wait for Cheung Wah Biu to come back? It's such a pity when they have already started writing the script!
    =( NOoooooooooo!

  6. @Anonymous Yeah, this news sure disappointed many fans who were waiting so earnestly for it to happen. =X

  7. @tbc I can't believe that it was only last month that they announced they were going to have RB 3. A month later, they took back their words and said that it isn't going to happen. ='(

  8. @Anonymous Ya, all RB fans are feeling as if they are happy over nothing. =(

  9. @Anonymous I enjoyed both WAB and RB as well, but I felt that there isn't any need for WAB to have a sequel, because I'm really very afraid that WAB 2 won't live up to the standard of WAB, given Producer Chik's track record... I think the person writing WAB 2 won't be the same as the one who wrote WAB 1. =X

  10. @Emily Cheung Wah Biu is the one who was instrumental in contributing to the successes of both RB 1 and RB 2. If there is no Cheung Wah Biu, it's the same as having RB 3 without Sherayne or Producer Lee.

    In fact, RB 3 should retain almost everybody who participated in both RB 1 and RB 2. I like seeing their sense of camaraderie, which I don't see in other TVB dramas. ;)

  11. @Sherayne Hi Sherayne! Rosy Business 3 will definitely be on if Cheung Wah Biu returns to TVB. The problem is right now, I'm not sure if Cheung will return or not. Remember the fiasco/controversy that surrounded Cheung's interview with Mingpao Weekly? Cheung was very very unhappy with TVB. =(


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