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Sheren Tang reveals that she may be playing Yu Fei again

| Monday, September 5, 2011 | |

Sheren Tang reveals that she may be playing Yu Fei again
Last Friday, Sheren Tang, Bobby Au-Yeung, Ada Choi, Kenix Kwok and Deric Wan attended the "Smile To Grow" charity dinner, which was hosted by Tian Tian Charity Organisation. They were there to help raise funds for children with special needs. After the event ended, Sheren Tang was interviewed and said that initially, she thought that she was helping those children, but they enlightened her and taught her to be thankful for what she had instead. However, she does not have any intention of having a child, and still thinks of herself as a kid. She also hopes that her other half will treat her as a kid. "If I want children, I can consider adopting them." With regards to War and Beauty 2, Sheren reveals that if nothing goes wrong, she will be reprising her role as Yu Fei.

TVB recently re-broadcasted War and Beauty in the wee hours of the morning but still, it attracted many viewers and had an average of 7 points. Producer Jonathan Chik revealed that he was planning to film War and Beauty 2 with the original cast members. However, Gigi Lai has left the showbiz while Bowie Lam has left TVB. It was rumoured that the only original cast members left to take part in the sequel would be Sheren Tang, Charmaine Sheh, Moses Chan and Maggie Cheung Ho Yee, but he would have to take a look at their schedule first. Producer Chik has just finished filming Fallin Love and is now writing the skeleton of War and Beauty 2. To this, Sheren Tang replied, "He has approached me before, and wanted to know my schedule."

The role of Yu Fei was originally for Ada Choi. It was also said that Producer Chik had the intention of asking Ada to join the sequel. Will this result in both Ada and Sheren fighting for the role of Yu Fei? Sheren magnanimously said, "I asked if she could bear to leave her child and come out to work again. She said that she wished to participate in War and Beauty 2. I, too, hope that she would join in as well. The probability of me reprising my role as Yu Fei is high, because when Producer Chik came to look for me, his intention was to let all the original cast members reprise their original roles. He did not say that he wanted me to play other roles."

Sheren Tang once said that she did not want to film anymore palace-themed dramas from the Qing dynasty. She said that this will still remain. After War and Beauty, New My Fair Princess is her second palace-themed drama set in the Qing dynasty. As to why she agreed to film War and Beauty 2, she felt that this drama was a classic, and other dramas which tried to mimic War and Beauty were very superficial. "The moral behind War and Beauty's story was 'not to fight for power', but many other dramas try to out-do each other in terms of grandeur, splendour, as well as the number of cat-fights and politicking." Sheren said that it would be difficult to surpass Yu Fei. "There is no other better-written character than Yu Fei. I felt like I had past the point of no return when I was playing that role. It will be difficult for me to surpass her."

On the other hand, there were rumours earlier on saying that both Sheren and Wayne Lai will be in The Great Eunuch, with Wayne playing Li Lianying while Sheren would be playing the role of Empress Cixi. To this, Sheren had no knowledge of it, saying that the producer of this particular drama did not approach her. She cannot be collaborating with Wayne all the time. "I must save our collaborations for more precious opportunities. I hope that by the time we collaborate again, the audience will have a deeper impression of us as an on-screen couple."

- Credits to Yangcheng Wanbao


Comments: I have only translated relevant parts of the article. It seems like Sheren will be definitely taking part in War and Beauty 2. However, Sheren also did mention that Rosy Business 3 can't do without her since she is the main female lead, so if that is the case, I think Rosy Business 3 will only start filming at a later date, instead of April next year. =/

Wae? I want to watch Rosy Business 3 more than War and Beauty 2! =(


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