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Starhub-TVB Awards Ceremony 2011

| Saturday, July 16, 2011 | |
Hi all! I'm currently keeping track of the results via Weibo. I will post more pictures if there are any. As stated on Astrid Chan's Weibo, King Kong and Astrid are the emcees for today. ;) This post will be continuously updated as more results are released. Some of the sponsor awards like the Most Active award or the Best Smile award are totally lame lmao. o.O''' Wayne sang Red Butterfly after winning the My Favourite TVB Male Character award lol! I will try to find the video ASAP. I have posted the video up already! King Kong is really quite a joker tonight! xD For those who have attended, if you have any photos of Fala, Wayne or King Kong not posted here, please send them to my email! =)

This awards ceremony will be shown on the 24th July 2011 at 8.45 pm on VV Channel (Channel 855) and on the 30th July 2011 at 8 pm on E City (Channel 825).

I can't upload the videos from xinMSN here, but here are some which you should watch. ;)

1) Have trouble saying xinMSN? (HAHA! They always trip over MSN. I don't know why. I guess Hong Kongers use Yahoo! more than MSN lol!)

2) Missed the glitz & glamour of StarHub TVB Awards 2011 red carpet?

3) Couples sighted at StarHub TVB Awards 2011 held at MBS!

4) Rosy Business: No Regret winning thoughts 巾帼枭雄之义海豪情 得奖篇

5) TVBE clip with Wayne's interview

Wayne's segment of the awards ceremony, which includes him singing Red Butterfly!

Starhub-TVB Awards Ceremony 2011 red (or rather, green) carpet

Fala Chen singing 绝配的一对

Fala winning My Favourite TVB Female Character award for her role as Lau Ching in No Regrets

Fala hugging King Kong after he won his Most Improved Actor award

Fala winning the Best Smile award

King Kong, Wayne Lai and Fala Chen sharing their thoughts on No Regrets after No Regrets won the Best Drama award! =D I really agree with every word they said! They thanked us for supporting No Regrets! =D A MUST-WATCH! ^^

My Favourite TVB Male Characters
1) Chilam Cheung
2) Bosco Wong
3) Raymond Lam
4) Kevin Cheng
5) Wayne Lai

My Favourite TVB Female Characters
1) Myolie Wu
2) Fala Chen
3) Kate Tsui
4) Tavia Yeung
5) Sheren Tang

Best Smile Award (Sponsored by Pearlie White)
Fala Chen

Most Active Award (Sponsored by King Koil)
Kate Tsui

Most Improved Male Artiste
King Kong

Most Improved Female Artiste
Natalie Tong

Best Themesong
Growing Through Life

My Favourite TVB Male Artiste
Moses Chan

My Favourite TVB Female Artiste
Charmaine Sheh

My Favourite On-screen Couple
Moses Chan & Charmaine Sheh

Pairing with the most chemistry
Myolie Wu and Chilam Cheung

My Favourite Drama
No Regrets

Most Professional Award
Louise Lee

No Regrets wins 5 prizes
No Regrets because the drama with the most winners, having won 5 awards in total, which includes the biggest prize of all - the My Favourite TVB Drama award. Both Fala Chen and Sheren Tang have won the My Favourite TVB Female Character award, Wayne has gotten the My Favourite TVB Male Character award while King Kong has gotten the Most Improved Actor award.

- Credits to Lianhe Zaobao


For more HD photos, click here.

- Credits to the respective sources
- Credits to 断心铅笔bunny of 黎耀祥吧

To be continued...

Comments: Hmm, so the online voting results ain't really indicative of the real results. I thought it was quite a pity that Sherayne missed out on the My Favourite On-screen Couple award. ='( I really have a feeling that they lost out because Sheren didn't attend zZz. -.-''' I'm okay with the results, but the best thing is, No Regrets has gotten the BEST DRAMA AWARD, for which it was soooooo robbed of during last year's anniversary awards. =D SO CONGRATULATIONS, NO REGRETS! And to fellow Singaporeans, from the bottom of my heart, thank you for voting for No Regrets! We have shown the No Regrets' cast and crew that we truly appreciate their piece of work when BVT didn't do so. Victory!! V*^^*V

I did not translate some parts of the article as they were irrelevant to No Regrets.

On a side note, I think that the artistes who came today looked really gorgeous and handsome, especially the females. Kate Tsui is really very pretty today! So is Fala and Tavia! ^^


  1. No Regrets deserves the best drama award! =) Sheren and Fala won the My Favourite TVB Female Characters award together!YAY!
    <3 Gau Mui!
    Sherayne should win the My Favourite On-screen Couple award as they are truly a perfect couple...<3
    VICTORY for No Regrets! I will continue to support this drama forever! Our voting has finally paid off... :D

    Anyway, was Sheren at the award ceremony?

  2. No sheren wasn't!

    I was there and totally cannot believe that myolie and chilum got 'best chemistry'!?!

    wish i saw sheren and wayne togetehr : ( he looked a little tired n less 'talkative' as compared to whenever he's with sheren.

    i can pass u pics after i upload if u want!!
    - DEE : )

  3. @Sherayne Yeah! VICTORY FOR NO REGRETS! =D I felt really very touched when I know that there are so many people here in Singapore who know how to appreciate such a drama when TVB itself didn't do so. =')

    I think Sherayne didn't win because Sheren wasn't around. If she had come, I think it would have been a whole different story. =( They were totally leading for almost the whole time when the voting began. >.<

    And yes, I will support this drama forever as well Sherayne! ;D

  4. @Dee Sure Dee! Please send me the pictures! =D You can send them to my email or whichever way is convenient for you! ^^

    I didn't know you were going lol! So how was the whole thing? xP I saw from Wayne's Weibo that he was having really good food at the restaurant in MBS. =P

    Again, I think Myolie and Chilam got Best Chemistry because I guess for this kind of awards, 2 people must be present in order for it to 'look nice'. I mean, it's weird to win the Best Couple award when only one half of the couple is there LOL. =X

    But no matter what, Wayne works best with Sheren, and vice-versa. =) Maybe Wayne doesn't have Sheren to make him happy or 'high'. ._.

    Do you know when they will be departing Singapore? Will you be sending them off?

    Sorry ah! I really have too many questions to ask you since I wasn't there, so hope you won't find me annoying. =P

  5. of course i dont find u annoying!! iv bn following u all the time trying to find english updates about the both of them! i read weibo and tieba too but my chinese is not very good hAHA

    no news about the air flights.
    but fm what i know, i think the actors are staying at marina bay sands! yesterday some of them went to eat durian and chili crab!

    Dee <3

  6. btw i dont hv many pics but i'll jus give u what we managed to take ok? so really hope u dont mind whatever i took - it's not that great HAHA. cos the seats that were sold were WAY TOO FAR!!!!

    : )
    - dee

  7. Hi, I was there too! My seats(AO) were too far so I took photos from the screen and during the green carpet walk! :)
    Chen Fala also sang a song, very sweet!

  8. hi there! chanced upon this great blog!:)

    i was there too at the event and also sat too far away from the stage but still enjoyed myself!

    i'm also curious to find out if when the tvb stars are departing from singapore! hope to hear any updates if anyone happens to find out soon!:)

  9. @Dee Haha Dee! Thanks a lot! =D You can email them to me! ;) And lmao, staying at MBS is sure expensive, but of course, they should be sponsored! >.< I'll never get to live and dine there lol!

    Apparently, they're supposed to leave Singapore early in the morning, but from what I read on Weibo, it seems that their Cathay Pacific flight was cancelled or something. Up till now, they still haven't left. I'm not sure if they will leave today or not. Astrid's very pissed off lol! After that, I think they went to eat. Bosco went to eat chicken rice haha! xP

  10. @Jasmine Haha, if you do have photos, please send them to my email! ^^ Did you, by any chance, managed to record Wayne's and Fala's singing? =)

  11. @ling If you have photos, please send them to me! ^^

    Hmm, they're supposed to leave early in the morning today, but apparently their Cathay Pacific flight was cancelled or something. So I'm not sure if they're leaving today or not. =/

  12. congrats to all winners from no regrets! :D very well-deserved esp the best drama award! i felt really touched when i listened to their thoughts about winning that award. how i wished they had won it last year during the tvb awards as well. MR LEE AND MR CHEUNG, THIS PRIZE IS TOTALLY FOR YOU AND THE REST OF THE CAST! :)

  13. More pixs from Starhub event here :-

  14. @meemee! I really felt very touched when I heard their speeches. It's such a heart-warming moment. I wished Producer Lee was personally there to receive the prize though. ;)

    @Anonymous Thanks! =)


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