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U-Weekly #292

| Tuesday, July 19, 2011 | |
I was reading through this week's issue of U-Weekly, which I bought because Harry Potter was on the cover page. There was an interview about Evergreen Mak inside, which I thought I should share with you guys. =)

U-Weekly #292 scan on Fei Fan Gor

Comments: Fei Fan Gor is definitely one of the most despicable characters I have ever seen in a drama, but that is because Evergreen Mak made it seem so real. Credits, really, should go to Evergreen, who has worked hard over the past 20 years to be where he is right now. It seems that his life was not all that smooth-sailing as well, but I'm glad that he has overcome all odds to become a much stronger person. ^^

Do read this scan in order to know more about Evergreen as a person and how he views Fei Fan Gor. ;)


  1. interesting..
    the blogstats also show feifan as the most hated character.. but he redeemed himself well at the end..~ though i feel that susan tse's character is more annoying than him.. but mak bao shows depth as a villain character

    i feel that tvb puts him in a lot of "pity roles" too. like in the classic demigods

  2. @Peishan I agree. Actually, I don't think many people really gave Evergreen credit as an actor. Most of the limelight was on Sheren and Wayne, which was understandable, but even then, while Evergreen is widely acknowledged as a good actor, I don't think he has been given much attention. =/

    And haha, I did not watch the older TVB dramas (either that or I forgot that I have watched them lol!), but Evergreen has been playing a variety of roles for quite a long time. Have you watched Only You? I thought he was great with Kristal in there. ^^

  3. @dreamlucky

    nope but i watched Last One Standing and Fathers and Sons. In last one standing, he played a somewhat weak character who was the friend of the protagonist and antagonist (kevin cheng and roger kwok). but liked his pairing with fiona yuen. In Fathers and Sons he was the half-brother of Bobby Au Yeung character (Bobby's mother was his dad's mistress) and the former fiance of Yoyo mung's character. Can be considered a villain character when u look at how he made things sour for Bobby and Yoyo (:

    And there are some older series, the W Files (wisely, which is very different from the drama that TCS aired starring Michael Tao and Zoe Tay) where he acted as Wisely's best friend. He acted in a police drama too, forgot which one.. been watching lots of TVB dramas in the past! The demigods drama was an old-fashioned Jinyong wuxia drama starring Felix Wong and Benny Chan. He played a very tragic character who throughout the drama was being used and made fun of by Rain Lau's character, who he fell in love with at 1st sight.

  4. @Peishan Woah, you do watch so many old TVB dramas. Haha, Last One Standing is showing on Channel U now, but it's aired on weekends and I'm out most of the time on weekends, so I didn't watch it.

    I do remember watching W Files on TV many many years ago. I think I was still in primary school at that time. I watched it because I used to borrow the comics from the library and read it. ;P If I'm not wrong, the plot of the drama differs greatly from the comics even though the drama was supposed to be adapted from the comics haha!


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