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Sheren Tang feels tired filming strong characters

| Friday, June 3, 2011 | |
Sheren Tang and Wayne Lai are known as the golden couple after acting together in Rosy Business and No Regrets, and they are also good friends as well.

After acting so many strong and vicious characters, Sheren Tang feels tired and exclaims that her gentler side has disappeared on the small screen!

From War and Beauty's Yu Fei, Rosy Business' 4th Wife to No Regrets' Cheng Gau Mui, Sheren is well-known for portraying female characters that are strong. She sighs, "It's very tiring. No Regrets' Cheng Gau Mui is a woman who has the sky under her control and she rebels against the men. She is quite a tomboyish and wild character."

With regards to such a vicious character, she actually doesn't really approve of it. "This kind of strong woman who practises 'an eye for an eye' is not a good role model, and we should not learn from her. It is best to use kindness to combat evil. Also, in this world, the women are too strong, so there are lesser gentler women around, which should not be the case."

She said that 4th Wife is a magnanimous character and suits the role of woman better, so she is proudest of this character; Yu Fei may be scheming, but she doesn't scheme for the sake of just scheming, so she feels that her character was meaningful.

"After which, many dramas let women scheme for the sake of scheming. This kind of you-slap-me-once-I-slap-you-twice kind of strong characters do not contribute to society!"

Takes advantage of partner Wayne Lai and tells him to help her book seats at the restaurant
Sheren Tang takes advantage of partner Wayne Lai, and tells him to help her book seats at the restaurant which he endorses!

Because of Rosy Business and No Regrets, Sheren Tang and Wayne Lai are now known as the golden on-screen couple. She, Wayne and Mrs Lai have also become good friends because of this.

Through the e-mail interview at Hengdian yesterday, Sheren revealed that ever since Wayne Lai became popular for his role in Rosy Business, she has also benefited. "When I eat out with my friends and can't find any place, I would call him to help me book seats at the restaurant he endorses. He is really very capable. One word from him to the boss and it's settled! If I can't reach him, I can also find Julia (Wayne's wife) to help me."

Feels at ease working with Wayne Lai
However, she is quick to say, "I only find him to help me sometimes!"

Talking about her good on-screen partner, Sheren said, "We rarely meet outside if we are not filming dramas. It is only when we need to film, perform or shoot advertisements will we meet up. However, he understands me very well, and is pretty easy-going as well. At one time when the back-stage worker told him to choose his clothes, he told me to choose first while he will try to complement my clothes. Also, there was one time when we had to sing together. Wayne told me that he was easy with any songs and told me to choose the songs that I like."

Because of this, when Sheren works with Wayne, she feels at ease. "When I work, I tend to give myself a lot of pressure, but when I work together with him, I'm able to relax, because 50% of the performance depends on him."

- No Regrets is currently showing on Starhub VV Drama Channel (channel 855) every Mondays to Fridays at 9 pm.
- Sheren Tang is also nominated in 3 categories for this year's Starhub TV Awards, namely "My Favourite TVB Female Artiste", "My Favourite TVB Female Character" and "My Favourite TVB On-screen Couple".

- Credits to Lianhe Zaobao


Comments: Haha, it's really so cute of Sheren to get Wayne to help her book seats in restaurants. xD I love Sherayne, and up till now, I still miss them!! ='(


  1. haha indeed cheng kau mui is really avery difficult character to grasp. sheren's acting left me totally in awe, but of course, at the expense of her sanity lol! :P

  2. @meemee! I agree! Cheng Gau Mui is definitely one of the best-written female characters I have ever seen from a TVB drama. =)


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