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No Regrets DVD

| Saturday, June 18, 2011 | |
I've finally gotten my No Regrets DVDs, thanks to a No Regrets' fan! Thank you very much tbc! =D I'm really very glad that I didn't get mine from Hong Kong. I think because of the GSS, the No Regrets' DVDs were selling so cheaply here that the video shops that I visited had no more stocks left! This is why I'm really so grateful to tbc for helping me get it! ^^

Front cover

Back cover

So here's a notice to all Singaporeans wanting to get the DVDs! It's selling for only $47.90 now. From what I know, TS doesn't have any stocks left. You can try and call up Poh Kim to enquire about it though. I'm not sure about the situation at other shops, but the shop assistants in TS told me that it's been really flying off the shelves here, so hmm...

For overseas fans, this set of DVDs comes in both Mandarin and Cantonese audio, with traditional Chinese and English subtitles. This is the LEGITIMATE copy, so you can be assured of the quality of both the subs and pictures.

Fans of No Regrets should try and own this one! It's really very much cheaper than the one selling in Hong Kong. =P Anybody interested in getting this or finding out more can email me! =D


  1. Yeaps, I got mine on Thursday night, at the Poh Khim/Blue Max *can't remember which one* at PS. :D

    Spending Saturday watching it with SO who has not seen it :p

  2. @yate, How much did you buy it for? I want OMG :DD

  3. $47.90! The older series such as Heart of Greed etc were going for $19.90 I think.

    Just went Bishan to see if the TS there has 巾帼枭雄 and was told that both series are sold out. :( Will try the shops at PS tmr during lunch and update if either if not both are available.. Really regret that I didn't buy it when I bought 义海豪情!

    My SO finished watching the series and was very touched by it lol. He even cried when 晴晴 passed away lol

  4. Hello all

    Just returned from my little lunch trip to PS. Poh Khim on the 4th floor has the series, both of them. The first at $35.90, the second at $47.90. Dun be alarmed by the price tag on the dvd boxes.. they are before discount. :D


  5. u all buy so expensive somemore out of stock. I bought mine at hardwarezone only cost S$25 with eng subs and chinese canto audio, video and sound quality very S$5 for No regrets mug. Link

  6. @Singapore eh singapore, can u upload the no regrets dvds that u bought for $25? i want to see how it looks like before i decide whether to buy or not. and who to contact if i wanna place order? how come it's so cheap?

  7. a fan from afar...June 20, 2011 at 10:52 PM

    To Singapore: Yes, $47.90 may seem like a huge sum as compared to what you paid, but imo it's already very cheap for TVB dramas, esp when I come from a place where TVB dramas are retailing at about nearly $150 for each drama DVD. I went to Singapore a few months back and saw old dramas like Dicey Business still retailing at SGD$99 at your video shops (think it was at this place called Suntac City..)

    I watched No Regrets on TVBJ here in my country, but I still bought the DVD for about nearly $200 because I just love it that much. :D Kinda envious of you guys for having the means to get such good deals! Should have waited for a few more months before I ask you to get it for me dreamlucky!! :'(

  8. a fan from afar...June 20, 2011 at 11:02 PM

    Btw, nice mugs! But the cartoons look familiar. Think they're drawn by Chibi of Are you sure that you can just print them like that? O_____O How much would the No Regrets mug cost?

    Off now~ It's really late over here and I have to go to school soon. -_______-

  9. @yate Thanks yate for all the news haha! And gosh, Heart of Greed (HOG) is only selling for $19.90?! Is HOG good and worth buying? =P I would appreciate some comments about it haha. I've watched Moonlight Resonance already (it will be showing on Channel U soon!) and would like to know if it's worth buying HOG for me to keep. xD

    And argh! My mum bought Rosy Business for $59.90 and it was already at 50% discount nearly 2 years ago! o.O''' I've watched it till the discs are scratched! >.< Don't know if my DVDs can still play 10 years later or not. It will be such a pity if they can't play anymore and if it's not in the market anymore. ='(

  10. @a fan from afar... Haha, TVB dramas seem to be selling quite cheaply here now because of the GSS. Not sure if they will continue to sell at these prices once the GSS is over. ._.

    Anyway, where are you from? How come TVB dramas are so expensive in your country? o.O'''

  11. @dream, you are welcome! I hope I remembered the prices correctly.. if not, please correct me! :D

    RE: Heart of Greed - yeah I thought it was quite well done. Actually I haven't been really keen on TVB shows for a long while. I used to watch only bits and pieces of every series.. nothing really catches my fancy :p But Heart of Greed and Moonlight Resonance were excellent shows. I think MR was a little better than HOG. I didn't like the whistling scenes towards the end of MR - made it extra draggy... :D But the best is still NR!!!

    I really hope there will be another series staring Wayne Lai, Sheren Tang, produced by Lee Tim-Shing and written by Cheung Wah-Biu!! Argh...

  12. @meemee! I don't know how come it is so cheap, I just happened to browse through this forum. The packaging is different frm what Singapore stores sell. I guess the person source from overseas. Quite a nice person and I am satisfied with the vid and sound quality with chi and eng subs. Quite a bargain I guess.

    @a fan from afar
    Hope the price of dvds in yr country will dropped. That time I went to HK, all dramas are priced higher than S'pore, I wonder why??? Huh, don't scare me. -.- I only using the mugs for personal use, is it considered inappropriate? I bought it at S$5 as I spent S$50 and above.

  13. @singapore can u post the pics of the dvds u got? and how to contact that person? i dunno how to use that forum??

  14. a fan from afar...June 23, 2011 at 8:03 AM

    To dreamlucky: I'm from Sydney dreamlucky! :) It's quite a beautiful place to be in. You should come visit this place someday. But it's quite cold here now. Brrr... I like Singapore too hehe. The food here is really good! :D I never knew that I can take spicy food. :P

    Haha, what is GSS?

    And I'm really not sure why TVB dramas are so expensive here. I guess that's because TVB ain't really popular here. We watch more American/Western dramas I guess?

    Gotta get off now. Teacher's coming. Ciaos!

  15. @yate Thanks a lot haha! I really hope that LTS, CWB, Wayne and Sheren will have another drama soon! I really love the Rosy Business cast so much! =D OK then, I've decided to get Heart of Greed then.

    By the way, can I trouble you to help me see if Plaza Singapura's Poh Kim still has HOG? ^^

  16. @a fan from afar... I see. Haha, most people don't know that they can take spicy food until they come here lmao! ^^

    GSS stands for Great Singapore Sales, which is the period of the year when most things in Singapore are available at cheaper prices.

    I've always thought that TVB dramas have quite a huge following in Australia since there are quite a number of Chinese there. xD

    And haha, you're commenting from school? That's cool! Don't you guys have holidays now? o.O'''

  17. Hello! Still have HOG and MR and yes at $19.90. :D

    I just bought myself 秀才爱上兵!

  18. Sorry it's $15.90 now. There's a 20% discount!!!

  19. @yate WHAT?! OMG THAT'S FREAKING CHEAP LEH!! xDDD Is the 20% store-wide or just for Poh Kim members?

    No Regrets leh? Is it still $47.50 or cheaper now?! ._.

  20. Hihi,
    So sorry! I left PS le now home ;(

    I think most of the DVDs have 20% discount, but not No Regrets I think. However, best you check at the stores directly.. Also, I think they may have limited stocks.. The store usually display a few of the same dramas side by side. NR there's only one "row". :)

  21. And, I am not a Poh Kim member, but still get 20%. :D

  22. @yate I managed to get my Heart of Greed DVDs at $15.90! ^^ I didn't buy it at Plaza Singapura though. I got it from West Mall. ;) I'm not sure when the offer will last till though. Seems to me that they're trying to clear stock...


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