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Starhub-TVB Awards 2011 (nomination list)

| Wednesday, May 18, 2011 | |
It's voting time again! Deadline is now 14th July 2011! You have a chance to win prizes should you vote! Voting is done via SMS. Each SMS costs 20 cents. The prizes below are only available for people who voted via SMS. Voting can also be done online now!! Since when did the online voting start zZz?! -.-''' I think only one NRIC can be used per day, so that prevents people from pumping in votes, which is only fair. For non-Chinese users, just click on the voting page. It will be in Chinese, but you can change the language in the middle right-hand section.

1st prize: 3D2N stay in Hong Kong, with a tour of TVB City (WHAT THE... I WANT!!!) and a pair of tickets to the awards ceremony.
Consolation prizes: 20 pairs of tickets to the awards ceremony.

Official voting website:

1) Click on the link above. There are a few pop-up menus. Click on "奖项入围名单", where you will be brought to the nomination list.

This is what you should see after you click on 奖项入围名单. I've translated those categories which you should vote for!

Vote for Wayne Lai as 'My Favourite Male Artiste'. SMS TVB[space]M1[space]NRIC[space]Name to 77299.

Vote for Lau Sing as 'My Favourite Male Character'. SMS TVB[space]MC1[space]NRIC[space]Name to 77299.

Vote for Leung Fei Fan as 'My Favourite Male Character'. SMS TVB[space]MC2[space]NRIC[space]Name to 77299.

Vote for No Regrets as 'My Favourite TVB Drama'. SMS TVB[space]D6[space]NRIC[space]Name to 77299.

Vote for SHERAYNE as 'My Favourite On-screen Couple'. SMS TVB[space]C1[space]NRIC[space]Name to 77299.

Vote for Sheren Tang as 'My Favourite Female Artiste'. SMS TVB[space]F2[space]NRIC[space]Name to 77299.

Vote for Gau Mui as 'My Favourite Female Character'. SMS TVB[space]FC6[space]NRIC[space]Name to 77299.

Vote for Lau Ching as 'My Favourite Female Character'. SMS TVB[space]FC7[space]NRIC[space]Name to 77299.

Vote for No Regrets as 'My Favourite TVB Theme Song'. SMS TVB[space]S6/S7[space]NRIC[space]Name to 77299. There's some confusion there though. I've emailed Starhub about it, so I really hope that they will reply me soon! Vote for S6 if you want to vote for No Regrets' theme song. Vote for S7 if you want to vote for No Regrets' ending theme Red Butterfly (which is Rosy Business' theme song).

The Starhub-TVB Awards 2011 ceremony will be held on the 16th July 2011 at the Marina Bay Sands Ballroom. So hurry hurry, vote for our dear No Regrets' cast today! =D

Event line-up
5:30pm: Pre-Cocktail
6:00pm: Red Carpet
7:00pm – 10:00pm: Show-time

Venue: Marina Bay Sands – Sands Grand Ballroom

UPDATE: Wayne Lai will be coming to Singapore for the Starhub-TVB awards ceremony! It seems that Fala Chen will be making her way here as well. I'm not sure about Sheren Tang, but I do hope that she makes it. Tickets for the awards ceremony are priced from $68 onwards, which excludes the $3 SISTIC booking fee. It's very expensive to me, so unless more of my favourite TVB artistes are going, I don't think I will pay so much to go and see them. BUT, if Sheren is coming, I may change my mind. xP


  1. just wondering, if the shows have yet to be shown on S'pore channels, how does the voting go?

  2. @soapee I'm not very sure. Sometimes Starhub is just weird. They include shows that have already been broadcasted in Hong Kong, but not yet on Starhub, like Only You and Rippling Blossom. No Regrets just started airing on Starhub at few days back, so you can guess who Starhub really wants to give the awards to. They hope that the awards go to those dramas that have already finished airing (ahem ahem). It's all politics at play together with TVB. They just want to kiss up to TVB's ass, which is really pathetic.

  3. ah, i see. Thanks for this great and informative blog! Love it!

  4. @soapee You're welcomed! I'm glad you found this blog useful! ;D

  5. The closing date is now July 14!! I just checked the weekly results via Starhub box:

    Updated 10 June (Dunno if its for Week of June 10 or ?)
    Fave TVB Actress - Sheren is #5, Charmaine - #1
    Fave TVB Actor - Wayne #1 (Yay!)
    Fave TVB Female TV Char - Princess Chiu Yeung #1, Cheng Kau Mui - #2
    Fave TVB Male TV Char - Lau Sing - #5 (OMG NO..!!! >.<)
    Fave TVB Drama - No Regrets (YAY!)
    Fave on screen couple - Sherayne... #4 (OMG, NO! NO!)
    Fave Theme Song - No Regrets #3

    Hope more votes will pour in for our beloved Lau Sing and Gau Mui!!! Jia You!!

  6. @yate Haha, what is the Starhub box? o.O''' Are these results available online? And another question, are these results inclusive of the online votes or just pure SMS voting? o.O'''

    Anyway, online voting is now open, so please, for Singaporean fans, support them in whatever ways you can! =)

    You want to see them in Singapore hor, so must do your part as well! ;D

    Aja aja hwaiting everybody! ^^

  7. Dream, I was actually referring to the Hubstation. If you have one, just press the green button when you are in Channel 855 and you can see the details about the TVB awards. However, it seems the online weekly ranking info on the Starhub site is more updated.

    OMG, it seems No Regrets and cast results are not as ideal!!! Please let's vote vote vote!!

    Live with NO REGRETS!! :P

  8. @yate I don't think that the online results include SMS voting! I suppose they extended the deadline because they included in the online voting.

    However, I'm only able to vote ONCE using my NRIC. Not once per day, but I think it's once and that's it. =X

    I will continue to support them via SMS (since I want to get the tickets too), but I don't have unlimited SMSes, so I can't help much. T_T

  9. Thanks Dream.. Looks like I need to mobilize my entire family to vote online for our beloved NR and crew. :D

    I will also send in as many SMSes as I can. If you are a student, do note that each SMSes is $0.20, so don't break your bank over it.

    I am working and so I will definitely show my support :p

  10. @yate Thanks yate for your support! =D Please do continue to update us on their rankings! I don't have Starhub so I won't know. >.<

  11. Dream, the rankings are now in sync with what's on the website. :)

  12. @yate Oh, it means that now ranking online is the real indicator of how everybody is doing? I thought it was only for those online voting. That doesn't sound good for our No Regrets' cast. ='(

  13. Woot! Thanks for the update!! We just finished Rosy Business! It's good but not as good as No Regrets... There are lots of similarities in plot (bombs, burning of key properties) and props (eg Church - as though it has been standing there since Chai Gau and 4th Mistress time to Lau Sing and Cheng Gau Mui!) but NR is way way better. I think Sheren and Wayne really upped their acting skills since. Their "mo qi" is even stronger in NR!! And the plot in NR is much more exciting. Every episode there's a climax or some life threatening event. Lol. Anyways my husband and I really enjoyed the two shows..

    Sorry for the long post .. I get carried away when talking abt the shows lol. I have sent in as much SMS as I can. I hope they will win!!!

  14. @yate Haha, you're welcomed! ;) You're always welcomed to post your thoughts here! There's more than enough space to! =D And I agree that their "mak kai" is so strong in No Regrets! Their eyes really convey thousands of expressions. ^^

    Will you be going for the Starhub-TVB awards ceremony? So far Starhub hasn't released the full list of artistes coming though. =X

  15. At the moment no plans to go for the awards hee.. More inclined to attend the concert in Genting tho I must confess I probably wun understand what goes on since I'm not a Cantonese lol.

  16. @yate I see. Starhub is not doing a good job in organising and planning this awards ceremony. It seems that there are no more tickets left for the awards ceremony just because the more expensive tickets aren't sold/released to the public, so there's quite a huge outcry on the Facebook wall of Starhub. @_@ 3 more days left to the awards ceremony, and they're still not telling who's coming. -.-'''

    Haha, if you do go to the Genting concert, do remember to take lots of pictures and videos! =D And don't worry, I don't think Malaysia is a very "Cantonese" country (not as "Cantonese" as Hong Kong, though I think they're more "Cantonese" than Singapore), so I'm sure that they will use Mandarin as well. ;) Alternatively, you can pick up Cantonese through watching more TVB dramas haha! At least if you can't speak then you can listen! ^^

  17. IS the award show televised on tv, because i checked the sheadule, it seems like its not shown on live tv! please reply thanks

  18. @Anonymous It won't be shown live on TV. It will be shown on E City (Ch 111/825) on 30th July at 8 pm instead.


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