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Wayne Lai's birthday interview @ 巴巴閉邊個夠我查篤撐

| Thursday, May 5, 2011 | |
Yesterday was Wayne Lai's birthday, and Eileen Cha had a phone interview with him yesterday! ;) Click here to listen to his interview.

祥友一生 of 黎耀祥吧 has also very kindly provided the transcript of the interview here, so if you do not understand Cantonese, you can read what he said here. =)

About Wayne's upcoming No Regrets' concert in USA, you can click here for more information, but I don't really know how reliable this information is, because a concert at 1 am?! You have gotta be kidding me man! O.O''' For Wayne's concert in Vancouver, please look as KamSheung's comment here. Sheren and Wayne will be performing together in Toronto on the 19th June 2011 at Casino Rama. Click here for more details.

- Credits to godzillaau of 黎耀祥吧 for radio upload

Comments: Aww, Wayne still misses the No Regrets' team!! So do I. He did SMS Cheung Wah Biu (Rosy Business' and No Regrets' script-writer) to come back to Hong Kong to eat, but he didn't reply. T_T

Wayne also gave a call to Sheren a few days back to discuss about their upcoming concert in June. ;)

By the way, happy belated birthday, Lau Sing Gor! ^^


  1. hi, just wanna drop a note of thanks for all your updates here. i love no regrets and miss it so much! so much so that i re-watched it immediately after i've finished the last episode. lol! anyway, keep those news coming, for us no regrets addicts! this site is like our daily fix. once again, thanks heaps! ;)

  2. @sue Thanks a lot Sue! Do continue to support this website! I will continue to update so long as there's news! ;)

  3. Hi TQVM! for all the updates and news. We realy hope this will carry on as long as it has news on Wayne and Sheren. If they ever see this blog, we are sure they will appreciate our love towards them. This (blog) is also an inspiration for them to keep walking...hopefully!
    Thanks alot!

  4. @sammnie Thanks sammnie. It's really my pleasure to provide and update fans with news regarding them. ;)


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