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Sheren Tang doesn't mind filming Malaysian dramas

| Monday, May 2, 2011 | |

Famous Hong Kong TVB actress Sheren Tang will always consider the scripts and roles before she films a drama. As for love, she has left everything to God. Although she is still single, but she is still happy.

As a spokesperson for a drink company, she attended the company's event wearing a black dress, pink stockings, black heels and a black cap.

In order to attend the event, Sheren has personally taken leave from filming her Mainland China drama 倾城雪 (sorry there's no English title LOL!). When asked if she would concentrate on filming in China, she laughed and said that Hong Kong is part of China, and she herself is a Chinese, so she did not think about going to a particular region to expand her career.

Sheren hopes that she will be able to film a drama in China and Hong Kong every year. "Then it's fair." At the same time, she did not rule out the possibility of filming Malaysian dramas. "However, what I really hope for is the quality of the drama. It's not really important as to where the drama is from."

Doesn't want to act evil roles
Sheren, who has been in the entertainment sector for so long, frankly said that she has already passed the stage of picking her roles selectively. She feels that it is more important now to act a role that has meaning and hopes to make contributions to the world or the audience. She wants to treat the role as a "present" to be given to people, so that after watching it, people will feel happier and more reflective.

"I hope to take on roles which I have not taken before. If you ask me what character I really want to take on, I don't have any in mind. However, I don't wish to create 'rubbish'."

Sheren will not accept roles that concern harming people. After acting as Yu Fei in War and Beauty, Sheren has been getting many offers to act in palace-themed dramas, but she has rejected them. However, Huan Zhu Ge Ge was an exception because the drama revolved around purity and goodness, and also because it is a comedy.

After winning the TV Queen consecutively for 2 years, everybody wants to know if Sheren's pay has risen. She replied, "If the TV station has already given the prize to you, why would they still give you more money? I don't really like to use money to measure how much I am worth. Even if I receive a lot of money, it doesn't prove that I am capable."

Commitment to love is given to career
Now that her career has taken flight, she joked and said that she has given all her commitment to love to her role, like how No Regrets' Gau Gu Leong and Lau Sing share a passionate love with each other.

She said, Rosy Business' 4th wife increased her standards she had for herself, while No Regrets' Gau Gu Leong made her understand love better.

Sheren feels that after she acted in these 2 dramas, she has matured as a person on the whole, so after she has reached a pinnacle, she will naturally want to meet people who has the same thinking as her.

As for whether she will continue to work with Wayne Lai, it will all depends on the people in-charge of the production of the drama. However, she believes that after working on 2 good dramas together, the producers will be attracted to them because of their good chemistry and ask them to film a drama together.

"Of course I won't object! We can endorse the same products together as well! Actually, we have many chances to work together. We will be performing for a concert in Toronto next!"

- Credits to Kwong Wah Newspaper


Comments: Waa, Sherayne will be going to Toronto for a concert!! I really envy those people living there. I am convinced that Sheren will never ever come to Singapore lol...

Also, it has been quite some time since Sherayne shot their insurance advertisement. I wonder when we will get to see it.

Anyway, I will post more information about their concert soon!!


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