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TV Series Magazine (《电视剧》杂志) #242

| Thursday, April 28, 2011 | |
Here are more No Regrets'-related scans from last year's TV Series magazine #242! Enjoy reading! =D

Here's the clearer scan on Lee Tim Shing's interview! ^^

- Credits to 陆奇一000 of 义海豪情吧

Comments: Reading through all these scans make me realise how much I still miss No Regrets even though it has been nearly 5 months since this drama ended its run in Hong Kong. I kinda regretted not buying the No Regrets DVD from Hong Kong, but I prefer Scorpio East's version of the cover and it's about $2 cheaper here than in Hong Kong. xD

Oh, and Lee Tim Shing mentioned that there were 2 versions of episode 23!! I really want to know how the 1st version was like!!! >.<


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