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Next TV Awards 2011 results

| Wednesday, April 6, 2011 | |
I just came back from Hong Kong! It's really a shoppers' paradise! Many thanks to my relatives for fattening me up! ;D Photos will be up on Facebook, so for those who have added me, good for you! ^^

Anyway, the Next TV Awards results are out! I bought my TVB Weekly (featuring Moses Chan), but totally forgot about the existence of the Next magazine because every random person has been making the headlines for all sorts of reasons (yes Moses, I'm referring to you and Aimee Chan!!! And apparently, some famous personality passed away or something! And Raymond Lam's scandal lol... o.O'''). 真係陰功啊,唔記得買公子書添! >.< Photos and videos will be up soon! Should I translate the articles? Leave down a comment! They are as follows:

Top 10 artistes:
1. Charmaine Sheh
2. Wayne Lai
3. Sheren Tang
4. Moses Chan
5. Tavia Yeung
6. Linda Chung
7. Bosco Wong
8. Raymond Lam
9. Fala Chen
10. Natalie Tong

Top 10 TV dramas:
1. Can't Buy Me Love
2. No Regrets
3. Mysteries of Love
4. Rippling Blossom
5. Kitchen Diva Louisa
6. A Fistful of Stances
7. Beauty Knows No Pain
8. Have Fun with Liza and the Gods
9. The Men of Justice
10. Ghost Writer

TVB8 video

Scoop video

TVBE video

2nd place – Wayne Lai

The location of the filming is at the balcony of a tenement house in Kowloon City. In recent times, we think that this is not befitting on Wayne Lai’s status. No one doubts his popularity; the old women, mothers and even girls adore him. Hence, it is fitting for him to endorse household products. Supermarkets (heehee, I know which supermarket ok!) have adorned his advertisements as if he’s their mascot, with him holding a bottle of detergent in his hands and proclaiming it to be the heirloom of all households. He is just so 'cute', so how did he end up being the spokesman for coffee, sports cars and even beauty products? It seems that besides portraying a cool image, Wayne Lai has also the power to persuade the audience.

There is nothing unworthy about Wayne Lai. "Don’t press yourself too hard. In Hong Kong, you only earn just enough to meet your needs if you are an artiste. Our main source of income comes from filming advertisements. If we really get to be interviewed like Hollywood stars, how can we reject it? When I’m endorsing the products, I’m not an actor, but the product itself. If the boss thinks that the normal way of endorsing the products is all right, then I have to follow him. I am not a mega-star like Maggie Cheung Man Yuk and Carina Lau, who are now endorsing international brands."

Although the Mainland offers higher pay and many artistes are lured by the prospects of earning more money, Wayne Lai is proud to be a Hong Kong television actor. "Yes, you can earn more money when you are in Mainland China, and you will be able to meet more artistes and directors who graduated from the acting academy itself. In this aspect, Hong Kong cannot compare. However, I am a Hong Kong artiste, and I have forged many good relations with other people, so I do not wish to leave. Moreover, as an actor, voice is also part of acting, so if my voice has to be dubbed by another person, it is not me at all. I can’t fathom what the feeling will be like."

It’s money, you don’t want it? Wayne Lai said that everything is fair. In the Mainland, the salary offered may be higher, but it is tough working there. It’s better to stay in Hong Kong and earn less while one get to enjoy life more. He thought that he earned less in Hong Kong but there were more grievances. He has learnt to treasure what he has since he started out by playing small roles, so he understands what is the best for him. For example, everybody hopes that Wayne Lai will guide them. In order to show respect for the different professions, he will not act on his own initiative. This means that he won’t just teach people how to act or get into character just because he is the lead, unless the situation reaches a dead end. There are not many people with abilities, and there are even fewer people who are able to accept other people’s way of doing things and let go of his own abilities. He has seen many people who wish that the world revolves around them, resulting in many self-centered dictators.

3rd place – Sheren Tang

The place of filming is at a studio in Aberdeen which has more than 40 years of history. "I have not acted well!" This is what Sheren Tang first said. The finale of No Regrets caused the rival station to record 0 points in ratings, and yet the female lead feels that she hasn’t done well. "You are all touched by the show because the script was well-written. Script-editor Cheung Wah Biu has said that Gau Gu Leong is the most special character he has ever created for a female artiste. It is indeed hard to act out a triad boss daughter, especially in those times of turbulence. It is more difficult for me to act it out well because ever since Yu Fei, so long as Sheren Tang takes on any strong characters, the audience will definitely think that it’s good. So how could I have done well?"

Is there any way to remedy the situation? Of course! So long as the drama is filmed like The Godfather, all the problems will be solved. It’s a pity that we are short on resources. "Yes, in the end, it all boils down to the artistes themselves. You have already seen my look for 20 years."

The Hong Kongers are familiar with you, but not the Mainland Chinese. Ever since War and Beauty, Sheren Tang has been working in the North (referring to Mainland China). Hong Kong is just a place for her to earn enough money to live by. "You must help me clear the air. Many people feel that the Hong Kong artistes are money-minded. Honestly, if I’m that money-minded, I wouldn’t have come back a few years ago. Do you know that I've lost many money-making opportunities in order to film No Regrets? If I am to stay in Hong Kong, the company also has to approach me!" Sheren Tang said that she feels a sense of mission and duty towards the Hong Kong TV industry. Having personally experienced the heydays of the TV industry, she cannot bear to see it crumbling down in face of competition elsewhere. Although competition from China, Taiwan and South-east Asia is stiff, she firmly believes that Hong Kong possesses something which other people cannot learn. "In recent years, Mainland China has been filming many palace-themed dramas. Isn’t it because Beyond the Realm of Conscience was popular there? It’s the same as before. Hong Kong is still leading the trend. My career started because of this industry, so how can I let it die?" Yes, you have no grievances and enmity with TVB, so how will you let the company which has nurtured you die? But as you can see, the situation keeps deteriorating, so are we really going to blindly continue protecting this industry?

Maybe we should all be like Gau Gu Leong, who waited for 10 years before she rectified the problem and got what she wanted. "This is definitely a good ending. We must learn to be more optimistic as people, and this ending gives people a more positive message."

The Japanese earthquake happened on the day of the filming. Through the small screen of the TV, every second of it was terrifying and yet heart-breaking. We must live on, and to live on, surely we must be more optimistic.

- Credits to crodie of 邓萃雯吧, kaman08 of 黎耀祥吧 for scans
- Credits to hyn5 for videos

Wayne has also posted photos of the Next TV Awards 2011 on his blog. You can click here to view the photos. There are also some photos of Fala from 陈法拉吧.

Comments: Congratulations to Wayne, Sheren and Fala for making it to the top 10! Many congratulations to No Regrets for being placed in 2nd place! I shall refrain from making any comments, but we all know which is the better drama. =) On a side note, I'm happy that A Fistful of Stances and Ghost Writer made it in as well! ^^ Sheren wasn't present during the awards ceremony because she's currently in Mainland China filming her new drama. =(

It was really tough making out some of the words because the scan wasn't very clear and it's in traditional Chinese argh! >.< I don't really get what Wayne was trying to talk about in the last paragraph.
In the Mainland, the salary offered may be higher, but it is tough working there. It’s better to stay in Hong Kong and earn less while one get to enjoy life more. He thought that he earned less in Hong Kong but there were more grievances.
Huh? It sounds pretty contradictory doesn't it? Or is my understanding lacking? Maybe someone will care to explain this to me lol...

I agree with Sheren that it's important to 饮水思源 (no she didn't say that, but it was implied lol). It's quite sad to see the Hong Kong TV industry dying, but I don't deny that competition from the region is really stiff, especially from South Korea (sorry, me still doesn't and will probably never warm up to Mainland/Taiwanese dramas). I really hope that Sheren makes good her word and film more for the company that has nurtured her. All she's waiting for is just the good script, so TVB, spank your script-writers and tell them to 振作起来吧! >.<



  1. hey pls translate! i can't read chinese! DDDD;

  2. Of course, No Regrets should be #1 and Sheren and Wayne should be above Charmaine.. but that's just my bias opinion....haha. Still glad that they made it at the top of the top 10. No matter what, I still feel like they deserve more, especially Sheren!

  3. thanks for translating. it's great to udnerstand them more thru such interviews.

    and ur translations, like many have said, really rocks. you do know both english and chinese? envy you very much!

  4. @Anonymous Agree! I thought Sheren should have gotten #1 since Gau Mui was really a very powerful and impactful character! I think by then, there were a lot of news of Charmaine leaving TVB, so I think that made more people vote for Charmaine instead.

    Never mind, Sherayne and No Regrets will forever be in our hearts as #1! =D

  5. @Ophelia You're welcomed! =)

    Yes, I do know both English and Chinese since we have to learn them in school. I'm slightly stronger in my English though since I speak it more often at home. ;)


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