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17th Shanghai TV Festival (nomination list)

| Tuesday, May 10, 2011 | |
Wayne Lai, who finally got his TVB King award for Rosy Business after being in the industry for so long, has been nominated for his role in No Regrets, in which has been praised for "real acting" which left many breathless.

Sheren Tang has also let the audience witness how powerful her "1st sister" status is in No Regrets. Her outstanding performance in there is seen by everybody.

17th Shanghai TV Festival "Magnolia award" nomination list (TV dramas)  

Best actor:
1) Li Xuejian Father's Love Like a Mountain
2) Wayne Lai No Regrets
3) Wen Zhang Snow Leopard
4) Wu Xiubo Before Dawn
5) Zhang Jiayi Borrow Gun 

Best actress:
1) Chen Shu Tielihua
2) Sheren Tang No Regrets
3) Sa Rina My Kids and my Home
4) Wang Luodan Go La La Go!
5) Yang Mi Palace

- Credits to Sina Entertainment

CLICK here to vote for Sheren and Wayne! If you don't know Chinese, refer to what I have posted below! Voting ends on the 9th June 2011, so vote away! The results will be as follows:

1) 50% netizen voting
2) 30% Weibo voting
3) 20% judges' choice

To vote for Sheren, click on "支持" under her picture.

Female nomination list.

To vote for Wayne, click on "支持" under his picture.

Male nomination list


Comments: I did not translate the whole article since they were talking about the Mainland China dramas that made it in. If you want to read the whole article, you can click on the link above!

Congratulations to Sherayne for making it into the nomination list. I realised that the rest of the nominees are from Mainland China, so good job there! =D

I have also updated the post featuring TVB Weekly #700 and #702, so do have a look! ;)


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