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HK star slams ex-employer TVB

| Saturday, May 14, 2011 | |
Here's today's article about Sheren Tang in the Life section of The Straits Times.

UPDATE: wewah has also very kindly provided me the links to llwy12's translations of Sheren's interview. It's very much more in-depth. Here's part 1 and part 2 of the interview. Thank you wewah! ^^ Your comment will be back up soon! Blogger is such a pain these days! >.<

Wayne has also expressed his support for Sheren with regards to this matter. I really love how the words "愛之深、責之切!" were used here! <3 So fitting!

Below are some scans from the Shanghai TV magazine regarding Sheren's "tirade" (as TVB sees it) against TVB. Here's her response to this issue. If you can't really see the words clearly, click here to view what she said.

- Credits to 皮皮号 of 邓萃雯吧

Comments: Wow, Sheren is so brutally honest here! >.< I'm not sure if TVB will blacklist here after her comments, but heck, Sheren doesn't need TVB anymore. ^^ I know that there have been many ex-TVB artistes speaking up against TVB. I do really hope that TVB changes the way it manages its artistes. They are not dogs and slaves you can just order around. If this continues TVB will soon be 淘汰出局! 

After reading Sheren's more-detailed interview (great translation by llwy12! That article is so freaking long!!), I really salute her for her intelligence and unbiased view towards a phenomenon that has plagued TVB in recent years. Unlike Sammul Chan's interview (where he was generally lambasting TVB by using very strong words as well), Sheren managed to provide 2 sides of the story while speaking what was on her mind. She has been working in the Mainland for about 6 years now, so I'm sure that in these 6 years, she much have seen both the good and bad sides of working in China. She did not blindly support working in Mainland China, neither did she mince on her words with her ex-employer who has awarded her the Best Actress award 2 times.

The reason why Sheren cares so much about the production values is because she cares about what the audience are watching. We audience deserve to spend our time on meaningful dramas instead of frivolous ones.

Oh, and who cares if Sheren is going to get blacklisted by TVB after her rant (technically, it isn't even considered one)? Should TVB really blacklist her, then all I can say is that they take her words to heart. ;) SUPPORT SHEREN ALL THE WAY! =D


  1. Thanks for the scan article. I just read a translated interview very similar to the article but more detail and would like to share it. The site is below.

    It also has part one

  2. @wewah Thanks wewah for the tip! =D

  3. I always agree that tvbn does not treat the artise well, sheren said the right think and i support sheren . I don't spent time watching other series but on hers, she's so real and confident in anything. I will always suport Sheren Tang, jackie.

  4. Speaking about sheren...she's a wonderful and confident woman in anything. i agree that tvb dod not treat the artises well. i am glad that sheren could say what she fells...brave !
    i will always suport sheren , jackie


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