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King Kong's Weibo

| Sunday, May 30, 2010 | |
King Kong, who plays the main Japanese commander in No Regrets, has posted a picture on his Weibo! Sheren has also left a message for her fans via his Weibo!

Haha, the fearsome Japanese commander is totally at the mercy of Miss Nine! ^^

Hello, fans of Sheren! Your chairperson (Sheren) has asked me to pass this message to you guys:
Dear fans, yours truly is really very busy, and it is crucial that I give my best and concentrate in whatever I do, not like King Kong, who fools around while he works. Hence, I'm not able to personally keep in touch with you guys and has entrusted this big responsibility of passing on my well-wishes to King Kong. Thank you everybody for your support! Yours truly, Chairperson.
All right, end of report!

- Credits to King Kong's Weibo

Comments: I can really tell that they are having fun filming! Sheren really looks very mischievous here! xD And I love her message! King Kong and her seem to get along really, really well! ^^



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