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No Regrets may become Anniversary series

| Saturday, May 22, 2010 | |
Susan Tse was at Tseung Kwan O to be a special guest for "Love for Children". She accompanied many little children for a "catwalk" in order to build up their confidence.

Susan also shared her experience in dealing with children. She said, "If you love your children, even if you are fierce to them, they will understand."

When asked about No Regret's filming process, Susan mentioned that she had to immediately go back to film the drama. "Even though it's really tough, but I think it's worth it, because there is the support of the audience and the media. I have faith in this drama."

Also, she heard from Producer Lee Tim Shing that No Regrets could be TVB's Anniversary series.

Susan Tse heard from Producer Lee that No Regrets could become TVB's Anniversary series.

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Comments: Yes! I really hope that No Regrets could become TVB's Anniversary series, but that means it will be shown quite late... =(



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