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Pictures from No Regrets!

| Saturday, May 22, 2010 | |

The filming ground for this hospital is a very popular recreation camp, so there are many people walking in and out. As we record our voices on-site, we can record the renovation sounds and the laughter of people around us. There is even beautiful choir music by the "I'm Proud" group coming from a nearby classroom.

Haha, so it is really not easy to film a scene. The artiste must have high EQ and strong patience. Emotional scenes can repeat themselves over and over again, and they often take up more time than waiting to film itself!

The person sitting on my right is King Kong. The one sitting further away is Li Jia. They are the colleagues I like to see the most. Every time we are shooting the same scenes, we have a lot of things to talk about. They make me feel especially happy and energised. Also, I will always ask them questions. Why? Because they can speak Mandarin. This is really good, because one is from Taiwan, the other is from Beijing. I've waited for the chance to use Mandarin for a very long time. Moreover, they are very humorous. If my Mandarin really improves after the completion of No Regrets, I must really thank them!

These 2 photos are top secret, because they only appear in my workbook. We have to take photos with every costume we wear. This is to take record of what costume and accessories we have.

- Credits to Sheren Tang's Sina blog

Comments: Sheren is really very cute! In her original blog post, she totally spammed smileys and emoticons! Cuteness to the max! I can totally tell that she's still young at heart. xD And I must reliterate, she's really very pretty! ^^



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