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Sheren Tang and Mrs Lai gives Wayne surprise!

| Wednesday, May 5, 2010 | |
Wayne Lai, who enjoys immense popularity as Chai Gau, has been filming advertisements non-stop and is busy shooting a new TVB drama, No Regrets. Although the drama is still in the midst of filming, the calls of him being TV King again has been very high. Yesterday, he celebrated his 46th birthday together with his on-screen partner, Sheren Tang. A group of loyal fans also gave him presents, making him very happy. As for being TV King again, Wayne said that he did not think about it, because being a TV King once is already a great blessing. His wife, Mrs Lai, and Sheren have also collaborated and organised a secret birthday party in TVB City, giving Wayne a pleasant surprise.

After his role as Chai Gau in Rosy Business won him the Best Actor award, Wayne's popularity has been very high. He has been getting many work offers and has even shot advertisements with his son. Even during his 46th birthday, he was still in the midst of filming his drama together with his on-screen partner, Sheren. Wayne had been working since 6 am in the morning. Besides filming scenes at the Train Museum, he has to go to Tseung Kwan O to film more scenes and could only knock off at 4 am the next day. Therefore, he had not chance to celebrate his birthday with his family.

Wayne said that his family members are already used to it and they don't celebrate many festivals together. Last time, he still had time to go back and celebrate with his family, but because of the filming for No Regrets, he simply had no chance to go back. When asked about his birthday wish, he hoped that he would stay healthy. When asked whether he could become TV King again based on No Regrets, he said, "It's good enough to be TV King once. I'm already very satisfied. This drama is really good, but I have no aspirations. Let fate decide! (Are you going to have a daughter?) My son is already more than 10 years old, let fate decide!"

Loyal fans send their love to Wayne
At the Train Museum, there were a number of loyal fans who travelled all the way just to send Wayne his birthday wishes. SherenLai whether they should buy a cake for Wayne as well. Mrs Lai suggested that they should celebrate his birthday in TVB City and give Wayne a surprise birthday party. Sheren was very cooperative and never revealed anything to Wayne, thereby giving Wayne a surprise!

In this drama, Wayne will be a cop. He once said that he has to have a 6-pack and will be undergoing vigorous training for it. How is this going now? "I said that just for fun. I don't have a 6-pack. However, because people in those days lead very tough lives, hence I have to keep myself slim. (Do you need to tan yourself artificially or going under the sun?) I do both, but I prefer going under the sun, so when I shoot outdoor scenes, I have the chance to tan too."

Sheren, who was once estranged from her mother, said that she would ask her mother what she would want before buying her presents as she does not want to get presents that are not suitable for her mother. She said that so long as one loves her mother, everyday will be Mothers' Day as well!

- Credits to Yahoo

Comments: So long as Wayne delivers, I'm all for him winning Best Actor again! I'm also supporting Sheren too, for Best Actress, should she wow us with performance again! Aja aja hwaiting! =D



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