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Trailer 5

| Monday, October 11, 2010 | |

Trailer 5

Comments: This should be one of the most intense trailers to date. I'm still stunned! Gau Mui really, really, and I really mean REALLY, LOOKS VERY SCARY HERE! O.O''' Her eyes can really, really, really kill! >.< It's like looking at the Basilisk into the eyes LOL, just that Gau Mui has nicer eyes. xD Lau Sing got shot so many times, it will be a miracle if he survives. >.< Bring it on, No Regrets! I want more! =D



  1. WOW!! Gau Mui looks so scary!!!! Look at her eye! She is really into her character. Now I'm not very sure if I will love Gau Mui more than Sei Nai Nai. Anyway, I think I shouldn't see anymore trailers otherwise it will ruin the whole story.

    I first met Sheren in 1991 (almost 20 years ago) when she came to Thailand for TVB Concert along with Gallen Roger Kitty Lai etc. I was still very young at that time so couldn't follow her much. Later, I met Sheren again in US at her mini concert and had a chance to express my long support to her behind the stage. Also met her at TVB anniversary award in 2004 with a help from a friend so I could attend the award show and a few more times in Hong Kong ie. her stage drama, book fair, functions. Hopefully, fans can orgainize a birthday party for Sheren. I'll surely attend.

    I really want to watch No Regrets online but I can only understand basic Cantonese so I'd better wait till DVD with English subtitle. Do you know which web site I can watch No Regrets online? Thanks so much for your help...Dreamlucky!

  2. Haha, I think you will still end up liking Gau Mui! =P If you heard her last few lines, she actually said something. xD And yes, I must really applaud Sheren Tang for bringing Gau Mui to life! Her eye expressions can really, really kill! >.<

    And gosh, you met her so many times! I'm so jealous of you! >.< And wow, you actually attended the 2004 award ceremony?! That was the time when everybody thought Sheren should have gotten Best Actress for War and Beauty! O.O''' How was the atmosphere there back then? I heard there was a lot of backlash! And I think most of Sheren's fans are Chinese, that's why I'm thinking of setting up an English fansite for her so that more non-Chinese people get to know more about her. =) If you do know of more upcoming events that Sheren is attending, do let me know! ^^

    My cousin personally saw Sheren filming No Regrets, since she was also invovled in the filming as an "extra". xD She said that Sheren is really pretty in real life! ^^ You people are just very, very lucky! =D

    Hmm, if you want to watch No Regrets online, I only know of one website in which they provide subtitles. Try . But I go there to watch mainly Korean dramas with English subtitles, so I'm not sure if they do upload Hong Kong dramas there as well. =P

  3. Yup, your cousin is right. Sheren is really really pretty in real life. Her body is quite perfect too! My HK friends also prais Sheren for her natural beauty. I'm so jealous of your cousin having a chance to get so close to Sheren. Did she have a chance to talk to Sheren on the set?

    Hmm..I don't understand what Gau Mui actually said in her last few lines as my Canto is very limited. It must be something surprising, right? Do you think if Sheren will win Best Actress award again this year? I swear Sheren should have won this award since 2004 and 2006. At the 2004 award ceremony, when Gigi name was announced, I think people there was just shocked but since nobody started yelling so I dared not. I wish someone just started yelling and I would then be the 2nd to yell!

    Sure, I'll let you know if I know more of Sheren's upcoming events. I think Sheren will soon have a very busy schedule once again after the 1st episode of No Regrets is aired. Hopefully a mini concert in Genting Malaysia or Marina Bay Sand Singapore :)

  4. Hmm, my cousin only wrote that she saw Sheren while filming No Regrets, but I don't think she got to talk to her, since she did not mention that in her letter! >.< But my cousin did mentioned that she thinks Sheren is really a pro, because she was laughing with the other cast members, but the next second, when she was going to film her scenes, she got into character very quickly and immediately cried. T_T

    Heehee, I shan't spoil you! =D But I really think you will like Sheren's character! ^^ I really hope that Sheren wins Best Actress again! TVB has owed her this award too many times, especially when the whole of Hong Kong was supporting her back then. I heard that after Gigi Lai won it, there were protests held outside TVB City for TVB to give the award back to Sheren right? I think the Hong Kong audience really adore her! <3

    And haha, Sheren better come to Singapore next year! She can't come this year, cos I won't be able to make it! >.< And yes, let's hope that No Regrets will be a huge success! ^^ I read that Sheren is back in Hong Kong now. She's going to promote No Regrets in Hong Kong this coming Friday!


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