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TVB's Anniversary dramas are not to be missed!

| Tuesday, December 14, 2010 | |
Be it No Regrets or Gun Metal Grey, this year's TVB Anniversary series are shows that are of high quality.

Let's talk about No Regrets first. What makes this drama stands out is that, despite riding on the success of Rosy Business, the script-writers still put much effort into creating new storylines. High-rated dramas like Heart of Greed, Moonlight Resonance, Beyond the Realm of Conscience and Can't Buy Me Love used and re-used the same storylines to keep the audiences hooked. However, they did not have the guts to challenge and create storylines that go against the norm.

One reason why No Regrets is so successful is because it has challenged the norm. The storyline has shifted from the end of the Qing dynasty to the 1940s Japanese Occupation. Quality is rarely seen in TVB dramas nowadays. It has long been replaced with incessant family feuds. "Hardship" and "survival" are topics that No Regrets has touched on, and one can't help but to respect Producer Lee Tim Shing and Cheung Wah Biu for their approach to such topics.

From Rosy Business to No Regrets, the chemistry between the cast members is no doubt a selling point. Starring the same cast members from Rosy Business like Wayne Lai, Sheren Tang, Susan Tse, Kara Hui, Pierre Ngo, Ben Wong, Elliot Ngok, there is nothing to pick on just based on the cast alone. This time round, even the villain characters got their fair share of limelight, and one of which is Fei Fan Gor, who is played by Evergreen Mak. Evergreen has always been a good actor. With so many years of experience, he has also been playing a number of good characters in the past. However, it was "Fei Fan Gor" who changed his destiny. This is the magic of the entertainment sector. So long as one doesn't give up, you may find Lady Luck smiling on you some day! Rosy Business pushed Wayne Lai up to become a first-line actor, and Pierre's acting career also got a boost because of this drama. No Regrets has changed Evergreen's life. Who will be next? Will it be Raymond Wong, or the Japanese commander King Kong?

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Comments: I only translated those parts that are related to No Regrets.

Raymond is being promoted by TVB now. I think he will have his chance to shine soon! ^^ I'm hoping to see King Kong in more shows as well! =D It's really heart-warming to see how dramas have shaped an artiste's life and destiny. In fact, I would say that many people who have acted Rosy Business and No Regrets have gotten their fair share of limelight, and I'm sure that many years down the road, when we see them acting in other dramas, we'll remember them as those people who acted in Rosy Business or No Regrets. =)


Anyway, for No Regrets fans, a Facebook page for our dear Sing Gau is set up! Go to to join and show our support to Sherayne! <333333 Thanks to Jamie for setting up this page! =D



  1. I fully agree with this post!

    No Regrets was a complete twist when compared to Rosy Business with most of the characters undergoing a 180 degree change. It amazed me how the scriptwriters could create characters with so much depth and complexity. No Regrets left me speechless as I never expected TVB to be able to produce something this good. Personally, I like No Regrets better than Rosy Business as I find Sheren and Wayne's characters to be more interesting than the first.

  2. @Jamie I so agree with you Jamie! =D Sheren and Wayne's character had more character dynamics in No Regrets. ;D


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