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When Jacqueline Meets Gau Mui: Chapter 4

| Wednesday, December 15, 2010 | |

War and Beauty boosted Sheren Tang's career, which was way beyond her expectations, since she did not expect such a favourable response from the audience. In this last episode of When Jacqueline Meets Gau Mui, she confessed that religion has played a big part in her work, and revealed how she acted out Yu Fei, 4th Wife and Gau Mui.

No love in the palace
When Sheren was recounting the effects that War and Beauty had on society, she said, "After entering this sector for so long, I've never been so popular before. Even SCMP crowned me as the year's most influential actress; Thank goodness I was already practising Christianity at that time, so I knew that I wasn't really the one who created such a phenomenon, and understood that acting can actually educate the citizens."

"Yu Fei is a very special woman. I was analysing this character, who already had to kill off a fellow concubine in the beginning of the drama. Was it the powers that she possessed that made the audience love her? Or was it because they knew about Yu Fei's background, which was why they found her pitiful?"

"The heart of Yu Fei is pure, but she changed because of her surroundings, which is somewhat like the office politics that we see today. This also proves that many people are born kind, but have changed for the worse because of their surroundings."

Sheren used her belief in her religion to think about how life in the palace would be like, which resulted in a different acting skill. "Before filming, I kept thinking about how, and why Yu Fei did not get any love in the palace. What kind of person was Yu Fei? What was her fall from power like?"

"Although that happened during the Qing dynasty, but everybody needs love. The Emperor may favour you, but may not truly love you. When Yu Fei found a strand of white hair, she was already very scared, and lost the sense of security that she once had. This truly reflects our never-ending pursuit for perfection in reality."

Particularly "high" when she's bullying people
"As such, this role reminds me of the time that I spent in USA studying. An artiste's life should be expressed in his or her works."

To act out this character, who holds such a high position that she's only second to the emperor, Sheren Tang used a crazy method to act Yu Fei out. "For example, when I'm in power, I'll go really "high" when I bully people. However, it must also be compensated with the emptiness and loneliness that Yu Fei feels in her heart." She thinks that if an artiste's life has depth, then he or she won't be so sloppy in their perspectives and observations.

4th Wife and Gau Mui are both heroines
Thanks to Rosy Business' 4th Wife, Sheren got another boost in her career. "4th Wife is a very noble person who cares a lot about her country and her people. I'm just a normal citizen, so how can I act out such a sentimental person? I'm thankful that I'm a Christian, so I knew how to pour out the love into the character of 4th Wife. This gave me more confidence to act her out."

As for No Regrets' Gau Mui, Sheren understood that this character is way beyond her own acting capabilities. "This role is really difficult to act out. However, I saw what God had in store for me, because He spent about 2 years helping me get rid of my troubles; I believe that He wants me to live like a Christian, thus I was able to act out such a heroic person."

Gau Mui is a very different role from what Sheren has undertaken before. "She is a person with a big heart, and yet she has lofty ambitions as well; It's not enough to act her out just based on my personal experiences."

Jacqueline understands very well what Sheren has gone through. So be it acting or life itself, Sheren just leaves everything to God. "Everybody thought that you do not create barriers for yourself. In actual fact, you just leave everything to God!"

Sheren agrees, "Yes! In the past, I used to work really hard, but I do get disappointed at times; Now, I will just leave everything to God, so I don't feel much stress and I definitely feel happier!"

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Comments: Wow... Sheren's really a very religious person! o.O''' I seldom hear artistes talking about their religions in interviews, but she brings it up quite frequently. She's really a very devout Christian! God bless you, Sheren! <3


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  1. Sheren, may God bless you and your career. Continue to rely on the power of God to draw strength in your acting career. I am so joyful that you bring brothers and sisters to Christ through spreading the gospel. God Bless!


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