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Sheren's, Wayne's and Evergreen's interview @ 巴巴閉邊個夠我查篤撐

| Tuesday, December 7, 2010 | |
Here are the post-award interviews with Eileen Cha! ^^ More comments later, because I'm currently listening to them! =D

Click here to listen to Sheren's interview (part 1).

Click here to listen to Wayne's phone interview (part 3).

Click here to listen to Evergreen's interview (first half of the interview).

Comments: Part 2 is not related to No Regrets. Haha, Sheren's really cute! She said that when Nick Cheung handed her the Best Actress award last year, he said, "唔洗做一姐,九姐!" Sheren said that she didn't receive the script for No Regrets yet, and didn't get why Nick called her 九姐! So... Nick is really something huh? xD

And haha, Wayne was really scared when Sandra Ng called out his name without looking at the card. xD Wayne sounds so different on the phone though! o.O'''

Evergreen also talked about his filming experience with Wayne, since both of them have collaborated before. I think Evergreen gave one of the best speeches that night! =)

Eileen Cha also talked about the complaints that TVB received for the awards results, with 60% of the audience saying that No Regrets should have gotten the Best Drama award.




  1. Hi,

    The links don't work :(
    Can you reupload them or sth ? I really wanna listen ! =)

  2. @Anonymous Huh? It's not working? I just tried, it works for me. Just click on the link, then Windows Media Player will appear. You'll have to wait awhile for the thing to load though. Be patient!

    Hmm, if you're still having problems, just let me know! =D

  3. Thank you! Can you upload downloadable versions please? :)

  4. @Karen You're welcomed! To download, just right-click on the link, then click "save target as..." You should be able to download them. If you still have problems, just tell me! =)


    Yup it works :) I guess it's cos I had a slow computer LOL. This laptop is brand new and now I'm finally listening to this! LOL just because I've been busy (finals and then some) and was waiting for the laptop to come. But yeah Wayne sounds so different! I think the quality is pretty bad on his part for some odd reason ^o) Nonetheless it was great listening to it :D Thanks for posting!


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