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Gau Mui's beauty is not skin-deep

| Sunday, December 12, 2010 | |
Newly-crowned TV Queen Sheren Tang is very popular now due to her role in No Regrets. Actually, before filming commenced, Sheren had a part to play in determining how "Gau Mui" would turn out. Did she hope that this character would be more impactful than Rosy Business's 4th Wife? Or must "Gau Mui" be more eye-catching than the rest of the characters in the drama? After winning the second consecutive Best Actress award, Sheren Tang confesses.

Satisfy one's wish?
"Since Rosy Business was so successful, when I knew that I was about to film the sequel, I was worried that the script-writers thought that I wanted to act a good character so as to satisfy my wish that my character must be noble. Hence, I voiced my thoughts out to them.

When I called Cheung Wah Biu, I told him that when he is writing my character, he doesn't have to feel stressed. I do not mind acting out a flawed character."

Sheren wants the audience to envy Gau Mui
"This character can be very simple, cool, bad and vicious. She has many flaws, including smoking opium; TV is a platform that can influence the viewers. If you put any values onto any popular character, this will definitely influence and impact the younger generation of viewers.

So no matter how "bad" my character is, I just wish that my character will portray the correct set of moral values.

The quality of life is not just measured by beauty and radiance; maybe when the audience first watch it, they may not like my character a lot. But as you watch on, you'll probably envy the character's life, and hope to become another "4th Wife" or "Gau Mui"."

Where do I get my inspiration from?
"I have faith in Cheung Wah Biu's ability, because he was able to write out a very sentimental "4th Wife". Before I started work, and before I received the script, I let Cheung Wah Biu know about my views on my character.

My inspiration comes from God. Since I practise Christianity, everything that I have belongs to God, so in a way, my thoughts also come from God.

However, when I received my script, I was pretty scared, because it's just too difficult to act out! "Gau Mui" is a very difficult character, and she is even more difficult to act than "4th Wife"..."

When Sheren is filming No Regrets, what are her most memorable scenes? Stay tuned for our next report!

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Comments: Haha, I have already fallen in love with Gau Mui the moment she appeared in the drama. xDDDDD And I love her even though she does all those "bad things". She's such a charismatic "villain". xDDD


Anyway, for No Regrets fans, a Facebook page for our dear Sing Gau is set up! Go to to join and show our support to Sherayne! <333333 Thanks to Jamie for setting up this page! =D



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