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When Jacqueline Meets Gau Mui: Chapter 2

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Sheren Tang went to the awards ceremony in a "Cheng Gau Mui has a date with a person in the evening" style. However, in actual life, she doesn't like such thick make-up. In this chapter, she criticised the teenage girls for going for the "big eye beauty" look, as well as the make-up trends in the entertainment sector. She also talked about her own career, and how it all started off with an ugly character.

Sheren said, "Just go onto the streets and find a student. They know how to stick on false eye-lashes. That's really clever of them. Up till now, I still don't know how to stick on such things!"

Newcomers all have the same look
Sheren doesn't encourage the use of thick make-up for young people. "I don't admire those "little children" who put on thick make-up. Young singers are very particular about their overall image, and I already can't recognise them, because all of them are trying too hard to be "big-eyed" and are using false eye-lashes. Whether is it singing or acting, all of them use the same type of make-up. This is why I feel that almost all of them look the same to me."

Sheren thinks that an artiste must be special and unique. "An artiste should have his or her own style and fashion, if not he or she will be replaced by somebody else soon." To this, Jacqueline asked, "For a newcomer, why would they know what defines unique or special?"

Once in love with Sandy Lam's single eye-lids
Sheren used herself as an example. "You said that I have a pair of big eyes in the last episode. Actually, there was a point in time where I loved Sandy Lam's single eye-lids. Her eyes are very special, so when she puts on make-up around her eyes, there's a special aura around her."

She thinks that everybody should just concentrate on developing in areas that they are special in. "If you can accept yourself and develop in those areas, then you will be a cut above the rest."

Sheren also thinks that those girls who make themselves "big-eyed" are silly. "You can't even accept who you are. Maybe you don't like your eyes to be too small, so you try all sorts of methods to make them bigger, but this is not your real look. You will even hate the way you look after you remove your make-up. This will make you very unhappy."

Jacqueline agreed with her, and feels that this disturbing trend is not only happening in the entertainment world, but also in the mainstream society, especially for those born around 1980s and 1990s. "I once spoke to a group of teenagers who were born in the 1980s. They said that they felt empty, and can't find their own identity. Actually, confidence is a type of beauty. They are really beautiful, but they can't accept themselves."

Sheren went overseas to study because she felt inferior
In 1992, Sheren went to USA to study. Jacquelin wanted to know if that was because Sheren had no confidence in herself, which led to her giving up on her career. Sheren admitted, "At that time, I was in the industry for about 7 years already. The first 5 years were spent working for TVB, but during the 6th year, I left, and I lost the sense of security that I once had. I had to wait for somebody to approach me to give me work; Also, I felt that I had not much skills to speak of, and nobody understood what I was going through.

I had a sense of determination in me, and I didn't think of leaving the entertainment scene at that time; If I had the guts, I must be able to live by my decisions." She went to study management and fashion design, and this had nothing to do with her acting career.

Came back to Hong Kong as a different person
After returning to Hong Kong, Sheren participated in Loving You, which had good reviews. She thinks that it has to do with her going overseas to study. "When I was studying arts in USA, not only did I gain more knowledge, I was also able to meet inquisitive friends who loved the arts." She realised that she must have this kind of attitude when she's working.

"During summer and Christmas holidays, I would go back to TVB to film dramas so as to earn money to pay my school fees. I was given my first supporting role in 生死訟, where I played the role of an ugly greengrocer; This gave me a different experience, and I did not feel the burden of being a lead."

After her acting career got a boost again, Sheren has grown to respect artists as well as actors. In the past, she, who used to play the lead all the time, realised that no matter how big or small the role is, one must still be able to give their all. "I was able to immerse myself into the role, and let the audience change their perception of me. This is a break-through for me, and it also marks the turning point of my life."

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Comments: Haha, don't worry Sheren! I don't know how to stick on false eye-lashes too! ^^

Haha, actually, I find this interview rather similar to the interview that she gave in the earlier issue of TVB Weekly. It was #67_, but I can't remember the exact issue. I shall have to dig in my drawer again to find out what she really said. But still, many thanks to Poop for helping me get that issue. ^^

Sheren has really been through a lot in her life eh? I do agree that everybody must give their best in whatever they are doing. I remember Tim Gor saying that even the third and fourth-line artistes gave their best for No Regrets, which is why No Regrets is able to become such a good drama. I really admire these people, and I salute them as well! *salutes*


Anyway, for No Regrets fans, a Facebook page for our dear Sing Gau is set up! Go to to join and show our support to Sherayne! <333333 Thanks to Jamie for setting up this page! =D



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