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When Jacqueline meets Gau Mui: Chapter 1

| Sunday, December 12, 2010 | |

From today onwards, Upwill Media will feature a 4-part interview special with Sheren Tang called "When Jacqueline Meets Gau Mui". Sheren, who won the Best Actress award back-to-back with her role as Cheng Gau Mui in No Regrets, will share with Jacqueline Lo about her experiences in the TV industry. Actually, Sheren doesn't place great emphasis on looks, and has jokingly said that when she doesn't put on make-up, she looks haggard.

Beauty is in the genes, coolness is in the character
Jacqueline is very close to Sheren, but she doesn't know much about Sheren's journey into the acting world. She thought that she graduated from acting class. Sheren explained, "I studied acting, but I took a shorter time. I used 2 months for lessons, and 2 months for exams. I get money too!"

Sheren doesn't think that she's pretty. "I like looks that are special. I think beauty is in the genes, but coolness is a type of character."

Jacqueline said, "Actually, I think you're very pretty. You have a pair of big eyes with double eyelids. Your eye-lashes are very beautiful even when you don't put on make-up!" To this, Sheren said, "People say that people with long eye-lashes are lazy!"

After joining the acting class, she felt that she had no right to call herself pretty. "There were people like Maggie Siu and Kitty Lai in my class. After seeing them, I feel that I'm just average. They're really pretty. Their faces are already smaller than mine!"

Jacqueline said that Sheren's nickname is "Big Head". To this, Sheren replied, "Yes, my head is pretty big. I must wear men caps, like those that Michael Miu wears!" Both of them laugh uncontrollably.

Once mistaken as a tomboy
Sheren did her secondary school education in an all-girls school. However, since young, her actions are not very lady-like. "I was from an all-girls school. My hair was very short back then. It's those type of hair-style that the tomboys would like. I was once mistaken as a tomboy."

She continued, "At that time, I love to play basketball, and I like being flat-chested. I don't need to have a perfect body, and I find that it's already beautiful. I like my face to have those "fish tail" lines."

Looks haggard without make-up
Many seniors have told Sheren that in order to keep young, one must avoid laughing so as to prevent wrinkles. Sheren has difficulty doing this. "How can I not laugh? When I remove my make-up, I will still look haggard. This is my character. I don't think my looks are very good, so I need to take good care."

However, she understands that being in the entertainment sector, she has no choice but to take extra care of her looks and body shape. When she first practised Christianity, she frequently prayed that no matter how much she ate, she hoped not to get fat. She laughed and said, "I know that God does not listen to all these!"

When looking back at her career, Sheren said that she had to rely on her looks. To this, Jacqueline said, "When you entered the entertainment sector, you looked really innocent."

Sheren said, "At that time, I was just a flower pot. I had no acting skills to speak of, so I just had to rely on my looks. However, I'm fine with that. I got to hone my acting skills by being a flower pot."

Next Monday, Sheren will talk about how one's character can actually affect how she handles a particular role, as well as her personal experiences.

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Comments: Haha, I still think that Sheren's really pretty, even though she says otherwise. xDDDD And haha, she's so cute, because she said that she knows God doesn't listen to such frivolous prayers. =P


Anyway, for No Regrets fans, a Facebook page for our dear Sing Gau is set up! Go to to join and show our support to Sherayne! <333333 Thanks to Jamie for setting up this page! =D



  1. Haha I think Sheren is pretty & cute too :)
    I love her acting ! She's fantastic :D

  2. @Anonymous Agree! She has the complete package! Pretty + good acting! =D It's such a pity that she used to be overlooked by BVT though. =(


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