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Sheren's fee is too expensive

| Wednesday, December 22, 2010 | |

Wayne Lai is unable to shoot an ad with Sheren Tang, but Evergreen Mak is not a bad choice either.

TVB tries to sign on Wayne Lai and Sheren Tang after they win TV King and TV Queen twice in a row

After being crowned TV King again, Wayne Lai has been given many job offers. He hopes that he would be given another chance to work together with Sheren Tang, by filming a couple advertisement together. However, Sheren's fee is too expensive, so his wish may not be granted.

Yesterday, he and Evergreen Mak attended a talk together. Wayne, who is down with flu and sore-throat as a result of the erratic weather, said that after knocking off, he would go and see a doctor. While he has been attending events for the past few days, he said that since Forensic Heroes 3 would start filming next month, he must make use of the time now to earn more money.

Wayne said that after winning TV King, many people want he and his on-screen partner Sheren to work together, but Sheren's fee is too expensive. When asked whether he'll ask Sheren to lower her fee, Wayne joked that if Sheren was willing to film the ad with him, then he'll do anything to suit her, because it is now the trend to appear together as an on-screen couple. However, he won't request that Sheren lower her fee, because after all, both of them are worth a lot of money in the market.

- Credits to 21CN娱乐

Comments: Yes yes, please do shoot an advertisement together! =D I'll buy your products!!!! ^^



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