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The transformation of Wayne Lai

| Friday, December 10, 2010 | |
Wayne Lai and Sheren Tang managed to retain their Best Actor and Best Actress title because of No Regrets. Virginia Lok wants to persuade them to sign a contract with TVB, and has offered many attractive terms, which also includes sky-high salaries. However, Wayne and Sheren don't seem to have the intention to sign on with them.

Both Sheren and Wayne have the temperament of an artist. They are not easily swayed by fame, especially Sheren. In the past few years, Sheren only aims to bring enjoyment to other people through the dramas that she act in.

Sheren's and Wayne's acting career have not been smooth. However, Sheren is luckier as she was already the female lead in her first TV drama. Wayne on the other hand, had to play many unimportant (calefare) roles before he was noticed. Watching an interview that was given by him 9 years ago made us realised that Wayne is very different now. In 1998, Wayne had a break-through role in Journey to the West as Pigsy. However, TVB did not promote him back then. Under such circumstances, he decided to leave TVB and went over to ATV, where he was the second male lead in many dramas. However, he still did not get the fame he thought he would get. Afterward, he decided to go back to TVB and filmed a few more dramas before he finally filmed Rosy Business, which became the turning point in his life.

In the past, when Wayne hadn't won the Best Actor award yet, he was always into his characters. However, with fame and so much media scrutiny, Wayne now takes a different view on acting. He knows very well that he is acting for the sake of acting. Once the director shouts "Cut!", he will immediately leave his character. That is just too professional of him. Nobody knows for sure which way of acting is the best, but we can only say that with more personal experiences, and with Wayne getting more famous, he has changed his style of working.

- Credits to Macau Daily

Comments: Is this the reason why Wayne appears quite distant now? =/ He wasn't like that when he became famous for Rosy Business!!! =(




  1. I hope not. Fight the fame, fight the attention. Be yourself Wayne!

    Looking forward to his new series Forensic Heroes 3 =). Although for the time being, his duo with Sheren will end after No Regrets =(

  2. Thanks for the translation. Wayne is very versatile in the roles he take on.. He can act really well, pours in different feelings for different character in different series..

    But I felt in different situations/interviews, he portrays different mood some interviews he can be games he look joyful.. Maybe its due to the tvb award ceremony that he look more stress and serious..

    Wayne is addictive, just cant get him off my mind! haha!

  3. I think Sheren is addictive!

  4. they are both addictive and irresistible, thats why we are attracted to No Regrets, and thats why we are here! :) Go sherwayne!

  5. @K Haha, I'm not really looking forward to FH 3, because I really hated FH 2. >.< Unless it gets good reviews, I think I'll be skipping it. I can't imagine Wayne with Charmaine LOL. They'll be playing a couple! ._.

    I'm looking forward to The Great Eunuch more LOL! xD And I'm really sad that he won't be working with Sheren anymore, for the time being. Haiz... =(

  6. @min But have you noticed, for the past few interviews, Wayne has been really very serious? =/ He even sounded very different in the phone interview ah... =(

    @Jamie Love our Sherayne! <3 I'll post the Facebook link soon, so that more people can join! =D


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